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  1. Hoffmaster's has a 2004 215SSI - http://www.hoffmasters.com/ListingPDFS/Chap-2004-215-SSi.pdf Located in Northern Virginia, Hoffmaster's is Chaparral Dealer, you may be able to work a deal on a dealer warranty or have parts replaced as a condition of the deal. Welcome back!
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    We’ll be in BVI, two Cats this year, six couples. Enjoy!
  3. TidalPotomac


    The Virgin Island Cats have hatches in each cabin.
  4. You should not have contact with sea mammals, especially seals. They carry bacteria that is dangerous to humans. seal finger disease - https://www.health.com/mind-body/seal-finger-infection
  5. If boating isn’t fun you are doing it wrong. Our first couple boats were disasters. The proper boat for our use finds us. We entertain and sleep on the boat quite a bit, therefore comfort is a priority. One of the features our express cruiser had to have was a head with enough headroom for my wife. The boats accommodating this requirement also had a generator, AC and two engines. Our boating priorities change over time as do our boats.
  6. Boats were meant to be used, great to see you getting great use, we loved our 215SSI, averaged over 150 hours per season for two seasons . The last five seasons in our Sig350 we added over 400 hours. Great Memories!
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    I lost my anchor on the 350 last October, the line snapped where the line connects to the chain link as a result of dragging the anchor and a damaged roller. The rode (4 or 8 Plait Braided) and galvanized chain is over $300, and a stainless steel 22lb is over $300. There are less expensive ways to source a replacement anchor and rode. Last winter I sourced a storm anchor, a 45 pound Lewmar plow anchor, for $120 on Craigslist I purchased 10’ of 5/16” of galvanized chain and fastened the remaining anchor line to the chain. This bought me time this season to source more chain and line. If you have the still have the anchor line, retrying the line to chain will save you considerable money. I am on the lookout for a smaller used anchor (35lb?) to replace the storm anchor. if you lost you anchor and rode, you probably have a better anchor loss story than I!
  8. On a canal along the Great South Bay, Long Island, we came upon a boat that was bow heavy, as we got nearer, we could see the bilge pump streaming water, as we got even closer we could see there was a garden hose going into the cockpit. The hose was filling the boat with water! Our friends were divided on how to handle it, one (he) wanted to keep going and not get involved stating “we don’t know the circumstances” (insurance fraud, jilted wife), the other (she) wanted to protect the boat. So she goes to the house where the boat is docked, knocks on the door, no answer. She goes next store and gets the neighbors attention who then goes to the boat and removes the hose. On the 350, the water fill is on the port side transom, I have walked away and retuned to find the tank is full and the hose is over flowing, not a problem as it drains down and overboard, however if the hose were to pop out while filling, it could land in the cockpit and start filling the boat. My wife half jokes with me when she sees water overflowing the water fill, she says “Are you trying to sink MY boat!”
  9. Many signatures come without a water hookup. We have had our 350 for five years without a hookup and filling water is really not a problem. It is one less thing to disconnect and one less trip hazard. We had a connector to our water heater break earlier this season, draining our fresh water tank into the bilge. My wife spotted the bilge pump running while we were filling, had we had a water hookup, we may not have been so attentive and in close proximity to the boat. Filling the fresh water tank takes only a few minutes and we normally are standing-by during the filling of the water tank. We have contemplated adding a water hookup, however on the 350, the optional water hookup is in the transom locker, port side below the the battery jumper posts. On our 350 without the water hookup, the posts are mounted lower, requiring moving the posts a few inches above the location where the water hookup would typically be located.
  10. Only near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay will you see seals. On the remote barrier islands of Virginia we would often find carcasses of young seals after winter storms.
  11. On our 2006 350 we have a circuit breaker/switch in the cabin electrical panel for the sump pump. Run your shower for several minutes and visually inspect the pump and switch operating, as well as throwing a strong stream of water over the side. If your sump pump is older(Atwood-Sahara), replace the whole box, float and pump, we replaced ours with a Rule Box - https://www.amazon.com/Rule-98A-12-Volt-Multi-Port-Mercury/dp/B000O89DQ0/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=rule+sump+pump+box&qid=1566909472&s=gateway&sprefix=rule+sump+pump&sr=8-2
  12. Depending on where you are located, you may be better off storing in a slip all season. In Virginia, we don’t have hard freezes that bubblers can’t handle. Here bigger boats are better left in water than storing on dry land. It seems counter intuitive, however things dry out on land that shouldn’t be drying out. Also, buying a reliable trailer for a 31 foot boat isn’t cheap.
  13. Yes, our slip is directly next to the center of the channel of the river. In the linked map below, we are in the the lower of the two covered piers on the end. When approaching our slip, I make a near U-turn and aim the bow toward towards the pier (below the covered slip pier) or bow of a boat if one is docked on the end of the pier. https://www.google.com/maps/@38.6744403,-77.2509611,18z/data=!3m1!1e3
  14. You are learning. We have our boat at the end of a pier and have a straight exit out of the slip. When arriving back to the slip, I do a U-turn in front of my slip, allowing the stern to swing around with little shifting. It sounds funny, but give yourself something to aim your bow at opposite your slip, a bow of another boat or a piling. You can then use that marker to dial in your approach. Let the boat movement put you in the position to back in with little shifting.
  15. Where will you see the inline fuses? To all batteries from the charger? From the Isolators?
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