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  1. Chap243

    SSi 246 Transom Shower

    Regarding the shower, are you turning on the water pump at the dash? Does the sink produce water as it should ? If the pump is on and the sink flows water, you may have a clogged or bad shower head. Unscrew the shower handle from the hose and turn the pump on, does water flow from the hose? If so, you may have a bad or clogged nozzle.
  2. Chap243

    Help me make the right boat choice

    I think 280 horses will move that 22` just fine.
  3. Chap243

    Bow Cooler

    Different boat but my bow cooler is worthless as a cooler, no insulation either. I use mine to store docking lines.
  4. Chap243

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    Hammer down on your dealer to make things right. Hopefully word will get back to the factory so that final inspection personnel changes can be made. If truly a factory issue, no excuse for such carelessness.
  5. Chap243

    Towing tube from 264

    I`ve pulled tubes from my transom hook before and it works good. The rope can submerge in turns but you pulling a 7 yr old, I wouldn`t think you would be driving real aggressive anyway. It should work fine for you needs. I`m leery of tubing from my tower as a tube can exert some serious stress on the tower and mounts because of the tubes resistance , especially if the tube becomes submerged.
  6. Chap243

    Sunesta Bimini - Looking for fitting

    check marinepartsdepot.
  7. Chap243

    Cleat fell off - 2006 255 SSI

    I`m sure Chap never made them but sourced it out from a supplying vendor. Check your measurements( hole spacing) and do an online search, I`m sure you will find one that fits. Check -marinepartsdepot.com.
  8. Chap243

    Use for transom tilt switch?

    I sure appreciate my transom mounted switch. It makes it much easier cleaning and servicing my drive when the boat is at home. It saves me from climbing in and out of the boat, plus I don't have to uncover the boat to crawl inside.
  9. Chap243

    Jet skis....friends riding and liability.

    Like I said, I understand your frustration. Hopefully your family learned a valuable experience and her friend quickly recovers. A life lesson for us all to remember.
  10. Chap243

    Jet skis....friends riding and liability.

    So is your beef with your wife for letting her friend drive the jet ski or is it the fear of legal action by her friend against you? I understand your frustration, just need better clarification.
  11. Chap243

    Sunesta raw water intake screen location

    Yes, make sure your blue cap is tight or your system will suck air.
  12. Chap243

    Volvo Penta ground wire clips

    They clip under the bellows hose clamps.
  13. Chap243

    Hours on engine

    Hours aside for now. Unless you are just getting an outstanding deal on the boat and its in unbelievable condition, I would keep looking for something with a few less hours. Lots of boats out there for sale.
  14. Chap243

    She’s buying her first boat...

    Looks like the SX-A, DPS. Good solid drive.
  15. Chap243

    Blower hose connections?

    At least one hose end needs to be attached to the vent and the other end to the blower. I would try to find an online picture of your boats bilge or a similar one and see if you can figure a pattern out. You might consider buying new hose if yours is in bad shape, its cheap.