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  1. Go bigger than 40’ if going with a fly bridge, otherwise you won’t see the benefits of flybridge. Less than 40’ you will have a smaller salon, less exposed cockpit area, less beam and a slower boat (compared to a similar size express cruiser). Basically you will be compromising any benefits of having a flybridge by selecting under 40 feet.
  2. DC has jurisdiction within it's boundaries, Maryland has jurisdiction along it's border to the Virginia side, and West Virginia has jurisdiction within their boundaries. Virginia has some jurisdiction, in the bays within it's boundaries. DCbiker published this to help others understand what the D.C. police were enforcing. Once outside the D.C. water, below D.C. and Alexandria, this rule does not apply. Just above D.C. are Little and Great Falls where, on average, there are a few water incident deaths reported each year. The officer who sank the boat at the Georgetown Wall was removed from Marine Police Service after an investigation was completed.
  3. We have a 2006 350 with 8.1 engines I/O, our cruising speed is 26 to 29 knots.
  4. XDP drives are black, and each drive has two propellers.
  5. The forward bilge pump is accessible in a carpeted hatch on the aft cabin sole.
  6. Now that you have the cabin speaker covers off, have you decided where you are installing your cockpit subwoofer?
  7. We put over 500 hours in three years on our 215SSi, we had it slipped at the marina and it was ready to go when we wanted to be on the water. Imagine what the effort level would be to tow-dunk-and-yank-and-tow boat each weekend to accumulate those kind of hours. Regardless of what seller will actually get for their boat, they are way ahead of the enjoyment curve than those who put 120 hours on their boat in 8 years.
  8. My wife and purchaesed a boat and the replacement of XDP drives from a marina and an VP dealer. The deal can be done, however the deal has some constraints: - purchase the boat from a full service marina that is a VP dealer. - don't have contempt for The VP dealer - make a deal with the marina owner - slip your boat at the marina offering the boat for sale Without these assurances in place, don't do the deal.
  9. Chances are you won't be able to switch out the drives and get a discounted rate on the fit kit, you need to go through a VP dealer to get the outdrive and fit kit. A condition of the replacement is that the old drives get sent back to VP. It begs the question, what to do with the stock of clean, used boats with XDP drives for sale. Even if you got 30k off the purchase price, it is a long road to dragging it in to a dealer and having the work done, with a discount.
  10. If there is a break in period, put in some hours in the morning before the family joins you, and a few hours after they leave, done in one weekend!
  11. Slipholders are are there own insurance, the slipholders insurance companies may try to recover from parties especially if there was negligence involved with event.
  12. Our docks have extinguishers on each end, and they are inspected annually, check your dock for extinguishers and check inspection date as well as charge indicator.
  13. Those cracks are easily fixed. It is the cracks on the back side (transom side) that aren't so easy finding or fixing. Use a camera/GoPro to get a look-see of the rear side of the motor mounts, hopefully this is the worse of it.
  14. Let's hope the owners of the vessels have insurance. Without insurance, there is little recourse for the boat owners. Hopefully the marina has enough insurance to rebuild the marina lost in the fire.
  15. OP, Boats with the XDP drives (VP) have an OSI postfix in the engine name, i.e. VP 8.1 OSI. As MPM suggest the XDP outdrives are to be avoided due design and part failure issues.