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  1. I went through two s500 to realize it was a poor setup. Our Rule sump pump is going strong four years later.
  2. You fix the Atwood S500 by replacing the entire sump pump box with a Rule Sump Pump Box. Trying to fix the Atwood is a waste of time, the S500 is a POS. https://www.google.com/search?q=rule+sump+pump+box&prmd=sivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjx5JGpncPsAhVxknIEHRbeDoEQ_AUoAnoECBoQAg&biw=375&bih=537&dpr=3
  3. Absolutely clean the ends, you may need to sand/file the ends of the pole, ours is tapered and collects burrs with use.
  4. Use the ice method down the tube and then pour boiling hot water onto table connector. Works for me.
  5. I can’t I understand this either! I have seen people have them repaired and I just shake my head.
  6. The 4.3 drives may still be in good condition, hence the seller not willing to provide a discount.
  7. $15,000 is an approximate replacement amount without refit rebate, however don’t expect the seller to discount it that much especially if the XDP drive is functioning well. ACDC, what engine is on the boat? If the engine is an 8.1L then it will most probably need replacing.
  8. The boat should probably be discounted, however, the seller may be able to sell the boat at market price given current tseller’s market for a few reasons, - There are many new boaters getting Into boating who may not be aware of the XDP problem. If the drives are in working condition the seller doesn’t need to disclose information of the XDP Drive issues - Used cruisers are in higher demand this year, fewer good cruisers are available. - if the boat is clean, in good running condition, low hours and has generator and AC, it will be attractive to buyers. If it is a desi
  9. Hoffmaster's has a 2004 215SSI - http://www.hoffmasters.com/ListingPDFS/Chap-2004-215-SSi.pdf Located in Northern Virginia, Hoffmaster's is Chaparral Dealer, you may be able to work a deal on a dealer warranty or have parts replaced as a condition of the deal. Welcome back!
  10. TidalPotomac


    We’ll be in BVI, two Cats this year, six couples. Enjoy!
  11. TidalPotomac


    The Virgin Island Cats have hatches in each cabin.
  12. You should not have contact with sea mammals, especially seals. They carry bacteria that is dangerous to humans. seal finger disease - https://www.health.com/mind-body/seal-finger-infection
  13. If boating isn’t fun you are doing it wrong. Our first couple boats were disasters. The proper boat for our use finds us. We entertain and sleep on the boat quite a bit, therefore comfort is a priority. One of the features our express cruiser had to have was a head with enough headroom for my wife. The boats accommodating this requirement also had a generator, AC and two engines. Our boating priorities change over time as do our boats.
  14. Boats were meant to be used, great to see you getting great use, we loved our 215SSI, averaged over 150 hours per season for two seasons . The last five seasons in our Sig350 we added over 400 hours. Great Memories!
  15. I lost my anchor on the 350 last October, the line snapped where the line connects to the chain link as a result of dragging the anchor and a damaged roller. The rode (4 or 8 Plait Braided) and galvanized chain is over $300, and a stainless steel 22lb is over $300. There are less expensive ways to source a replacement anchor and rode. Last winter I sourced a storm anchor, a 45 pound Lewmar plow anchor, for $120 on Craigslist I purchased 10’ of 5/16” of galvanized chain and fastened the remaining anchor line to the chain. This bought me time this season to source more chain and li
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