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  1. I`m not a salty so keep that in mind, but I think there may be some credence to your wife`s theory. Boats are generally cheaper in FL as there are so many of them, more supply. A freshwater boat, all other things even, generally is more desirable. Plus you would have the cost of moving it down there. If you do take it with you, I don`t think there would be a lot to do to it other than add flush ports if it does not have them. You might also need to change your bottom coating and paint your drives. Also change the anodes.
  2. I agree with the drive oil check, a simple process. If it appears good and all other systems are good, you probably just need to clear the ECM. If you are going to keep this boat for awhile, you might want to consider purchasing a diagnostic tool from Rhinda Technologies. Not cheap, but can be beneficial if you are going to keep the boat and like to do your own work.
  3. You might pull off the top cap carefully, there are shims in there and you do not want to lose them. This will allow you to get a better look at the threads from the bottom side to see if there is any damage.
  4. I pulled the head out of our cubby to make better use of it for storage. #1 goes in the water and have never had to drop duce while out.
  5. You can do it, but as said, if you have a dual charger, it may not operate properly. You might have to charge them separately. It is generally best to have the same type of batteries if you can.
  6. What makes your mechanic think that now the pump needs replaced? Have you ran it at all this year? I`d take it out and run it and see for yourself. It is odd that it needs replaced already. If you do end up having to replace there are alot more cheaper options today than buying an OEM pump. You can replace just the pumps, not the entire assembly or can have the unit rebuilt. Once you find out specifically what is wrong, get back with us, we can direct you to several options.
  7. I agree. I am on the verge of deleting this site and forgetting it ever existed. I just do not understand the company`s position to just let the site that represents their brand go to crap like they have. Makes no business sense whatsoever.
  8. Hey guys, need some help. Just purchased a boat lift for my 264 to be installed in my slip. it is a back in lift. The guy is ready to install but my boat is still in storage and access is not readily available. He is asking me to provide some hull dimensions so that he can set the bunks on the lift. Does anybody have a 264 hull nearby that can send some basic dimensions. I need the following; -Swim platform from transom to stern(width)in inches. -Position in inches of hull strakes from transom centerline. Also, if you could snap some pictures to give him for reference that woul
  9. You might want to start work on securing your block(s) replacement. With the number of blocks that did not make it this year, there may be a shortage and delay your boating season more than what you want. When I replaced mine, I used Michiganmotorz and was satisfied.
  10. For the filters, I suggest using VP parts. Regarding the oil, I would suggest aftermarket Mobil 1 15-40 synthetic, or something in that range. You need to get a OEM maintenance parts numbers breakdown for your specific engine if you do not have one. Once you have that, you can do a Google search and find many online vendors that will have the part you need. Let us know if you need the website for VP parts and we can get that for you.
  11. Yes, it should work in the boat. Be sure to locate it away from water intrusion as it may not be as adapt to a wet environment as a marine stereo might be.
  12. Somebody please do something. I am to the point of deleting the site from "My Favorites" as it has become intolerable. How Chaparral has allowed this to get to this point really has me puzzled. You would think they would take a little more pride in the site that bears their name and product association.
  13. The Chaparral website, under the Owners tab has a drop down for owners manuals and parts guide.
  14. Are you sure it`s the 350HP engine and not the 380HP? Porcelain toilet? is that a new thing? Seems like it would add alot of extra weight for little benefit. Sounds like a very nice boat.
  15. If you boat has a flushing adapter, the blue cap on the starboard side of the engine, behind the fuel cell, you can run the engine out of water by supplying it with with water thru that port. If you want to change your oil, you may warm the engine up then change it. Do not rev the engine above 1K rpm`s on the flush port. Suggestion, when asking a question it is best to inform us as to which year and engine you are referring to.
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