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  1. Thanks guys! I think I'm going to take the wife and kids this weekend to look. They are offering a sea trial and survey of the boat before I commit. I just was concerned that maybe Maxum was a terrible boat, but I guess it doesn't appear to be, although it's not a Chaparral! I don't know that I'll even buy it, as I would basically have 2 boats until next season, but wanted to get your thoughts. Thanks again!
  2. I'm looking for some help on whether or not I should keep my 2003 215 SS. I love my 215, don't get me wrong, but from a previous post I'm understanding that I have something wrong with either my engine or bottom paint since I'm only getting about 37 MPH maximum on my 5.0 Merc engine and all the other 215's are getting close to 50. So that's going to have to be fixed. Also, my wife and I would like to start spending the night on the boat occasionally with our 2 young kids, and the 215 is a little small for that, plus I do not have plastics to attach to the bimini so I'd have to buy a new set up plastics which I'm assuming is at least a thousand deer if not as much as 2. So I'm going to have to put some money into it to get it where it should be. However, currently there is a 2000 Maxum 2400 SCR that is for sale in my area that is running as it should be and has all the additional amenities, like a bathroom, aft bed, kitchen, etc. Now of course if I had my choice, I'd step up to a better Chap, but I just don't have that kind of money. And it appears that I can probably sell my 215 for the same cost as getting the Maxum, so it would almost be like a trade. Yes, I know it's not as nice of a boat and it's a few years older, but on the other hand it would not need to be fixed and it has everything. What do you guys think? Is the Maxum really not a good boat? Would I be crazy to even think about trading? I really value everyone's opinion here. Oh, and I did look at it, it is in really good shape for a 2000...better than my 215 I think as the owner was meticulous, and the guy that had my 215 before me was not. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks, Shepard. I'm not sure if anyone has messed with the timing. I'll get it looked at along with the ignition sensor. I'm only getting 39 MPH on the GPS, so something has to be done.
  4. Hey Guys, Thanks so much for the quick response. Shepard, it is a thunderbold V carbed engine and I've put a pic of the specs at the end of this message. The cap, rotor and plugs were all replaced this year. It does seem to make it run a little smoother than last year, but I've had the same performance for the past 2 years with the boat. IndyChap, I do keep my boat in a slip all year. When I bought it 2 years ago I got it from a guy who ran it in saltwater and had bottom painted it. I only run it in freshwater, but the bottom paint was chipping off pretty good last year, so I had the marina touch it up. So it has a good looking coat of bottom paint on it and is clear of growth. However, is there a chance the bottom paint is causing the reduced performance? Should I have it stripped off? Thanks so much guys! Since I'm in central NY, our boating season is almost over. I'm still happy to take it to another marina to have them check it out before the summer is over, just want to know what I should tell them. Here is a pic:
  5. Hey Guys, This is only my 2nd year with my '03 215 SS, so I'm not that experienced with the boat or boating in general. It seems to me that the boat is running ok, but when discussing a trip I took across the lake, my buddy was floored when I told him my boat (which has a 305 Mercruiser 5.0 engine with a 19" pitch 3 blade aluminum prop) tops out at about 39 MPH @ 4300 RPM's. That is with a half tank of gas, just me on it, and "properly" trimmed (trimmed up just below the point where it porposes if I trim it up more). I also mentioned I cruise at about 3300 RPM's with my wife and young kids on the boat and go about 29 on the GPS. He told me I have something major wrong. So I searched the forums here and noticed other guys with 215's are going much faster! So is there something wrong with mine? I had it looked at by my marina this year and they gave it a tune up among a couple other things and didn't say there was anything wrong other than it only maxed out at 4000 RPM's. So he changed the 20" pitch prop to a 19 " and said that should do the trick. So is there something wrong with my boat? Please help! And please keep in mind that I'm not mechanically inclined. Thanks guys!!
  6. I do plan on getting it shrink wraped and I bought some damp rid as well as some slow release thing. I do have some room in the basement, so I should be able to keep most of it in there. Thanks for all the tips, it REALLY helps!!
  7. Hey Guys, This is really my first winter where I will be keeping the boat next year. I'm wondering what I can store on the boat? I mean, can I keep my cushions and life jackets and tubes and everything in the boat while it's in outside storage? Keep in mind, I'm in Upstate NY where it gets below freezing a lot in the winter. Thanks!
  8. I had a lot of stuff done this year when I got the boat. New plugs, wires, fuel pump, filter, even a new carb. Has been running great up until now, other than it's not hitting the rpm's and speed it really should (the manual says 4800-5000 max and I'm getting about 4000). I guessed that was due to the prop and would get a new one next year. A buddy of mine seems to think the bearing in the prop is going. Sometimes it's catching, sometimes not and that what my problem is (spun prop I guess). So I'm going to have the prop looked at. What do you guys think of that theory? And btw, I only use non-ethanol gas, and put sta-bil in with each fill up.
  9. When I bought my boat, the previous owner had named her "Outnumbered" and put a decal on the back with the name, city and state. My understanding is that it is bad luck to change the name without the proper ceremony. However, the decal is faded and peeling and looks like crap. So my question is, can I just remove all of the decals or is that bad luck too? I'm not planning on renaming the boat, I just want it to not have the decals. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the input, Shepard. Again, since I'm not mechanically inclined, if that were the case and it was the shift cut-out switch, once it was in gear and running would it continue to run ok until I switched out of gear? I say that because it will run just fine on plane, I'll pull the throttle back some to go over a big wake, and then when I accelerate again it does the shaking thing and loss of power again without ever switching out of gear. Thanks as always guys!
  11. This is my 2nd year boating, 1st with a slip the whole summer, and I'm not mechanically inclined. That said, I went out last week and just after I got out of the marina and hit the throttle the boat was very shakey as I started to accelerate. My first though was maybe it was seaweed from being in the slip and heading out, so I stopped and threw it in reverse as someone once told me that was the best way to remove any seaweed. Sure enough, this time she got on plane just fine and everything seemed good, so I assumed seaweed and now it was fixed. On the way back home, the exact same thing happend. The boat really shook as I accelerated, so I stopped, put in in reverse, back in forward, and got home with no problems. Again, just thought it was seaweed. Today not only did I have to repeat the process again on the way out, but we went tubing, and I kept having to go in reverse almost every time I stopped. I pulled the trim up once to check if seaweed was wrapped around the prop and there was nothing at all on it. So I know now it can't be seaweed, but then what could it be? Please help! Thanks!
  12. Never thought about that Jim, seems like a good point. Since my speedometer doesn't work, I don't even know how fast I was going, although I have to admit I thought I'd go faster. I'm going out tomorrow, I'm going to use the GPS to see my top speed.
  13. Hey Winut. As far as I know, there is no prop damage. There is a layer of bottom paint on the boat, and is not in perfect shape, but it's not anything bad. I was trimmed out a bit, but I guess could have been more, but was starting to pourpose. Had just less than half of tank of fuel on board. Total weight of all passengers and kids I would estimate high was about 700lbs. Bildge was dry. As far as the prop I run, I have no idea?!?! Don't know much about the mechanical end of things. How could I find out? Thanks as always!
  14. Hey Everyone. My engine manual says my max RPM is between 4400 and 4800 RPM's (Merc 5.0 Alpha). I finally had some smooth water last night and went wide open with the throttle for about 2 minutes. I don't know what my speed was since my speedometer stopped working a few weeks ago (along with my trim guage), but I only hit about 3900 RPM's. Now, I did have 4 Adults and 3 kids on board (1 year old, 2 year old, and 4 year old). Would that be a reason why I may not have hit the 4400 or might there be something wrong? FYI, I normally cruise at about 3200 RPM's and the boat seems to be running great. Thanks as always for your imput!
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