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  1. Thanks very much for this info Will have the boat home end of April getting it ready for summer. Will check out the oil pressure sensor. Looking forward to this summer
  2. Oil Pressure is something I will check. Oil Pressure shows fine when running.
  3. Own a 2004 Chaparral 230ssi. 350Mag Mercruiser sterndrive. Looking forward to spring and getting it prepared for Summer. Over the last two years I have had an engine monitor fault. When the engine is cold and I turn the key, there is no "Beep" from the peizo buzzer. If I run it a few minutes and turn it off the alarm works turning the key. Will sound every time throughout use. After shutting down usually overnight then it does not sound. Any reports of the Peizo causing this? I have gone over all connections.
  4. Don't know what a "Fire Boy" is. Maybe my description was not very clear. Not a "Horn". The piezo buzzer under the dash that monitors engine temp, stern drive low oil, and low oil pressure. Usually sounds for a second when ignition key is turned. Will sound on a re-start after engine is warm but not when the boat has been shut down for a day or more.
  5. My 2004 Mercruiser 350 Mag no longer sounds the warning horn when key is turned after boat has been shut down for a few days. Sounds after running for a while and re=started. Sounds when shut down for a few hours also. Cannot located any poor connections. Defective Horn or sensor? Engine runs fine.
  6. I own a 2004 Chaparral 230ssi. Recently changed out the old JBL for a Clarion M502. Would like to connect the Wired Remotes. 5 wire REM25. Anyone have wiring info? 8 Pin DIN connector on the Clarion. Hooked up a Clarion RF Remote but would like to Keep the Wired remotes in use.
  7. Anyone Boating Innerbay Lake Erie,. Ont.

  8. I have two wired remotes on my 2004 Chap 230 ssi from the oringinal JBL Stereo. Recently upgraded to a Clarion M502. Would like to hook up the wired remotes. Anyone have a wiring diagram for the 5 wire remotes? Cannot find anything on the net. Not sure if Prospect will supply that info.

  9. Long Point

    Home base

    Looks familiar.  I have a 230ssi.
  10. I also have a 2004 230 ssi 350 Mag MPI. I had the same concern about the oil pressure. Mine runs exactly the same pressures. 40 PSI low RPM and around 75PSI around 3500 RPM. Glad to hear it's OK. Was concerned that the oil filter may be plugging up. Overfilled the oil when changing. Vacuumed sone back out and found small amounts of debris coming up the Vac tube off the Pan bottom. Still may spend the $8 and change the filter out. Love the Boat!
  11. Thanks for the info. I may pull the Boat mid season for hull cleaning and check it then. The Bellows seemed to be in good shape when I check it in the driveway. Not leaking yet. Not sure if the previous owner had it changed out.
  12. Had my boat out last week end to Pottohawk Point, Lake Erie. Shallows are warn already.

  13. Fault with Trim Guage. At idle, trim guage works properly. When on plane when trimming out, guage needle pins at full up. Outdrive stops fine when switch released. Trimming in, the needle pins itself full down. Checked the connections looking for a loose ground. Seems to be tight. Any ideas? 2004 Chaparral 230ssi, Bravo III.
  14. Thanks for the info. That sounds like it. I did not pay close enough attention. Heading back down to the Lake Thursday night. I'll give it a try on Friday. Now, if somebody could tell me how to dock this Boat perfectly. Just a little heavier and quicker than my 17' Smokercraft. Enjoy the Weather.
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