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  1. TidalPotomac

    2006 330 Signature Engine Mount Cracks

    rjbergen - let us know what you find out. Those of us that have had similar separating of glass on the Mounts on Chaparral’s found not to be a big issue and no rot, however you will want to address the glass repair cost in you negotiations.
  2. TidalPotomac

    Signature 350 aft drainage

    There is no drainage to the aft cabin bilge, you need to pump the water out. Our 2006 350 has 3/4” holes allowing water to drain and collect below, or come up fro below. There is a bilge space underneath the sole of the locker, I use a hand pump with hose attachments to remove water in the lower bilge space. In our other locker there is a sump pump for shower an AC drainage, there is a bilge space under this locker as well. Water can come from many sources. Check your sump to ensure it works properly, and is dumping water overboard. Replace the sump pump, Rule makes an excellent replacement box pump assembly. As well as the thruster area, check your anchor locker and rub rails for water intrusion entry points.
  3. TidalPotomac

    2006 330 Signature Engine Mount Cracks

    We didn’t pay out of pocket for the mount repair, nor the labor for the outdrive replacement. The repair only required cutting and removing a small portions of the old glass, therefore I am uncertain of the construction between stringer and motor mount. The wood and surrounding stringers were solid. Our repair sat for a few days with a blower on the exposed area. A layer of resin was used to seal the area and left to cure. More glass and resin was used to fill in the remainder and then it was painted over. The outdrive replacement required the engines to be removed, and allowed for ease of access to the affected areas. I suspect there are several signature owners with cracks in the motor mounts who are unaware due to the inaccessibility of the motor mounts transome side.
  4. TidalPotomac

    2006 330 Signature Engine Mount Cracks

    Many of the larger Signatures have cracking on the motor mounts. As others said, you will have to check to see if the wood is soft or not. Check the mounts on the transome side as well. Three years ago we had surveyed and purchased a 2006 350 and it had similar cracking however the wood was solid. When the outdrives were replaced, the cracking was addressed with then engines removed. The repair work takes a few days /visits. They cut away the old glass and put a blower in the bilge to dry it up. Get estimates on what it would cost to fix and negotiate or if buying from a dealer wrap it into the deal. The mount repair work and other work was part of the purchase deal for the boat that we purchased from a full service Chaparral/ Volvo Penta Dealer.
  5. TidalPotomac

    05 285 SSI - Rebadged - Need any original letters?

    I need a P and A, are those still available?
  6. TidalPotomac

    1/2" x 10' Navy blue dock line with loop?

    OCMD has it right, cross you lines on the bow and stern.
  7. TidalPotomac

    How Fast Does Your Boat Go?

    Our five ton Signature 350 will go 48-50mph, however that is with a light fuel load, few passengers and none of the stuff currently onboard.
  8. TidalPotomac

    Shower "sump pump"

    On our 350 we have a Sump Pump switch on the cabin panel. If you have an original sumpump is an Attwood, do yourself a favor, replace it with A Rule Sump pump box. test the sumpump by overwhelming the shower drain with water and inspect the box for leaks.
  9. TidalPotomac

    2004 chaperrel 290 engine bogs bad

    Is your new distributor marine rated?
  10. TidalPotomac

    Never even thought of snow at a marina

    It may have had shrink wrap. Only the cockpit is exposed, not a big deal for the end of season storm. The cockpit is selfbailing
  11. TidalPotomac

    When to worry about hours

    Yes, up North it is a challenge to get hours on your engines. Here in Virginia, we are under-power over a 150 hours a season, we are on the water each weekend and have an out and back no wake zone, that clocks 40 minutes of no wake each leave and come back to our slip. The no wake zones usage has probably been about 25% of the hours with the rest being at cruise speeds. i will also add that buying a clean ten year old cruiser and putting lots of hours is generally a good thing.
  12. TidalPotomac

    Replacement fireboy automatic extinguisher

    USCG will want to see a valid inspection of the fireboy in order to be counted as a fire extinguisher, without a valid inspection tag, substitute a hand held.
  13. TidalPotomac

    Boat Lift ; Walking Plank

    On our rivers, slips, boatels and trailering. While some marinas have lifts, the majority of the lifts on on private piers and docks. We are slipped year round. The Northeaster that passed blew the water out of the river, our boat is now lying in mud. Not ideal situation however the water will come back and raise it along with the othe boats.
  14. TidalPotomac

    Boat Lift ; Walking Plank

    Correct, it is the marketing mix of what you have available that directs how you store your boat. For instance, On Kueka Lake, NY most of the lifts are on individual piers and docks with hand operated lifts, a good choice for their ski boats and their seasonal docks.
  15. TidalPotomac

    Boat Lift ; Walking Plank

    Boats do belong in the water. For some there are good reasons for a lift. Lifts aren’t a guarantee that the boat won’t get damaged or lost. A former colleague kept his boat on a lift (tidal water), even kept the plug in it. A hurricane raised the water enough to release the boat from the lift, he never saw it again. Granted a rare occurrence, however lifts do not guarantee damage free boating.