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  1. They tore the motor down completely. Found some sand in the motor and in the thermastat. Not for sure, but the therm not operating properly could have done damage. It never ran hot, but actually ran to cool. I don't get that , but that is the story. Can't beleave your warranty just ended in May ! Bummer. Tom Unley marine in Rock Island did the work. 4 day turn around. And highly recomended !! Good Luck.
  2. Yep. Had to replace long block. Not sure what caused the damage yet.I decided to pay extra to tear old completely down to see exactly what happened. (If possible) But, good news, back on the water this weekend! After I pay the
  3. it is the merc 6.2, this all started a few weeks ago when I thought I got into some weeds. you know the feeling it gets and you hit reverse to clean out. Thought maybe props were out of balance, so had that done, seemed alittle better the following weekend then this happened this week. as to the oil, I can'ttremember what the chap dealer sold me, but assuming it was what suppose to use. The dealer at Tablerock puleed the drive, the exhaust and drove on the lake several times. Would not have much oil pressure. Three of their mechanics all agreed with diagnosis. Thanks
  4. Does it feel like it is vibrating more and sounds like the exhaust is louder as well ?
  5. I have a 2006 256 ssi. we were on Tablerock Lake this week and the motor started clunking and lost oil pressure. Went to the Chaparral dealer there and they informed me that we needed to replace the long block. They think we lost a bearing in the crankshaft. costs would be around . This of coarse happened on day two of our seven day trip. I decided not to have them repair and brought back to Iowa. I am looking for someone in Iowa, or within 2-3 hundred miles to repair. Anyone with advice on this would muchly be appreciated. I just can't figure out how this happened. only 160 hrs. on her. A fri
  6. have a 256 SSI with 160 hrs. somehow the motor blew. Does anyone recomend a place to have the motor replaced. I live in Iowa, but will to travel. Was on Tablerock when happened and a dealer down there told be I need to replace the long block.

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    sure does :) I love my Chap, just bought last January. Had a awesome summer with it.
  8. Thanks for all the advice ! I guess I will try it from the bimini and see how it works.
  9. here is a picture of my Chaparral 256 SSI
  10. Hello, I have lost two flags and lights. Was wanting to know if someone has a good idea for flying the flag while running across the water. I have a 2006 256 SSI, and the only thing I could think was to use the light for this. Really don't want to hang from bimini. and can't find a new fixture that will mount because lack of flat area. Thanks
  11. I have the 6.2 merc. have been using ethanol living here in Iowa. But trailer and get other options. Want economy and power. what is best ?
  12. I can not locate which fuel is recommended for a 2006 256 SSI. have heard different views on this, so more confused than ever. looking for any info. Thanks
  13. Does anyone know of a good product to clean the bug and tree browns spots off the fiberglass. Soap and scrubbing are not doing anything. Someone told me to use a magic eraser, but dulled in the small area I tried it. frustrated on the Mississippi
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