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  1. What`s the weight difference? Never mind, I see that has been answered. 250 lbs is substantial, all other things being considered.
  2. We generally slip our boat but when we travel with it, say out of state, I will put on my road cover on. Short trips, <1 hour, from the lake to home, I generally go topless. I have never traveled with just the bow and cockpit covers in place. Fearful that air will get up under the windshield and rip the cockpit cover off.
  3. Nice work, way to think outside of the box for a solution. You are fortunate to have access to the machine shop that you do.
  4. I pull all batteries and store all winter in a heated garage with periodic charges, ie once a month.
  5. With the drive down the rams would have been retracted.Much less likely to bend this way, although not impossible.
  6. Classic Rock, 80`s rock. Some country especially Kenny Chesney live.
  7. I doubt that you will find any factory cushions out there. Best to have your own made or make them yourself.
  8. I will also say that I think there has been a lot of overreaction here. I also use the shop vac to get the last bit of water from my bilge while slipped. It is done after the motor cover has been raised for some time to allow ventilation and the motor head of the vacuum is never placed down in the bilge, only the plastic suction hose. I am not vacuuming gasoline, just water.
  9. Seems like a lot of theses winterization questions could be resolved with a antifreeze concentrate much like a car but not toxic, that gets stronger when mixed with up to 50% mix of water. Surely in this day and age someone can invent and market such a product and not make us reliant on "RV" antifreeze.
  10. Thinking positively- could they be shavings from the previous set of gears that remained in the case? Why did you need to replace the gears in 2018? What type of drive?
  11. The manifolds are filled with antifreeze by the hoses that feed them. As long as the hoses are held higher than the risers, the water will fill. I usually pour until it comes out the drive.
  12. I drain all water from the block and manifolds by pulling the plugs. Then I disconnect the Tstat hoses to the circulating pump and manifolds and pour the antifreeze directly into the block and manifold fill hoses until full. This is the only way that you know that all water has been removed and replaced with 100% antifreeze. Easy peazy.
  13. I also had those short "S" rods with my old bimini. I believe like SG Boater said that they are for laying the bimini down while propping it up off the boat to keep it from scratching the gel coat.
  14. I have been using Amsoil drive oil. It has the friction modifiyer and is designed to absorb up to 10% of water that might intrude.
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