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  1. AquaTherapy

    Looking for factory radar arch cover

    I ordered mine from the OEM supplier, Ameritex, a couple years ago. There is also a supplier, RNR Marine, that has quite a selection.
  2. Looks like they updated the model numbers for the SSX line as well.
  3. AquaTherapy


    I think Cecil still has a few. They are no longer made, so the price has gone up quite a bit.
  4. AquaTherapy

    2016 Chaparral H20 Interior Issues

    Interesting article discussing "pinking" on vinyl. https://www.boatingmag.com/pink-stains-on-boat-seats-fix
  5. AquaTherapy

    Good place to buy parts?

    Also greatlakesskipper.com
  6. AquaTherapy

    Cleat fell off - 2006 255 SSI

    May want to check out this manufacturer. I believe they made the cleats that many Chaps use. http://www.gemlux.com/catalog/deckhardware-cleats-cuttingedge
  7. AquaTherapy

    Water In Fuel

    I can't speak for Water Zorb, but the only solution my marina would offer was to pump out the 40 gallons of "fuel" in the tank. At least 5 gallons or completely cloudy/watery. I went with an external Racor fuel/water separator and only ethanol-free fuel since then. I understand not everyone has access to ethanol-free fuel.
  8. AquaTherapy

    How Fast Does Your Boat Go?

    In perfect conditions, with just me and a 1/2 tank of fuel, I can hit 54 on the GPS. But add another person or if there is a whisper of wind and I am around 50.
  9. AquaTherapy

    Engine hatch

    On my 256, the pin comes out all of the way. I have extended the hatch past 90 degrees to reduce risk of the 2x4s shifting and it closing on me.
  10. AquaTherapy

    Towing w/256 SSI

    I have the pop up ski tow and the rope still drags and puts a punishing spray on the tubers. That said, the tow point on the arch is the only other option and it requires removal of the rear bimini. Might want to see if a tow rope booster ball could help your situation.
  11. AquaTherapy

    Help me pick a truck

    The dry weight should include the base engine.
  12. AquaTherapy

    Help finding a 2330 or 2130

    Two years ago, I fell on my ISP and dented the swim ladder cover with my knee. I now have a swim platform mat. I ended up getting one that was offered as OEM from Great Lakes Skipper. Much more sure-footed now.
  13. AquaTherapy

    246SSI Trailering Help

    This includes snap in carpet. I've lost a piece...
  14. AquaTherapy

    Any opinions on a Ram truck vs Chevy

    Here is Wisconsin it seems that Dodge/Ram trucks over a year or two old have significant body rust and holes. Not seeing the same from late model Chevy/GMC or Fords. Of course the newer Fords are aluminum. I haven't seen rust on my GMCs and my last one was 8 years old when I traded it.
  15. AquaTherapy

    Amp Location- 264 Sunesta

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, Wylie.