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  1. I have learned a lot from this forum over the years. If you have time to reply I'm interested in hearing your thoughts (and experience if this has happened to you). TL/DR: My manifold has a hairline crack and a slow leak. I posted (or linked to) a video at the bottom of this post. Would you still take it for short put-put trips in this condition while you wait two weeks for parts to arrive? UPDATE: link to the vid right when the water begins to well up and drip. Fast forward to see the extent of the drip as it warms up. The long version: I have a 2003 Sig 260 with a
  2. Correct, Chap243. @CaptScott, for me (see specs in my signature, below), the relevant part info is: 955981 Drain screw O-ring (yes, the number has only six numerals, unlike the others) 3855081 Oil level plug O-ring 3852045 Dipstick O-ring I'm pretty sure my local marina puts their own label on the part. It looks like they use a dot-matrix printer to print a bunch of stickers, then put the stickers on the baggy. It's not an actual Volvo OEM part. I realize this is splitting hairs, but I think 1/2 the width of a human hair is about all the tolerance you have with this!
  3. That's good to hear, Rip5! I hope I was just the unlucky one.
  4. This is for Volvo Penta owners that change their own gear lube. It might also be for owners that have their gear lube changed at a shop but it always seems to leak/weep some "oil" into the water. Maybe this is a no-brainer, but make sure you get a Volvo spec rubber O-ring to go back in that little groove around the drain plug. The OEM part from Volvo is a similar size but much thinner than a typical rubber ring, and I don't think you're likely to find a proper substitute in the trays at your local hardware store. My local marine shop uses/sells a part that is not quite right. It loo
  5. Perhaps the most beautiful engineering feat I've seen. It's truly amazing in its mechanical complexity and physics simplicity. I need something like this to drag my tired @55 out of bed in the morning. On one side, I have a bunch of liquor in a tub of water. In the other--drinking liquor--is me. Each time I consume a bottle my tub gets heavier until it dumps me out face-down on the tiles. This offsets the consumption of 1.21 gigawatts, and if I plan it all right my tub drops at 88mph.
  6. My 2003 Sig 260 came to me with a Lewmar Horizon 400 (or was it 500?). There's a middle story about why I had to replace it, but the important thing is that I went with the Pro Sport 550. If I remember correctly, it had the same footprint and three of the four holes already lined up. The Pro Sport 550 is fantastic, IMO. Free fall would be very nice, especially if you often anchor in deep water. However, I typically anchor in 30' or less, and it doesn't take long to feed out out 75'-90' of rode. With my old windlass, anchoring was always a hit-or-miss, stressful operation. With the Pro Sport it
  7. Thanks, guys. I appreciate you taking the time to share your advice. Richard, I ordered parts online and they should arrive by Tuesday. We have a sewing machine [another head-slap!]. This will require me to humble myself to my wife after all, but it'll be worth it! Brian, I like your thinking. Changing out both of them makes a lot of sense. Brick, I thought the strap was riveted to the bar, but I never had reason to investigate. Your informational batting average is .999 or better, so thanks for the tip. It would be more difficult to sew if I'm dragging the whole thing around!
  8. One of the strap adjuster loops broke. I was hauling the boat a short distance at low speed, but I think I hit a tree limb or something and it whacked the strap and broke the piece. Of course, now there's a glowing red spot on my forehead from where I keep slapping it each time I gaze upon my strap of shame. I should have taken the extra two minutes to collapse the cover and put on the zippered wraps. [slap!] Yeah. So anyway, here's what I've got. The obvious option is to remove the canvas, take it to a local shop, and have them stitch in a new part. It probably wouldn't take very long and pr
  9. My only rant about Volvo is that these pumps are designated as not user-serviceable (when they are, actually). Since they have been failing in the same way for such a long time, one must conclude that this is some kind of cash cow for Vovlo. On the one hand, I don't believe there is a conspiracy to make an extra couple hundred bucks here and there. On the other, there is enough history with this product that I'm as certain as I can be that Volvo is completely aware of the issue and keeps cranking them out without addressing it. It seems that the fuel pump assembly on every Volvo Penta is going
  10. I replaced my fuel pump assembly, then ended up cleaning out the old pumps and realizing that I probably didn't need a new pump assembly after all. Here's a link to the page where I posted a bunch of pics and blathered about my experience. At the bottom of the page there's a link to a YouTube video I made when I replaced my fuel pump assembly.
  11. Water weighs about 8lbs per gallon. Gasoline weighs about 6lbs per gallon. This means that water has 133% the weight of gasoline. Different octanes or blends may equate to infinitesimal differences, but nothing that affects what's happening in our fuel tanks. Theoretically, one could raise the nose of the trailer so that the lowest point within the fuel tank is at the rear of the tank near the fuel pickup line. Then you could pull the fuel line off of the check valve at the top of the tank and attach something like this. If the tank has sat undisturbed for a while, the heavier water will poo
  12. Welcome. I also have a 2003 Signature 260. Congratulations!
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