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  1. Maybe next weekend I'll have time to mess around with it and see if I can invert the colors or change them. I'll report back if successful.
  2. I think so. I've made some dashboards with less information such as SOG, depth, engine hours and oil temp (instead of water temp) and time of day.
  3. I agree that the default dashboard is too busy. With the NSS EVO3 you can make your own dashboards. You can make them as simple as you want and move position and size of things too. The EVO3 comes with a handful of templates you can use and change around, or you can start from scratch and build your own. If you are interested in A LOT more detail, check out this video from the manufacturer.
  4. I had an issue with one as well. Only fix I could find was a factory reset.
  5. I have a 2019 257 SSX with a tower and looking for a cover like this. Does your boat have a tower? Do you need to move it to the 'down' position? Any pictures?
  6. Ok, no response probably means no one knows. In a few months I'll experiment with this and let you know. I'll probably try putting the tower down and measuring, then calling one of the cover places to see if they have a fit.
  7. I have a 2019 257 SSX and I'm thinking ahead for after summer is over. It looks like I can buy a mooring cover from the dealer for a lot of money, or buy something that is not specific to this boat with it's arch (that possibly costs a lot less). If I put the arch in the down position, can I use any mooring cover designed to fit a 25' boat? Anyone have any experience with mooring covers for boats with retractable arches that they can share?
  8. @cyclops2 That is a viable alternative!
  9. If something goes wrong with your boat you are supposed to have a paddle. On larger boats a paddle isn't very useful to make the boat move too much. Has anyone ever put a trolling motor on something the size of 25' or larger as a better alternative to a paddle? Are there any other alternatives people have heard of?
  10. Agreed. Is a build sheet the same as MSRP? Or is it dealer cost?
  11. You got a great deal! Mine was slightly less than what you got, but minus the trailer expense since I have a trailer already. It is possible that our options are different too - I don't have any tower speakers or wake board rack for instance. seedealercost.com with all the configuration showed my boat cost significantly less than invoice, and I bet your boat too. I've very happy with my initial outings, but when you get it in the water here are some thing that you might notice: The double simrad dashboard is amazingly powerful, but the dealer never really talked about it. Huge feature. Still learning what it can do. Turns out you cannot remove the head, which I hopefully will never use, except as a closet. With the leftover pricing, I'm dealing with it. Those easy release bumper pins are convenient. You cannot start this boat quietly. There is a loud beeping noise that sounds when you turn the key. Probably wakes the whole marina up before the morning coffee cruise. I'm wondering if all the Chaps are that loud. The stuff it comes with is different than my last Chap (246 ssi). The table isn't there and no mooring cover for example. Somehow I was thinking the SSX might be pre-configured to have more than the SSI in every way.
  12. I have all kinds of video from our first time out, but somehow didn't get any exterior boat view pictures! I'll send some good pictures after our next time out, but here is one that shows how our dog in the seat she claimed.
  13. I think I'm looking for the same thing, although I can't seem to open the image you attached. The EFX towers have 2 small holes that require some kind of arm to be installed and then the racks have room to pivot. Can't find anything by googling.
  14. This post is for sharing some knowledge to anyone who is new to Simrad like me. I'm a 2 time Chap owner. The new boat has a dual Simrad setup for a dashboard. I did have a walk through of the Simrad when I bought the boat but there was a LOT that wasn't covered. Turns out the Simrad system is a lot like a phone and has updates to the operating system on a regular basis. My Simrad setup was over 15 version numbers out of date. While I can only see the release notes for the last couple of upgrades, it looks like there have been a lot of bug fixes and some new important functionality added, and user interface updates. If you haven't updated your Simrad, it is easy to do - and easy to follow Youtube videos. Attached an example of the user interface change before & after.
  15. I want to keep my boat clean and protected it has a mostly white interior and exterior. I'm going to buy some cleaning products for upholstery and the hull (hard water spots) for DAILY use, but before I do, I'm interested if anyone has had good or bad experiences with certain cleaners. I did search the forum here and I've seen threads in here about restorative products, but I'm starting with a new clean boat and want to keep it that way, so I'm looking for more of a maintenance type products. I've hear good things about the Meguiar's products. Maybe all I need is some vinegar spray and windex. You guys have been very helpful with things in the past, so thanks in advance for sharing the knowledge.
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