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  1. SeaPossum

    Serpentine Belt not spinning

    Can you burp the engine while on the hose or do you need the pressure of the boat in water?
  2. SeaPossum

    How many remove their carpet?

    I ordered mine without the carpet and never regretted the move. With two kids I can not imagine the amount of food that would be caked in carpet. Remove it and leave them out.
  3. SeaPossum

    Serpentine Belt not spinning

    Yes they did replace the impellor. Well said they did and charged me for it.
  4. SeaPossum

    Serpentine Belt not spinning

    Well after making several attempts to get to the part I made the decision to have a mechanic repair it. As many of you thought, the impellor tore and jammed the pump. They found that the inside of the pump was fine and did not need replacing. They did however replace a plate. I have the boat back and tried running it again yesterday. The unit cranked right up and the belts are turning perfectly. New problem and question... after running for a minute I realized that it was not pulling in water. After several attempts and repositioning the muffs it became evident that the pump was turning but not sucking any water. My initial thought is that the tech may have reversed the pipes connecting to the pump. Any other thoughts or possibilities? I have been trying to find information online for my pump but can not find a diagram of which port is for intake. Presently and not working the intake pipe is on top. Thanks for any thoughts, SP
  5. SeaPossum

    Serpentine Belt not spinning

    Thanks for the help. Never considered removing the batteries.
  6. SeaPossum

    Serpentine Belt not spinning

    In my 256 I can not even see the mounting bolts. Do I need to remove other parts to get to it? Not much room to get there.
  7. SeaPossum

    Serpentine Belt not spinning

    Well that was quick. Took the belt off and the raw water pump is the part that seized. Can I be so lucky that the impellor could have ripped and jam it or is this a replace the whole part deal? I can hardly get to the part, does anyone know a trick to removing it?
  8. SeaPossum

    Serpentine Belt not spinning

    Thanks for the reply. I will loosen belt and report back.
  9. SeaPossum

    Serpentine Belt not spinning

    Question...ran my boat two weeks ago without a problem. Upon cranking today I heard horrible sound from the engine compartment. Shut everything down, opened the hatch and tried cranking again. Engine will crank, but the belt is not spinning. Anyone had this happen?
  10. SeaPossum

    284 Folding Arch

    I am considering moving to the 284 and I need the folding arch for off season storage. Does anyone have this? Do the rear bars for the canopy fold down too? Having a hard time finding measurements on how high above the windshield the arch will be. Thanks, SP
  11. SeaPossum

    Pros and Cons

    I am considering making the move to a 284. I am looking for comments from past and present owners. What are must have options and what options were disappointing. Looking at one fairly loaded.
  12. SeaPossum

    Cranking a stored motor

    I am trying to help a buddy with his fishing boat. It has a 25HP outboard and it has been in storage for two years. When he stored it he did not winterized the motor for the layup. Any suggestion for cranking the motor again? I was considering removing the plugs and spraying the cylinders with oil. I know that he should probably take to a dealership, but he is working with a shoestring budget. Thanks for any help. SP
  13. SeaPossum

    Stereo face plate

    I will have to post a pic later, but when the remote is removed there is a 2X3 inch hole in the hull.
  14. SeaPossum

    Stereo face plate

    I have unplugged the remote as it was shorting out the head unit. Problem now is the corrosion has rust running out of the unit. I fresh water wash the unit after every use, but the remote has not faired well. On the 2006 it is placed very low and water washes over it the entire day.
  15. SeaPossum

    Stereo face plate

    My boat came with the Clarion marine stereo system that I think all units from 2006 came with. I have the remote on the swim platform and the exposure to saltwater has destroyed the fourth one. I am ready to give up on having that remote work. Does anyone know where I can get a filler plate for that hole? I want to keep the trim switch, but no need in the radio. SP