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  1. Update!! So, in 2012 I put in a new gimble, rebuilt engine, and a new floor.... Has been flawless since then. 100 or so hrs on the 7.4ltr, and gets pretty good mileage, so to speak. As I am working in Northern Alberta (since 2013) I get home to Vancouver a few times a year to "add" a few things and change the things I want. This year (pics to follow) I added a swim platform, from swimplatforms.com It is freaking amazing!! I am so happy, and the install was really simple. Now to MY SCREW UP... When I did the floor in 2012 I clearly forgot to coat the underside of the 3/4 inch Baltic plywood with fiberglass and resin. Must have been in a hurry to get back into the water... Needless to say the floor disintegrated from the bottom up. The fiberglass and deck coating was what held it together... (Opppssss) So the floor is ripped out AGAIN.. This time I am using 1/4 inch aluminum plate and 1/2 inch Starboard A/S. Overkill, YES. Will I EVER have to worry about the floor again, NO. In the event I have to take up the floor, for any reason, it will be an easy remove a few screws and lift it out. So a few may be wondering about weight. The floor is approx 80 inches wide X 96 inches from the walk through to under the back bench seat. The aluminum is 3.64lbs per sq ft. 3/4 inch plywood is anywhere between 65-75 lbs per 4 x 8 sheet, not including fiberglass resin, matt, and anti-slip deck coating. Plywood- 2 sheets of plywood, trimmed to 80 inches X 48 inches = (Baltic Plywood) 2.5lbs/sq ft = 120lbs 120lbs plus approx 5 gallons of fiberglass resin, fb matt, and deck coating = Total 200 lbs Aluminum 1/4 inch plate 80 inches X 96 inches = 175 lbs Starboard AS 1/2 inch 80 inches X 96 inches = (2.5 lbs/sq ft) 192 ibs Total 367 lbs vs 200 lbs on a 25 ft bowrider really isn't a whole lot to be concerned about. Never having to worry about doing the floor again Priceless... I will post pics hopefully when I am back home for a quick weekend July 9, 2016 Happy Boating and Stay Safe...
  2. I have a 94 2500sx and wanted to know what other models were the same. Ordering a platform and the 93 2850 looks the same for back domentions/design but just looking for someone with info. Thanks Jim
  3. Well all cleats changed to pop up ones, vhf and antenna, hummingbird gPs/fishfinder (780), graphics, finish fiberglass/gelcoat floor, add 2 subs with new amp, and bow filler cushion. This should be enough of a list over the winter. Glad i am stored in a warehouse. Goes in for extended swim platform in January. Gonna be great. Pics posted as projects get finished. Jim
  4. Pops, Thanks for the encouragement. A few times I found myself questioning my own choices on this boat, but have since put those thoughts to rest. The "hen pecked" comment was not directed at anyone in particular, nor was I looking to offend people. We all have priorities and I understand that (3 grown children), but there are people we all know that are truly "hen pecked". I am sure you also have some friends that think boats "are way to expensive", yet are the first ones on board your 2550 when the offer arises. I believe boating is a social event and the more the merrier. Decided to wait until Monday for the graphix as it needs 2 days out of water after they are applied, and the weather here in Vancouver is WICKED. Not going to waste it in the shop.... Cheers, and happy boating.
  5. Don't get me wrong I fully expected to put a heard of deer into it, but there were things I didn't expect (Gimbal housing). This is the type of boat I have been working towards for a long time. I now have a safe, reliable, solid boat that I will continue to improve for years to come. I love the standup cover with windows in a bowrider. I love this boat and will post the new graphix when I get them done next week. Enjoy whatever boat you have, even if there are naysayers...(yes there were a few on mine). These will also be the first people to want to go out with you, as they dont have or they aren't allowed to buy a boat themselves....(hen pecked). lmao
  6. LMAO!!!! My daughter works for Godoys!!!! See you there Sunday.. Jim
  7. RIverguy, I got stung this year with a 94 2500 SX. Things I have done, that you might want to check. 1. Ensure you get the leg (which outdrive?) removed and check all bellows, including the bearing. Check the drive fluid for smelling burnt 2. Inspect the exhaust manifolds and risers for leakage at the gaskets 3. If the oil is BRAND NEW be very carefull and take it for a lake test. You do not get enough volume from a garden gose if there is a leakage to notice. 4. Where is the boat from? Was it moored or kept on a trailer? Mine was originally from Florida and the Gimbal housing was corroded through, causing a leak. 5. Check the rear bulkhead for rot (use a hammer) and the floor for delamination. (see my postings) 6. What engine is it?Compression test numbers? Any idea how many hours? Trailer? Thank god my insurance company covered the NEW ENGINE as the manifold had a casting flaw (7.4ltr) I bought this for 15,000 deer with the NEW gimbal assembly,new manifolds,new floor, tune up, Monster Tower with speakers I am into this for 21,000 deer Graphix to come next week (will post pics) another 800 deer If you have some pics post them and I am sure others will chme in. Good Luck, and keep us posted Jim
  8. cj, what are you doing at the boat show? I get back into town on Sun and heading right over from the airport... A friend is working it also (HUB insurance) See ya there
  9. Thinking maybe just butt 2 more bench seats (on the sides) up to the back bench?? Yeah the corner seats do look useless.
  10. Alrighty, I am starting the winter project ideas. Instead of just the rear bench, I am looking for ideas to have the whole U shape across the back and down both sides. Looking for suggestions of retailers people have used. I have been looking at Pontoon furniture on this websitehttp://www.boatingseats.com/Pontoon-Boat-Seats--C54.aspx Suggestions ideas???
  11. I had a similar problem and it turned out the transom gasket of the gimbal had failed. You said Ahead of the bulkhead, right? There is nothing there to let water in. You might have to rip up the floor take out the fuel tank and see where it's coming in. Not fun, but a sinking boat is less fun....Good Luck
  12. I used these on my seadoo's. The vinyl on them is really thin, so don't expect them to last long on any sizable boat. A dock will shred these in a heartbeat. Probably work well when rafting up but they are not really thick.
  13. Most thermostats open around 140-150 degrees. That being said, and considering how much your saving doing it yourself, I just take out the thermostat, open the drain cocks on the bottom of my manifolds and block, when they stop draining close the drain cocks and flre it up with the antifreeze. Never had a problem doing it this way and I don't have to wait, or be sure the thermostat opened and all the water got out. One good thing about taking out the thermostat is it doesn't ever get corroded in, so if you have to remove it you can. just my two cents.
  14. That's totally reasonable. Now is the time to educate yourself, sounds like he is replacing the exhaust and drive bellows. One thing to ask him is about the shift bellows while you are there. It is cheaper to repair many things at once as you only pay the labor for the leg on/off once. Good luck and happy boating.
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