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  1. notos1856

    New to the Chaparral community

    Welcome! Have fun this summer!
  2. notos1856

    Another cleaning question

    This will be my second summer with our 186 and I'm getting ready to clean it...I've looked at a lot of information on cleaning supplies and order of use etc. Lots of good stuff! I haven't come across something specific about cleaning my boat on the trailer (maybe I haven’t looked hard enough). Any suggestions? What about the areas under the bumpers? I'm looking forward to getting out there and cleaning it will help pass the time!!! Thanks to all in advance for your input. Happy boating!!!
  3. notos1856

    I'm a Chaparral Owner...Score!

    Welcome. Congrats!!
  4. notos1856

    First Boat - 1991 2100 sx

    Nice! Congrats and welcome.
  5. notos1856

    my "new" used 2004 Sunesta 236

    I'm not a great one to answer question as I too am a brand new Chaparral owner. But I can tell you congratulations and welcome to the forum. This place is great with a lot of knowledgeable and helpful people. Enjoy the new boat!!
  6. On the water today with the new four blade prop (previous post). Had a great time and stopped for a late afternoon swim after running again for 45 minutes after visiting friends. Went to start it and call it a day...nothing. Cranked - would even start for about 5-20 seconds. If I gave it any gas it would die. Pulled the gas cap, ran the blower and opened the compartment (after reading this forum on my mobile while sitting there). Got towed in and tried to start it several times on the way...same thing; few seconds was it. I buy 87 octane at the gas station (may quit that) but it is fuel injected. I have to admit after reading many of the post about similar symptoms it ends up being something mechanical. I'm afraid it may happen again and don't want to get stranded without friends close by. Such a newbie not real adept at dealing with problems on the water. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  7. notos1856

    Wide open throttle question

    Thanks for all the help! Talked to merc and bought a 20" pitch 4 blade - ran it today for the first time and loved it. Seemed very responsive.
  8. notos1856

    New guy here

    Welcome to the forum. This place is GREAT for newbies!
  9. notos1856

    Wide open throttle question

    As usual - promt, great information many thanks. The newbie that I am I have a few more questions...on the hub just above the nut is stamped 48-832832-C1-21 and on the side of the prop its stamped D422L. It is a mercruiser alpha one drive Serial #1.62R OL437321. From looking at other posts I'm guessing the 48-832832-C1-21 is the actual prop I have. That said I'm assuming the 21 at the end is the pitch - nowhere do I see anything that looks lie a diameter to me. I'd like to get the full setup - spacer, hub, and prop; I'll probably get another nut and washer. I searched the mercury site for the 48-832832 but didn't come up with anything. Can anyone help? I'm just trying to make sure I get the EXACT same thing since I'm such a newbie. Thanks guys!!
  10. notos1856

    Wide open throttle question

    Thanks for the quick response guys. Do I take boat and all or take the prop off? If I take the prop off is there any trick or is it pretty straightforward ?
  11. notos1856

    Wide open throttle question

    Hello all - a strange thing happened to me; while I was out with a friend of mine I opened up my 186. It planed out and was running OK but then the engine seemed to begin revving REALLY high. I backed it down and it would run OK but I'm concerned about this phenomenon. It's almost like it slipped out of gear. This is my first boat ever so I'm not sure if that's possible. I should mention (embarrassingly) that while learning a new lake we got into a shallow spot I now know has claimed several shear pins, the ground was pretty soft and the boat seemed to run fine afterwards. This revving problem occurred several trips after the shallow water incident. Any thoughts out there? Need any more information to weigh in? Thanks in advance for any input!
  12. WOW! Glad everyone (including the boat) was safe. I am new to boating and to trailering so hearing things like this is good both for my confidence and for my learning. There's a few things above I'll have to add to my routine when setting underway. Thanks for sharing!
  13. notos1856

    new to me chap

    I'm a newbie too so unfortunately I can't help much but congrats on the boat. Love the yellow.
  14. notos1856

    new boater

    Welcome and congrats on your new boat!! I'm in a similar situation and have found this forum to be extremely helpful. Lots of knowledgable people willing to help. Have fun this summer :-)
  15. notos1856

    Its all done but the splash

    Congrats on the new boat...I'm a long way from something like that but maybe some day. I have two daughters - so I'm outnumbered but not 4 - 1. Have fun!!