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  1. Mr. Clean products makes a water hose spigot sprayer that has a hard water filter cartridge built in. Designed for car washing but probably would work on a boat.
  2. Keep the pressure on the dealer. I agree with you, if I spent 200K deer, I`d want my boat running. They will figure it out, they just need to spend more time with it. Volvo`s are a good engine, but like anything mechanical, there are bugs. Hang in there.
  3. Bennett has a new electric model out this year. I would prefer an electric system to hydraulic primarily because you can eliminate the hydraulic pump. I cant give a brand recommendation though, still on my "to do" list.
  4. That's good, You may have to play around with the props to match your use. I have F7`s on mine and find it adequate for our use.
  5. I`ve got the 5.7 GXI, 320hp with the DPS drive. My boat is similar size and weight. I`ll think you`ll find it adequate for your needs. Mid 40`s in speed. What kind of drive does the boat have, SX or DPS?
  6. Yea, I figured the app wasn’t the scary part of the equation. It was the “contact your dealer” that scared
  7. Could not find the cost of the Interface anywhere, anybody know?
  8. No drawbacks other than keeping it oiled, maybe once a year.
  9. You might have a hard time finding that replacement part and you might want to try to fabricate one yourself or have a counter top shop do it for you. It is basically a Corian material product and you might be able to purchase a closely matching scrap piece and cutting it to fit.
  10. I do not make any special arrangements for my cushions when open trailering. They are fairly good size and with the "starboard" like base are fairly heavy. I always tow with the windshield closed which moves most of the slipstream up and over all but the bow cushions. Disclaimer- I seldom tow at interstate speeds 60+ mph without my road cover in place. Play around with your set up, if you tow at high speed for some distance, get a good road cover.
  11. Not familiar with products, but really all you need is the factory frame hitch probably already installed on your truck. Obviously you need to stay well within your trucks towing capabilities.
  12. I`ve got a tuned Duramax. It`s a beast. The only downfall is in tight urban or parking lot traffic. I would not choose it for a daily driver, which mine is not, but once you are on the road, I love it. My buddy has an older Dodge, the body of the truck will not outlive the Cummins.
  13. Get larger bumpers. I use four 10" on mine, 1/2 dock ropes. I suggest looking into an onboard battery charging system if you have electricity at the dock. I also carry a mask and fins and a sponge mitt for wiping the hull and drive down while at anchor. I also carry a second anchor to throw off the stern in certain wind circumstances. And a First Aid kit.
  14. I`ve got a now 10 yr old VP with 400 hours on it. I really have had no problems, other than having to replace the required maintenance items; belt, water pump, spark plugs, wires and distributor cap, which you would expect. The dealer will correct the problem I`m sure and have you back on the water soon.