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  1. shaneinga

    What stereo would you replace the old JBL unit with

    Pioneer is what I am replacing mine with. If you talk to any good car audio guy there is a model that Pioneer sells that will work with the remotes, and their remotes are square and will fit the JBL holes. I am doing mine this winter when I pull my boat for the season.
  2. shaneinga

    Fuse panel, I know another question about fuese :(

    Hey thanks guys. Sorry the topic dropped so far down I just figured no one knew. I am going to try to find it today. Btw I will take pics of my rocker switches, I am pretty sure they only go up and down.
  3. shaneinga

    How NOT to return from a 4th of July celebration

    That's going to leave a mark.
  4. I took my boat out last night and noticed that my lights were not working. The white tower light does work, however my red and green lights are both out. When I purchased the boat I had the dealer I purchased it from put in a dual battery set up for me and I think he might have done something wrong and blown some fuses. After I picked up the boat, my port side speakers have been intermittent, and last night I had to come in early as I realized my lights are also not working I have an 2006 252 Sunesta, and am wondering where in the world the fuse panel is for this boat. I have gone through the owner/operator manual and have found nothing. I also tried the search function and did not find anything specific to my boat. I am thinking it might be behind on of the dash panels, but before I start tearing into my boat I thought I would ask here first. Thanks Shane
  5. shaneinga

    Sink in my Sunesta is about to fall out

    Just giving an update. The sink is fixed. I ended up using some liquid nails and it is working great so far. 3 days of boating this weekend with the sink full of ice, sandwich condiments and meat and the sink held it all without any sign of failure.
  6. shaneinga

    New Lake To ME(Lake Alatoona)

    Illinois Creek should be on the map, depending where you put in at it is over near the wide open part of the lake with all the sailboats. If you have to go through the sail boats then the Cove will be on your right, if you don't it will be on your left. Here is a map of Allatoona, this is the free one, but if you go to Walmart you can get a better one. http://www.allatoonalake.org/resources/allatoona-lake-map-1.pdf Illinois Creek is between the 9 and the 23. We will be out there around 1 tomorrow.
  7. shaneinga

    Can my SUV pull my boat?

    No, but good news is you can convince the wife you need a truck.
  8. shaneinga

    Decking ( anyone know this guy)

    I think you would be happier with SeaDek. That is the direction I am going once I can get my boat out of the water and do add some goodies to it. The list is way to long though. LoL Plus how can you put anything on your boat that has the word Gator in it.
  9. shaneinga

    Lake Allatoona, Ga

    Thanks for the info on the maps. I drive by that Walmart daily. LoL. I found one, I am headed out to Illinois Creek this Saturday around 1 with a boat load of people. I usually park in the back left side if there is room. Maybe I will see some your out there. Be safe this weekend, it is going to be crazy out there.
  10. shaneinga

    New Lake To ME(Lake Alatoona)

    I am at Park Marina, over at by the dam. I usually just head over to Illinois Creek. That is the party cove. This is my first year on the lake though, so I am still new to it as well. Are you planning on keeping it at a Marina? The only 2 places I know of to eat at on the lake are Props and Hops, and Little River. If I had my choice I would go to Little River. There has to be other places to pull up and grab a drink and some grub but I am unsure as to what they are.
  11. shaneinga

    Which is more common 252 or 254?

    I like them both, but I have yet to drive my 252 in any inclement weather. I imagine the windshield would be nice in that regard. I like the dual seat that the 252 has, it makes a cozy ride with my better half.
  12. shaneinga

    Sink in my Sunesta is about to fall out

    Thanks, I am going to go by Westmarine and pick some up. I need to get some grease, oil, and a couple other goodies as well.
  13. I have not taken any pics of my predicament yet, but from what I can tell I have screws that have come loose from riding in some heavy waves yesterday. The sink is basically hanging on by the back screws, and is hanging down with about a 2 inch gap. I was thinking liquid nails, and getting a bottle jack and a 4x4 and jacking the sink up while the liquid nails dried, and then shooting some new screws. The area is tight, so I really can not tell where the original screws screw into, and I don't want to screw through the top of the sink either. What do you guys think, does this sound like a decent fix, or should I take it someone to do a proper fix. I love this sink, but I believe I overloaded it last time and this is what has caused its demise. I will be more careful next time out.
  14. shaneinga

    Trim Tabs Rock

    These are on my list of have to haves very soon. How my boat is set up, I have the cooler, dual batteries, and the head all on the same side of the boat. We use the head to toss everyone's stuff in while we are underway so it really wants to list to that side. I really need to go ahead and get these installed. Good to hear you love yours. It might just make me go ahead and bite the bullet and get mine as well.
  15. shaneinga

    Back in Dixie

    You do have sweet tea. Nice! When I go to visit my relatives out west none of the places we go to eat have sweet tea. My grandmother in Colorado always has some made up for us at the house though.