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  1. How's your restore project going with the Sea Ray?
  2. Also, it looks like you may have the ability to lower the bow roller (there's a set of holes above the current two). That may help the boat sit lower when snugged up against the bow roller.
  3. Extended swim platform
  4. I ordered one from them this Spring. It fit perfectly.
  5. May want to take a look at this site.
  6. This is good start.
  7. Mine is blue as well. It does show in direct sunlight, but white would probably show better.
  8. Here is one for Gen 2: manual _14 alpha i gen ii outdrives 1991 to present.pdf
  9. I went this route this Spring. So far, so good.
  10. I use something like this:
  11. I have the same pole light in the from of my 2007 256 SSX. I store mine in the starboard bow underseat storage.
  12. I'll check the levels in the cells tonight and add distilled water.
  13. As I get my boat prepped for this summer, I charged the batteries (both starting). One will register as 12.6 V after a 6 amp charge and the other is at 11.7 V after the same charging scenario. So, one is bad, it seems. I plan to replace the bad battery with a deep cycle, but it appears there are no options for pick up an Interstate in my area. Any other same-priced batteries you folks would recommend? Thanks!
  14. I'm a fan of the 3M High Performance paste wax. Use it on my vehicles as well. Leaves a great shine.
  15. Mine came loose on my 256 last year. I had to open the hatch 180 degrees (didn't feel comfortable just propping it up) and a skinnier friend contorted himself with a long-handled wrench to re-tighten the bolts. I owed him big time as he had a fiberglass burn across his stomach trying to get out. I do hope the loctite holds because I may have to pay someone to fix it next time.