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    Tried to ruin my engine today...hope I failed

    That happened to us....the exact same scenario. We replaced the impeller then ran the engine both in and out of the water. Coolant temp did not go over 163 degrees and the oil looked clean.
  2. Ladyhawke

    Engine temp

    We have a 2008 Sig 250 with a VP 5.7GXi-h and I was wondering what the average engine temp (or coolant temp) people are experiencing while running their engine. We replaced our impeller today and the coolant temp fluctuated between 158 and 163 degrees when running the engine after replacement.
  3. We have been vigilant when taking our boat out. We watch news reports on where the oil/tar balls have been sighted and we check with the marina about other "official" news. Our marina has already informed us that they will close if the oil is found to be in Choctawhatchee Bay in any significance. So far as I know, there have been unconfirmed reports of tar balls at Crab Island. No officials have seen this phenomena yet....and there is a Coast Guard station right there. We plan to travel to Pensacola this weekend for the air show, and we do so with some hesitance as oil has been seen in Pensacola Bay; however, there have been no further reports about more penetration since about 3 weeks ago. Have our boating habits been altered? Yes, they have, but we would be missing out on a lot by just staying in because we were too worried to investigate our area. Fortunately, while we have had some tar balls on the beaches, our area has not been hit as significantly as those both to the east and west of us.
  4. Just read in the news that they have seen a sheen of oil INSIDE Pensacola Bay. For some stupid reason, the government has not yet completely approved putting booms across the pass to stop the flow. I just can't wait until it starts to come into Choctawhatchee Bay via the Destin Pass....could I sue the government for a ruined summer of fun? j/k
  5. Ladyhawke

    Anyone seeing oil yet?

    We heard from some fisherman that they have spotted a sheen of oil about 7 miles outside Destin. They are deploying booms across the east pass but you can still pass by with caution.
  6. Ladyhawke

    How far is to far???

    I would really have the weather be part of your deciding factor whether to cruise the whole way from Orange Beach. Current forecasts put the possibility of rain at 70% and let me tell you, it is no fun to ride in a downpour with lightning. (Anyone remember Pensacola Air show a few years back?) Hope everyone has fun at the Bowlegs festival. We might go but we stay on land and away from the craziness on the water.
  7. Ladyhawke

    Flushed engine.....

    The question was about the green mess coming from the engine, not whether it was right or wrong to run the engine on the rack while a garden hose is connected to the flush adaptor. However, since this came up, we checked the Volvo Penta operator's manual before doing anything. In case anyone is wondering, under Operating the Engine, there is a big CAUTION that says "do not start the engine out of the water unless you have connected a hose with running water to the flushing adaptor." It then refers you to another page that says, "Volvo Penta engines incorporate an engine flushing port designed to flush the engine with fresh water while the engine is running. If flushing the engine with the boat in the water, the engine should not be run higher than idle or sea water may be drawn in with the fresh water." I'm just posting this to clarify that we did look into this prior to starting the engine on the rack. We certainly did not want to damage the engine in any way. I am glad we did this, however, since we actually saw something amiss.
  8. Ladyhawke

    Flushed engine.....

    Nastiest looking stuff I ever saw. At first I was worried it might be oil, but when no slick formed and you could see globs of green, I was just more perplexed. We flush the engine after each use for about 10 minutes so I'm not sure why that stuff would be there.
  9. Ladyhawke

    Flushed engine.....

    So, we went to see the boat after it's been in hibernation for a few months (we keep it in dry storage). We did not winterize as the temps here do not usually get cold enough to warrant it. However, we didn't plan on leaving it sit for as long as we did. We decided to start the engine and make sure things ran smoothly. We attached a hose to the engine flush (blue cap) and turned on the engine. Engine ran smoothly but there was a large amount of green sludge that came from the engine. It looked like mold. Has anyone ever seen or experienced this before? If so, did you do anything about it? TIA for any information.
  10. Ladyhawke

    New member of our boating family

    Here is the newest member of our family. She came to us last September and we took her out for a ride in early October.
  11. Ladyhawke

    DH is applying for a job in Portland.

    Do you winterize your boats there?
  12. Ladyhawke

    Has anyone else noticed that Legendary

    Closed a few months ago. The zoological society that bought it could not keep up financially. The Zoo asked the neighboring counties for funding but were shot down so they are currently looking for homes for animals. They may try to reopen if finances look better, but I don't think it's going to be anytime soon.
  13. DH is applying for a job in Portland. I'm curious as to what kind of boating opportunities are around the area. We would want to dry store our boat since we don't have a trailer and tow vehicle. I know that the Columbia River is right there, but is boating any fun on it? Just trying to get a feel for if we should consider selling the boat if this job opportunity arises.
  14. Ladyhawke

    Hi everyone - just wanted to get

    We have a 250 with the Volvo 320hp engine and we have no complaints.
  15. Ladyhawke

    Hello Everyone, Here are a couple

    I was channel surfing one day when I ended up on TruTV. There was a reality series, like COPS, about the law enforcement people of Lake Havasu. Those images could have been taken from our Billy Bowlegs weekend here. Crab Island can get rowdy but I've not heard any exceptional stories.