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  1. Rook

    Ice in bilge

    Today I checked my boat that was winterized by someone else. The bilge plug was still in the boat and there was solid ice in the bilge. The ise is only an inch or two deep, not impeding any inlets or the engine. I took the bilge plug out in hopes that if we do get a thaw the ice will melt and the water will flow out. Should I be concerned about the ice? Will it do damage?
  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll make sure to do the same. Thanks again
  3. After dealing with wet carpet on in the cockpit area after rains, I patiently waited on board during a run shower to try to determine where the water was coming from. It turns out that the rain water is getting into the helm area through the underside of the Sun Deck access door. I actually seen it coming in under the hinge side of the access and tracking on the interior along the bottom of the wind shield on the port side, coming down along the lounge seat and dripping on the front of the cockpit area. I am assuming that there must be some sort of weather strip wear issue, however it does not seem that there is actual weather stripping or a rubber gasket along the bottom of the access. Does this seem right to you folks? Has anyone else had this issue and how did you solve it? Thanks
  4. Congrats on the purchase! I remember the very first time putting my 310 in the water and getting to the slip....very anxious but it all turned out. Hope to see some pics in the future.
  5. Switching my antenna from analog to digital and I want to install new coax from the TV to the radar arch. Has anybody undertaken this before?
  6. Is it a thick deep scratch? If not, you may be able to sand it out with some wet sandpaper,
  7. Hey folks Do you leave the A/C on while away from the boat?
  8. Rook

    Cockpit Speakers

    Update to this post.... When I installed the house battery, the speakers worked. Must be an amp that runs off the house battery only.
  9. Rook

    Cockpit Speakers

    Got the Clarion multimedia, not sure of the model all my docs are on the boat
  10. Rook

    Cockpit Speakers

    Have I gone brain dead? Went to boat today to start getting her ready for launch (hurray!) Plugged into shore power to listen to tunes. Sound was only coming to speakers down below in cabin and not to speakers up top. I swore they worked last fall when I put her to sleep. Any ideas?
  11. Purchased our 2007 310 Sig with 19 hours on the engines last February. Still had bar code stickers on outdrives so the mechanic was able to scan them and check against ECM and original purchase. Traces were legit...we got a brand new boat! Surveyor told us that we have stumbled on a gem....we were very fortunate. I have heard many contrary storeys about low hour purchases. The key is making sure you have a reputable dealer or broker.
  12. I've been out on 6' swells on my 310 but it wasn't for the fact that I rescued a sail boat, I wouldn't have stayed out too long. Turns out it took us 2 hours to tow the sail boat in.
  13. Rook

    Lewmar Windlass

    So silly question, I dont see a place to put a wrench into, only a large nut on the side of the pully. Do I turn that to tighten?
  14. Rook

    Lewmar Windlass

    Hi, The windlass on my Sig 310 is slipping when I bring in the anchor. How do I adjust it? Thanks
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