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  1. Great. Thx for th info. Sounds like with some practice we'll get used to the bimini procedure. I did get the speakers just haven't installed the amp yet (that's this weeks project along with another amp and sub ). I've also talked to Scott a few times, he's been great and I recommend Samson to all.
  2. Ski ya, Just installed a Samson tower on my 210 and love it. Did you have to modify your Bimini to clear when opening?
  3. Chrisvogt7

    boat covers

    Toddler, that looks very nice. Who did you have make it, and do you know what material that is? Has it ever been tested in heavy rain?
  4. Does anyone have advice on where to find a bow center cushion for a 210ssi? My year model is 2005.
  5. Thanks for the info. I also added the 2 battery setup which is a must. Im thinking of also going with the sub under the rear seat storage. Does yours rattle much? My 210 has a removable middle rear bench seat cushion with a hinged walk thru step panel that I was thinking about modifying to allow venting for the sub. Other option that I'm toying with is Cutting a 10" hole on the vertical kick panel of the bench seat, face mounting the sub there, and building a sealed enclosure on the interior side of the storage area. I'm a little reluctant to cut the hole though.
  6. I'm looking for some advice on possible subwoofer locations in a chap 210ssi to compliment my system. I'm currently running 4 Polk mm651um's off an Alpine pdx4.100 and 2 Samson SD7HD towers off an Exile Harpoon. Both amps are located Inside the port bow seat storage mounted to the aft vertical board (behind the rear of the stereo head unit). I'm thinking about one 10" or 12" sub powered either off 2 channels of my existing alpine amp or getting a dedicated mono amp. I know I could do a free air sub in multiple locations, but I want something more powerful that really requires a sealed or ported box. I also don't want to completely enclose this thing in a storage compartment that is just going to muffle and rattle everything. Any thoughts?
  7. May I ask where your sub is located? I've got a 210ssi, Samson edge tower w/ S7hd tower speakers but looking to add a decent sub in the cabin.

    1. skiya


      Chris, I put my sub on the left side of the bench. the 10" sub just does fir w/ a little trimming. It's a free to air sub and works just fine, thought about two subs but I didn't want to take up more space for storage. I just hooked up the harpoon amp and it sounds great. Any questions just ask. Ed




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