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  1. Jeff & Sue

    Need Your Opinions

    Depends on what you are comfortable with. I ran a one bolt starter for three years at 100+ hours per year on Lake Washington! Just check it now and then. It makes a different noise when it gets loose. Power boaters always have to be listening to their boat. If I immediately repaired everything that went wrong on my boat I would be one exasperated boater. IMHO this is not a big deal to wait till winter to fix if you're always running in familiar territory.
  2. Jeff & Sue

    Boat cover

    I,ve used a heavy duty poly tarp to cover my boat all year long for 10 years. It is unsightly but works well with a $40 electric dryer inside. Garage would be better but it works.
  3. Jeff & Sue

    Where you from and what do you do?

    Jeff & Sue over here in Seattle. Really like the diversity of this group! I grew up salmon fishing with my Dad on a 17' Dorset with a 65hp Merc that burned "aviation fuel" so it would troll without fouling. We never misssed an open season weekend for 11 years out of Depoe Bay, ("Smallest navigable harbor in the world") Oregon. Inherited a 14' plywood boat from my Grandfather at 14 years old. So many adventures....including the bon fire at the end. Became a Christian at 21 (still fanatic), got married, had two kids, no boat. Bought a Bayliner (Olympic Boat center made "a boat nut out of" me) in '98 to connect with my 2 teenagers. It worked for one of them! Ran that 2052 cuddy all over Lake Washington and north to the San Jaun Islands (our secret cove @ Little Sucia) several times. Became empty nesters about 1 1/2 years ago but just figured that out this Christmas. We bought our Sig 240 in January and have had her out three times on Lake WA. Oh yeah, I'm a general contractor -- remodel homes in Seattle, Sue is a Midwife -- delivers babies in those homes. Trying to act our age. High hopes for the future.
  4. Jeff & Sue

    PNCRU 2012

    I see four boats signed up on the first page of this forum. Is that a legit count? The date and place are great. I've been there in July. The beauty is indescribable. Hoping to meet some of you up there. Jeff & the Midwife
  5. Jeff & Sue

    Splash Date?

    Still freezing up here in Puget Sound at nights. Couldn't wait any longer. Sunny, 58 degrees..Went wake boarding last Sunday -- Spectacular! (5 mil wetsuit) I was all excited yesterday but got caught in a 20 knot wind with 3'-4' wind chop on Lake Washington. Enjoyed the much smoother ride on Nester (she's 4' longer than Tupper was) around the lake, found a small leak in the canvas, view of Mt Rainier was great, but it was no fun trying to dock in the crosswind. Got her back on the trailer with no damage but I think I'll wait a few weeks before I jump in again. NOT!!
  6. Jeff & Sue

    Tender towing behind the boat

    We towed a Sevylor dingy behind our 20' cuddy several times. Learned that it would indeed become a kite at high speed, spectacular but undesireable. I am a wakeboarder so the metal davits on the swim deck were not gonna happen. We tried securing it much like you show in the lower picture. It worked well underway but was very bothersome docking. It didn't stay in place and generally created havoc in tight quarters. We also tried to bring it completely on board (inflated) and secure it when underway. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillys. Finally I got good at deflating and inflating it and all was well. Now we have a Sig 240 and just bought an 8' dingy at the boat show. I am thinking maybe I could place those davits far enough apart so I could enter the water with my board strapped on.... Rich, just how did you secure your dingy without davits? Jeff
  7. Jeff & Sue

    Old Man (or woman) Winter!

    You two look great chillin' on the water but is that a burrito on the grille?
  8. Jeff & Sue

    Boat Show 2012

    Just got back from the boat show. Great selection of gear and boats. We picked up an inflatable dingy and new tubes for the kids. Seattle Watersports was there with a 2012 270 Sig. Groovy. Talked to Salesman Dan about the Rendevous. He was uncertain just what we were looking for them to do.... Said we should talk to Mark, the owner, to clarify what we were thinking. He could see no down side to getting their stuff in front of several dozen Chap owners at Roche Harbor.
  9. Jeff & Sue

    Adding an above board battery selector switch

    I want to do the same thing to my Sig 240. Has no one gotten tired of lifting the engine hatch?
  10. Jeff & Sue

    PNCRU 2012

    Jeff & Sue are in for the Roche Harbor gathering. I just made the reservations for the three nights. We have previously done the San Jauns on a 20' Bayliner but we have stepped up to a 240 Signature. Oh, by the way, Lake Washington was beautiful today! Jeff
  11. Jeff & Sue

    Chap Raft-up in Roche Harbour 2012

    Newbie here from Seattle. We would be interested in a Roche Harbor raft up this summer. Jeff