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  1. Someone just posted a 2002 265 for sale in the Chaparral Boat Owners group on FB.
  2. I have a 2007 256 SSX and I bought based on the permanent port walk-through. But, it does not have near the access as @Toddler boat. Wow! I have the 496 mag and it moves the boat very well even when loaded. The gauges went to the square smartcraft in 2008.
  3. Single lane boat ramp. Backed boat in and tried to start it. Turns out the starter went bad. winched the boat back tight to the roller and went to the truck. Noticed that it was not running. So, I attempted to start it. It would not start due to the steepness of the ramp and the 1/3 full fuel tank. A good samaritan took me to a gas station where I bought a gas can and filled it with gas (20 minutes away). By the time we got back there was an incredible line in the lake and in the parking lot. My first mate had smartly given out our food and drinks to try to appease the crowd. I now have a full
  4. I mounted my VHF radio in this location. I do bump it with my knee from time to time.
  5. I tow my 256SSX (8300#) with a Sierra with 6.2 and max tow. No issues as the trailer has 4-wheel discs and tongue weight is ~8%.
  6. I did buy a new captain's chair. My vinyl is shrinking and the stitching is pulling out. I had one chair repaired and now the second one needs several sections replaced, which was over $500, so the new one at $400 was a good option. I will probably sell the one with the pulled stitching as something with access to multiple canvas shops may be able to find a better quote.
  7. This place is about 10 minutes from my house. I picked up a new captain's chair for my 2007 256 SSX last week as it was cheaper to buy one versus having the old one repaired and they have quite a warehouse of parts. Their outdoor storage is full of 100+ arches and towers. Cool people, too.
  8. I ordered mine from the OEM supplier, Ameritex, a couple years ago. There is also a supplier, RNR Marine, that has quite a selection.
  9. Looks like they updated the model numbers for the SSX line as well.
  10. AquaTherapy


    I think Cecil still has a few. They are no longer made, so the price has gone up quite a bit.
  11. Interesting article discussing "pinking" on vinyl. https://www.boatingmag.com/pink-stains-on-boat-seats-fix
  12. May want to check out this manufacturer. I believe they made the cleats that many Chaps use. http://www.gemlux.com/catalog/deckhardware-cleats-cuttingedge
  13. I can't speak for Water Zorb, but the only solution my marina would offer was to pump out the 40 gallons of "fuel" in the tank. At least 5 gallons or completely cloudy/watery. I went with an external Racor fuel/water separator and only ethanol-free fuel since then. I understand not everyone has access to ethanol-free fuel.
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