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  1. TidalPotomac

    Moving the water pump - 330 sig

    Understood, it isn’t you onboard plumbing or fresh water tank that detracts from the you wanting to be able to consume the water, rather you don’t have an reliable supply of potable water.
  2. TidalPotomac

    Moving the water pump - 330 sig

    Why do you fear drinking the water from your fresh water supply? If your water isn’t potable, you are doing it wrong. While we keep bottled water onboard for drinking, we also have an ice maker we use for drinks. If your water system is properly treated at the beginning of the season, you have a reliable fresh water supply and you use your boat weekly there should be no problem with being able to drink/use ice made with your fresh water supply. Disregard this advice if you have the propensity not to use your boat.
  3. TidalPotomac

    Moving the water pump - 330 sig

    Duplicate post deleted
  4. TidalPotomac

    310 signature 2012 buying advise.

    Cyclops, You live in a world of fear that others thankfully do not suffer by way of common sense. Day trips to beaches and good judgement, boaters are able to overcome avoid the perils that haunt you.
  5. TidalPotomac

    310 signature 2012 buying advise.

    When beaching your 330, your stern will face the shore/beach, your swim platform has a ladder use that. We and other cruisers approach the beach in reverse, dropping the bow anchor as we approach the beach and set the anchor and lift the outdrives. When we gets near 4 feet of water, we cut the engine, and run a stern anchor to shore. Your 330 will be fine in chest deep water allowing guests on and off the boat in waist deep water. All this is predicated on you knowing the water and it’s bottom, and having a bottom that can hold an anchor. It is terribly bad form for you to bring a 330 in bow first, beach it and have your guests climb over a rail and down an 8 foot ladder.
  6. TidalPotomac

    Boat Flag Help

    Bigger boats with bow rail sometimes have bow rail mounted flag poles.
  7. TidalPotomac

    2017 Signature 310 Trailer

    Iggy, sorry, I got sloppy with my personal pronouns, I was suggesting for JimnAl to use the service of dealer/marina/towing service to move their boat lake to lake. A similar topic was partially discussed in a thread last year (although not entirely useful!)
  8. TidalPotomac

    Daily Commute Via Boat On Potomac River?

    I have done the commute to work on the Potomac River a few times from the Occoquan River to the DC Wharf on our Boston Whaler Dauntless 170. For that distance, the commute is a novelty, as it doesn’t save time or money, however it is fun. Dannieboyce, as others mentioned you would need to consider having your boat slipped on the Virginia, Maryland/DC shoreline. Fort Washington Marina to Alexandria would be a doable commute in probably more than half the time it would take to drive (most days). My opinion is you are going to want to make your home location the primary choice in this decision. Alexandria and surrounding area has a lot of housing and lifestyle choices, PG county Maryland has fewer. If your activities outside of work occur in Virginia (dining, friends, family, and activities) living in Maryland would be a poor choice. However, if your life outside of work is centered in Maryland then the commute to work may work in your favor. Realistically, you won’t be commuting by water everyday or reliably. If you have boated on the Potomac, you are aware of the summer afternoon storms, debris in the water, single digit winter temperatures, and seasonal flooding would require alternate commuting choices. I like the OP thinking of traditional commuting vs commuting by boat in that it puts the commuter/persons in a boat, more time in the boat rather than a car is fun! My opinion is you would tire of the boat commute after the fascination curve. My current situation is I live 20 miles west of DC/work and live 20 miles north of my slipped boat (Signature 350). In order to enjoy the boat more often and have more hours on the water, I use Virginia Rail Express (VRE) out of DC to Woodbridge and Uber to the slip in less than an hour (on average driving the same distance could take much longer. Commuting home and then driving to the slip would take much longer. To Cyclops point of conceal carry or being in procession a gun on your boat and traversing multiple jurisdictions . He has a good point, especially for a Maryland/DC commute to Alexandria, Virginia. The water approaching the docks at Alexandria is considered the District of Columbia, and DC has strict gun possession laws quite different than either Maryland or Virginia laws. So, yes possessing a gun, chosing to take it with you by boat from Maryland to Alexandria requires knowledge and practice of all jurisdictional laws pertaining to firearms in your possession on your commute to and from work.
  9. TidalPotomac

    2017 Signature 310 Trailer

    Good points Iggy! Using the dealer to get your boat to the other lakes is a good call.
  10. TidalPotomac

    2017 Signature 310 Trailer

    What is requiring a need for a trailer? Most 310’s stay in the water during the season or on the hard during the off- season.
  11. TidalPotomac

    Kohler generator LOC code

    Check the water intake to ensure there is no debris clogging the water intake.
  12. TidalPotomac

    2006 330 Signature Engine Mount Cracks

    Gumby, there are products that seal hairline cracks, Gluvit is a two part product that will seal cracks, however take your time and talk with a fiberglass/gelcoat person and get their feedback. Here is a link to marinetex Gluvit, or google it yourself -https://www.walmart.com/ip/Marine-Tex-RM330K-Gluvit-Waterproof-Epoxy-Sealer-2-lbs/42208227?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=2132&adid=22222222228030006845&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=m&wl3=64080076089&wl4=pla-101614537209&wl5=1014895&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=113146354&wl11=online&wl12=42208227&wl13=&veh=sem&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkO2v0IXH3QIVlwOGCh2H4QYyEAQYASABEgKQZ_D_BwE
  13. TidalPotomac

    2006 330 Signature Engine Mount Cracks

    Gumby, Get a camera back and under the engine if you can - try to get photos from the transom to get a look at the backside of the mounts. We had much larger cracks than what appears in your photos, on our Sig 350 and the wood was not rotten. We found more cracking on the backside when having engines removed for outdrive replacement. The cracks were repaired without issue.
  14. TidalPotomac

    2006 330 Signature Engine Mount Cracks

    Who said the wood was rotten? In most cases, the cracking is surface without rotten wood. Cracks are very common on 10 year old signature. What did the surveyor say regarding the cracking?
  15. TidalPotomac

    Bilgepump in sumpbox on Sig290

    Hatem, the discussion is regarding the sump pump located in the forward bilge area. The sump pump pumps the shower and AC drain water overboard. OP, I suggest replacing the whole sump pump box with a Rule Sump Pump box, it comes complete with a Rule pump and float switch, a much better setup than the original Attwood box.