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  1. What type of engine and drive? Merc or Volvo?
  2. Chap243

    Trash in the tank

    They are usually an aluminum foil type of material. Being that, I doubt that it will cause gasoline draw issues long term. If it were me, I would not incur the cost of removing and cleaning the tank unless and until it causes problems with the fuel supply.
  3. I pass the test...….so far!
  4. VP make a good engine and drive. The new generation of engines are technologically top notch. A lot of power in a lightweight package.
  5. We have one. We transport ours laid across the swim platform with a strap through the center. The strap is secured to boat via the rear stern handles. My wife loves it, I am not that big a fan mainly because of the bulkiness. . Once you get to the tie up,, its fun to have, it`s just all the other time it`s kinda of a pain in the a** to deal with.
  6. If you are not planning on wake surfing, I would opt for a conventional drive. They are essentially designed for digging the stern down and thusly kicking up a larger wake. They are very nice for what they do, but I don't think the average trailer boater would see much benefit from one. They are trailerable, but I`ve noticed that the boat sits higher on the trailer than with traditional drives.
  7. Chap243

    Engine Hatch

    Not exactly similar, but I had to remove the engine hatch on my 264 and the one thing I would say in caution is do not underestimate the weight and awkwardness of a Chaparral engine hatch. Dropping one and damaging it would be real expensive. I used a backhoe to lift mine and I was nervous. Not that you will need a backhoe, but don't try to do it with just a couple guys either. They are heavy and bulky.
  8. Yep, that's the one that is out. The one in the bow works but has no cover( also kicked). Just cant find any obvious way to remove them. Boat in storage now, just making my knockout list now.
  9. I need to replace a couple of the LED cockpit courtesy lights that illuminate the interior floor. One doesn't work at all and the other has lost its cover. They are the 1" LED lights with a thin chrome bezel. I cannot see exactly how they come out of the fiberglass interior tub. Do they unscrew from the back side or "pop"/"pry" out from the front side? Has anybody ever replaced?
  10. Mine did not. I went to Lowe`s and purchased that adapter and jammed the barbed end into the hose pump.
  11. I think alot of it depends on where you live. Here in the Midwest, it is very unusual to get a survey on a runabout. A houseboat or a cruiser, yes. You usually just run it either on muffs or take it to the nearest lake for a test run. We just dont have as many surveyers as a costal area or large fresh water lake area.
  12. If the noise returns and is not an easy fix, try re-furbishing the fuel cell yourself. I did mine and it is easy to do. Also as Wingnut stated, there are many "knock off" fuel cells being sold on ebay for as low as $200. You could go through several of them for the cost of one OEM one, might be worth a try.
  13. Chap243

    Oil change .

    I have been using Mobil 1 15-50. Honestly I think any variable viscosity which spans the 30 number should work. Wingnut may chime in and school us.
  14. If you are mechanically inclined you could easily do this work. I have and I`m an insurance salesman by day. I suggest studying the subject with shop manuals and you tube videos. You will need to build an outdrive stand and obtain a bearing installer and alignment tool, which can be bought on ebay. You could do it for less than half what they have quoted you including the tools. Pros and cons of both decisions.
  15. I never thought of the shark factor when suggesting an inflatable. After seeing some of those pics, maybe an inflatable is not such a good idea after all. Guess I`m stuck in a freshwater frame of mind.
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