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  1. Born and raised in Meridian, MS Joined Air Force out of high school after 2 years determined my civilian side out weighed my military side (thats what i was told ) moved home worked at hospital for 7 years as biomed tech. now im a senior electronics Technician on a drilling rig work 21 days on and off 21 days. been married for 11 years have 2 kids 9 and 15 this is my second boat the wife hated the first she would not ride in it it was a seadoo chalenger 1800 twin rotax not sure if she hated the boat or my driving but we are enjoying our 180 SSI
  2. I never realized how much help my 14 yr old son was until he cut his leg and got stitches and could not help me with the boat. I usually put the plug in and jump in the boat he backs me in or when we are pulling out i hold the boat at the dock while he backs the trailer in.i had to pull the boat out before i went offshore he wasn't there to help. I struggled a little but i got it. im kinda a newbie. I have learned patience over the years in any situation is better than being frustrated or aggravated so as a fellow boater take as much time as you need to get your boat in the water and out safely and where you feel comfortable with what you are doing and someone having to wait an extra 5 or 10 min isn't going to ruin there day on the water good luck and enjoy your boat
  3. thanks everyone. I found a lot of useful information on this forum everyone has been very helpful and welcoming. we love the new boat cant wait to get home and put it in the water 3 more days and a wake up I will be heading home
  4. hello i am kinda a newbie to boats i have had seadoo's and a seadoo boat but this is my first boat with an out drive. I got a 2005 180 ssi with 3.0l volvo penta. before i bought it i rebuilt the carb and fixed the trim corroded pins on relays. when we put it in the water i noticed the trim gauge is off and the voltage gauge isn't working is there a way to maybe zero or calibrate the trim gauge. im not to worried about the voltage gauge i will investigate that at a later time this is my first experience with trim so im still trying to figure out the best position when i get on plane the carb issues i have were with idling when i rebuilt the carb i could not find the right kit in town so i got one for a 4 bbl this has a 2bbl only used half of the kit the only thing that was different was the power valve the original was a 2.5 the kit came with a 6.5 the boat ran great when on the throttle but if i backed off it wouldn't idle called holley after an hour and 45 min on hold i finally talked to some one they were kinda rude but told me what power valve i needed i ordered it put it in but it was to cold to test it before i had to go to work should that fix my idling problem sorry for the rambling i was just trying to give enough info with out giving useless details but other than that we love the boat the wife even drove us for a while which was better than the old seadoo boat she wouldn't get in it
  5. ordered the new power valve and put it in still haven't had a chance to test
  6. I have a Holley 2300 2bbl carb it was supposed to have a 71 secondary diaphragm but the only kit I found in town had a 65 it constantly goes dead if I don't have the throttle engaged
  7. Does any one know if this boat has an auto bilge I see the switch but I was wondering because I'm leaving it in the water tied to my dock I would hate to wake up and my boat be sunk just in case something happened
  8. I got it to 40 mph and haven't mastered the trim yet this is my first boat with trim
  9. Picked the boat Wednesday cleaned connections on relays for trim got that working then started on fuel system rebuilt the carb put new plugs in and it fired right up so put it in water took a min but it ran great the only thing I need is oil sensor it has a constant beep when plugged in
  10. i live in Mississippi i know i can get a bonded title but i wasn't sure if that will decrease the value the people are the owner of the boat they have had it for 3 years
  11. the house and boat were paid for in cash so there is no way the title is tied up with that
  12. im looking at a 2005 chaparral 180 ssi the owners of the boat bought the boat with there lake house so im only getting a bill of sale how can i get a title and would this hurt my chances of selling it down the road
  13. on the chaparral the people were not trying to sell it i just made them an offer they had to think about it over the weekend came back with a counter offer and i accepted on Sunday night they couldn't get to the lake house to close the deal on Monday i had to leave Monday night to come to work so im really hoping they keep there word and wait for me to get home at least to have the chance to check it out but im pretty impatient the worst thing for me to do is find something i want while im offshore im sure the guys i work with get tired of talking about boats but that's what i have on my mind
  14. i had a 1998 gtx limited with the 951 it was super fast never had any pump problems only had carb problems when i didnt run stabil in it so i figured the challenger would be the same and i was wrong
  15. im just happy i dont have to deal with 2 stroke ratax engines and jet drives any more