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  1. TidalPotomac

    This is for Hatem

    Only near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay will you see seals. On the remote barrier islands of Virginia we would often find carcasses of young seals after winter storms.
  2. TidalPotomac

    Where is shower sump pump switch on 2003 Chap 320

    On our 2006 350 we have a circuit breaker/switch in the cabin electrical panel for the sump pump. Run your shower for several minutes and visually inspect the pump and switch operating, as well as throwing a strong stream of water over the side. If your sump pump is older(Atwood-Sahara), replace the whole box, float and pump, we replaced ours with a Rule Box - https://www.amazon.com/Rule-98A-12-Volt-Multi-Port-Mercury/dp/B000O89DQ0/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=rule+sump+pump+box&qid=1566909472&s=gateway&sprefix=rule+sump+pump&sr=8-2
  3. TidalPotomac

    Arch clearance

    Depending on where you are located, you may be better off storing in a slip all season. In Virginia, we don’t have hard freezes that bubblers can’t handle. Here bigger boats are better left in water than storing on dry land. It seems counter intuitive, however things dry out on land that shouldn’t be drying out. Also, buying a reliable trailer for a 31 foot boat isn’t cheap.
  4. TidalPotomac

    This is for Hatem

    Yes, our slip is directly next to the center of the channel of the river. In the linked map below, we are in the the lower of the two covered piers on the end. When approaching our slip, I make a near U-turn and aim the bow toward towards the pier (below the covered slip pier) or bow of a boat if one is docked on the end of the pier. https://www.google.com/maps/@38.6744403,-77.2509611,18z/data=!3m1!1e3
  5. TidalPotomac

    This is for Hatem

    You are learning. We have our boat at the end of a pier and have a straight exit out of the slip. When arriving back to the slip, I do a U-turn in front of my slip, allowing the stern to swing around with little shifting. It sounds funny, but give yourself something to aim your bow at opposite your slip, a bow of another boat or a piling. You can then use that marker to dial in your approach. Let the boat movement put you in the position to back in with little shifting.
  6. TidalPotomac

    battery charger sig 310

    Where will you see the inline fuses? To all batteries from the charger? From the Isolators?
  7. TidalPotomac

    2007 Signature 350 transport

    The height will be about 14 feet. Are you sure the arch is removable? I used the bridge clearance + Draft (drive up) to determine height: http://www.boats.za.net/boat-specs.aspx?boat=Chaparral-350-Signature-Cruiser-2007&bt=10959
  8. TidalPotomac

    Signature 350 questions

    The Sig 350 comes with the 7_3e Kohler Generator. We purchased a 2006 signature 350 five years ago for nearly $100k. It was kept under a covered slip, had new outdrives, and the dealer gave us a warranty on the boat systems and other perks to close the deal. Additionally the dealer provided us with repair invoices from the previous owner Prices will vary for the 2000’s Signature 350. Many came equipped with the OSI engines with the troublesome XDP outdrives. If still equipped with XDP drives, expect the selling price to be lower. Condition of the finish affects price as does the canvas and vinyl. Engine maintenance affects price as well; riser replacement, injectors cleaned, etc. Where you buy and keep the Sig 350 boat will affect the price. If you purchase your boat From a dealer with slips/marina, you are in a better position to negotiate slip fees. The larger Signatures, 31’, 33’, 35’ feet of in good condition are holding their value and selling faster this year than in previous years and closer to asking price. (observation at our Marina). Clean, older fresh water 350s are in the $85k to 100k price range.
  9. TidalPotomac

    This is for Hatem

    Yes, tying both lines to one cleat will help swing the boat. We do this on high traffic days to counter wake, our slip is in the middle of the river and a few feet from the channel. Hatem, are you using the piling off your starboard bow? You could use the piling for a bow line as well as a spring line. That would improve protection while you are away from the boat. If your marina permits, install an”J” bracket on the piling to store your lines while out on the water (you install the bracket high on the “inside” surface of the piling away from potential contact). Use your boat pole to stow and retrieve your lines.
  10. TidalPotomac

    This is for Hatem

    Not all slips are conducive to crossing lines. In you picture it appears you are tying you boat against the dock using fenders? We cross our line to reduce shock on the lines and also allows the boat to sway a bit in the water. We also have four points to secure lines so that the boat is centered in the slip, pilings for bow lines, cleats on the dock for the stern. We use a spring line to keep the boat centered, the boat rises and falls with the tide with no lines chafing. When we arrive at the boat for the weekend, we remove one of the stern lines (the one you will trip on). Without the stern line the boat rests against a few fenders on the starboard finger dock.
  11. TidalPotomac

    Anyone ever swapped a drain plug....in the water?

    Some boats sink faster than others, with a Chaparral, it could sink if you couldn’t get the plug back in transom. With a Boston Whaler, it would still float without the plug or bilge pump running.
  12. TidalPotomac

    Anyone ever swapped a drain plug....in the water?

    A couple of weeks ago, I used a live well plug in place of the errant drain drain plug on our Boston Whaler. I later found the drain plug and contemplated charging it out while he boat was in the water. I decided not replace the plug, however it would have been a quick replacement and without risk of the boat sinking. I once launched the Whaler without the plug, the bilge immediately kicked on alerting me to the goof on my part. I was able to get the transom plug installed while on the boat, again no risk of sinking.
  13. TidalPotomac

    Anchor Rode Locker Capacity

    Yes, learn to tie the knot! It is not hard. When preparing the rode for the anchor, I cut away a ten foot length of the previous portion of the the 8 plait braid attached to the chain. I used this portion of the 8 plait braid to practice tying the braided knot. It took about an hour to practice the knot, it took me about 45 minutes to repeat the knot on actual anchor line. When tying the line to chain, either 8 plait or 3 strand, loosen the weave of the line prior to starting as the line tightens and constricts as you produce the weave. Make you own fid, a tool to help feed the end of the braids through the braided line, by cutting a section of a large knitting needle point.
  14. TidalPotomac

    Anchor Rode Locker Capacity

    Have you examined you anchor roller to ensure it is spinning freely? We had a worn roller that didn’t spin and had a groove worn into the roller causing a few issues. Confirm roller isn’t worn and spins freely.
  15. TidalPotomac

    Anchor Rode Locker Capacity

    What model windlass did you install? We replaced our windlass with a Lewmar 1000 on our Sig 350 and are using a 45lb anchor, no problems retrieving the anchor line and chain. Your boat weighs a few tons, using chain rode only won’t drop the bow.