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  1. Looking for some advice from someone that may have had this issue. I purchased a boat and then moved to another state. The boat is only a year old and the shifter is not working. Boat wont go into reverse when you shift into reverse it acts like its in neutral and just revs up. I called the local dealership and they all but told me they did not work on the volvo penta and only sold merc products and so they could not help. I would think given my warranty is with Chaparral they are responsible for fixing it one way or the other. Any suggestions???
  2. Guys thanks for the response. Sounds like I should look at a few more things on the next trip. It was a VP 8.1 and I was just looking at the speed o not GPS. I think I had it at about 1/4 trip but the taps I have never worked with so I really have no idea what I had them at. Sounds like 40 should be easy and could go up to 45 so that is a good bench mark for the next trip. I'll watch the RPMs as well and get that info. I just talked to the dealer this morning and they said they do have a fix for the load whisle. It comes on from about 3000 to 4000 RPMs and is really load. Sounds like for top speed you want the trip taps all the way up and about 1/4 trip. I would assume that would be around 5000 RPM???
  3. Guys just did a test drive on a 2011 270 with the 8.1. I've been reading all the posts around top speed and have a question. When I did the test ride I could not get the boat over 40. I didn't drive it very long and don't have much experience with trim tabs so maybe that is part of the issue but I'm just curious on some feedback. What can I expect for top speed, is it a break in issue???? While I have you reading.....I also noticed a very load whistle. I read that some people think its normal and some people like it but I don't like and can't image it could be anything that is normal. Has anyone else found a solution for the whistle?
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