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  1. TidalPotomac

    Plug, What Plug?

    The dingy the charter company has us in this week, was missing a plug for the RIB bottom, while the cockpit plug was in allowing the dingy to run. This morning I ised a Pusser’s bottle cork. It fit perfectly and will be testing things out around Anagada, BVI today. As side note, the RIB floats fine with both plugs out!
  2. TidalPotomac

    First Aid Kit

    Hatem, I like the idea of the floating/watertight first aid kit. We add Benadryl spray, lotions and tablets for bug bites.
  3. TidalPotomac

    Wave Height and Safe Boating

    Our 17 foot whaler will handle five foot waves, boat is rated to waves 6.58 feet.
  4. TidalPotomac

    Help - How to remove coffee maker '04 Sig 350

    No worries Pops, you helped Roady68. Fhooso is a spammer, folks wrestled the thread back from a spammer! FWIW, we have a 350, however never had the coffee maker while we owned the boat, we use the outlet in the cabinet for phone chargers.
  5. TidalPotomac

    Help - How to remove coffee maker '04 Sig 350

    Too funny, a spammer leaves a reply to a thread that’s been dead for five years, and you folks start working on the original posters issue with his coffee maker!
  6. TidalPotomac

    2019 Chaparral 277 SSX 6.2 MerCruiser 350 HP Bravo 3

    <removed, wrong spec stated>
  7. TidalPotomac

    Dash Repair for less than 20 Deer

    Atta boy!
  8. TidalPotomac

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    We did charted last year with Marine Max, 49’ Power Cat.
  9. TidalPotomac

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Yes, British Virgin Islands. My wife and two other couples are renting a 51’ Power Cat for ten days. The rates page is what I was referring to that had weekly prices for the season, it appeared to be in an azimuth photos I think.
  10. TidalPotomac

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Which boat were the prices for rental? A ten day barefoot cruise in the BVI on a 51’ power catamaran is $16,000.
  11. TidalPotomac

    Fuel in Oil

    A spark plug not firing could also result in a gas smell and gas in the oil. If a motor has been running with a faulty injector(s), the spark plugs could be fouled, resulting in poor or no fuel burn in the affected cylinder. We changed our plugs out after the injectors had been cleaned/service. We did not experience smoke from the exhaust.
  12. TidalPotomac

    Fuel in Oil

    Our first season, we had injector issues, with our OSI engines. Smelling gas in the air was one symptom. The injector cleaning service resolved the issue. We too had our engine removed and reinstalled with no problem.
  13. TidalPotomac

    Signature 350 Carpet

    Make a template yourself and take it to a carpet shop. You aren’t going to find an out of box solution for the missing carpet. We had new flooring installed in our 2006 350 without the old carpets available for comparison. A competent installer should be able to make the appropriate templates for your flooring needs.
  14. TidalPotomac

    Sea Story To Share

    That would explain the only reason bowriders come with docking lights!
  15. TidalPotomac

    Spectrum gelcoat patch can it be rolled on?

    It sounds as if you have gelcoat paste, a gelcoat filler that is use to treat gouges, scratches, and minor chips. Hatem is referring to the application of gelcoat on a larger surface area requiring a different preparation treatment than scratches. You may need to fill with filler (regular filler) first as Hatem is suggesting, sand, and then spray the matched spectrum gelcoat. Spectrum has different gelcoat types, use the right type for your application. Practice on piece of wood first to get an idea of how things work