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  1. Rich does your boat have a 9'6" beam? Do you tow it or leave it in the water?........... MontreAl that would be the same kind of conditions coming back from Catalina. Usually by noon or 1pm the afternoon winds pick up mid channel and generate 2-3' chop. So in your opinion, the 270 expereinces the washing maching effect in those type of conditions? My wife and I have two small ones and am concern about the boat bouncing around too much in a afternoon return trip to mainland. The distance between the island and Mainland is roughly 26 miles....Malcolm yeah I'm smart enough to listen to the weather channel and won't dare go out if their is a remote chance of experiening 10' seas. I've experienced 7-9 foot seas once before (very stressful) on a 25' Parker (LOA 28) (9'6" beam) and in my opinion, Parker is way more sea worthly than Chaparral, and I never want to go through that again espically with my family.
  2. Hey Rich I'm looking at the 2011 model. Also how many would you say can comfortibly sit in the boat?
  3. Hey guys looking hard at the 270 signature. Haven't been able to take it on a test drive. I'm really interested and wondering how does it handle the afternoon mid channel chop while crossing between Catalina and main land?