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  1. You can often find a set of used Volvo F props on Ebay around 7-800.
  2. The old ones were more rubbery, the new ones are more of a flexible plastic. The new design is much better. I`d go ahead and change it. Fairly easy to do once you make the drive stand. Cheap part, cheap insurance. Also gives you a chance to inspect your U joints and gimbal.
  3. Or maybe a different cam.
  4. It`s kind of hard to tell without "feeling" the depth of the nicks. I would expect that it is gel and should be filled in. I would confirm the exact color and order a match repair kit from Spectrum.
  5. Speaking for only myself, I paint what I can and reposition my support system and then hit what was covered.
  6. Probably the difference is a carb vs a fuel injected system.
  7. I think its a metric nut.
  8. Plenty of firewood now!
  9. It sounds like a temporary fix to me and might get you through the season. I would want the rubber seal replaced for a proper repair, but that will take some shop time and $$$$.
  10. I`d be very careful filling the bilge with water to find the leak. I think that method is best used for small riveted aluminum boats.
  11. If you use the pic you took and enlarge it you can make out most if the words on the switch. You may want to make new labels or acquire new switches and swap out.
  12. Appears in good condition but about a 7-8K boat where I live. I’d say keep looking.
  13. What ever you do, try to get an Agreed Value policy on the boat, good liability coverage and coverage for your boat accessories.
  14. I am planning on trying for the first time a nano ceramic coating (Hydrosilex) when my boat comes out of storage. In past years I have used Mcgiures and have liked it.