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  1. Wow! We passed it coming back from hanging out on the sandbar, & were trying to figure out what happened. I can't believe it was a patrol boat that caused it! Nice to know our tax dollars will be covering that..... :-/
  2. That's very unfortunate.... hopefully that's not a new trend. We were out by Three Sisters on Saturday from 1-5ish, floating around on tubes (as we do all the time). Were you in that group of 8-9 boats tied together? There were tons of people anchored out - I don't understand how they can target that...
  3. We're in DC and also getting antsy. We've had quite a few nice days, but 4 inches of snow yesterday as well (although mostly gone now). I keep looking at April 20th on my calendar.... and keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather by then!
  4. I'm also curious about a trailer so we can travel a bit this summer. I can't seem to find prices online, and I'd rather not deal with a sales person if possible. Can you define "pretty cheap"? What should I be expecting here?
  5. Yes, we painted the bottom in the spring in anticipation of leaving it in the water. Mike, I wasn't able to use your mechanic this year.... I forgot that Gangplank has strict insurance requirements, and while it is possible to get Gregg added to the "approved vendors" list, I didn't want to add any time to the process. I'm using Washington Marine, which is just down the road and can squeeze me in. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly! Also, we were planning on shrink-wrapping the boat, but the service manager at Washington Marine said he actually recommends *against* shrink-wrapping, because often when the boat is opened, everything is moldy. I understand that's a possibility, but if it's not shrink-wrapped, and water gets in under the cover (which there's obviously a good chance it will), couldn't it do even more damage??
  6. Thanks Mike! It looks like he is based in Fredericksburg. Does he come all the way up to DC??
  7. Sorry - we have a Chaparral 246 bowrider. We don't currently have a trailer, as we've had no reason to take it out of the water, and we have nowhere to store the trailer. We're at Gangplank Marina, which is in a protected channel in DC, and they have bubbler systems installed.
  8. This is our first winter with our boat, and I believe I'm way behind on the winterization process (blame the 4 month old infant - poor timing). Does anyone have a personal recommendation for a DC area mechanic? We're planning to keep the boat in our SW DC waterfront slip for the winter (unless that's a horrible idea). I'd love any tips to survive this process! Also, slightly off-topic, but is there a general boaters forum of any type for DC (i.e. not just Chaparral owners)? Besides my marina association (which is mainly live-aboard boats), I'm striking out on google. We didn't get to use our lovely boat as much as I anticipated this year, but I'm already dreaming of next spring on the water.....
  9. Do you mean just a standard foam float for a pool? I thought about that, but I'm not sure that we could keep it steady enough for a dog to crawl up on...
  10. Yes, definitely - that's why I was hoping someone knew of a good alternative
  11. www.thewatermat.com Has anyone ever purchased one of these? Or something similar from a competitor? I'm looking for something to lounge on, & also to assist our dog getting on & off the boat in the water. I'd love any advice in this area!
  12. Sorry to hear that, Hy! I hope you make it out soon.
  13. We'll be in the water as of Saturday, making a weekend trip to bring it via water from Annapolis to its' new home in DC. A little early, but couldn't wait any longer. I'm crossing my fingers for weather like today!
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