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  1. paul smith

    gas shocks engine compartment

    Need to replace the gas shocks in the engine compartment need to know size ? Boat stored in Havasu i am in San Diego its a 2002 SSI 22 need to buy here and take up thanks
  2. paul smith

    anchor for 220 SSI

    Thanks to all of you , nice pics
  3. paul smith

    anchor for 220 SSI

    Thanks , i did find one that was only 8 lbs that fit but i did not think that i would hold a 4k boat so did not but ? we use it mainly at Havasu so i think the fluke would work . thanks agin
  4. paul smith

    anchor for 220 SSI

    just bought a 2002 220 SSI and it is missing the anchor that fits in the front compartmnet . What typr do i need and where can i get one thanks