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  1. Generally there will be a switch at the helm that electrifies the 12 water pump. It will pressurize the on board water systems for the sink, bow and stern shower and toilet if equipped. Once the lines are pressurized, the pump will shut off until the pressure drops, then it will activate again.
  2. If you want a new block and heads check out Michiganmotorz. I got mine from them and have been pleased.
  3. Chap243

    Fuel Pump

    Also, the existing pump can be disassembled, if still working, and the float chambers and interior screens cleaned of any paint chips. I did this to mine and while apart, used paint remover to clear the interior components of paint so that it would not break down and cause future trouble. its a fairly easy project.
  4. Chap243

    Fuel Pump

    You can buy separate components for the pumps or a whole assembly on ebay for a couple hundred deer or less.
  5. Something is not adding up, you need a second opinion. Volvo drives are very robust. Without any water intrusion into the drive casing or bellows area, I just do not see what could go wrong unless the drive as ran without oil or way low on oil. Ask around, get a second opinion. It may not be as bad was they are telling you it is.
  6. Bill, You might want to start a new post as this one is over two years old. You will probably get more attention and help that way.
  7. Cy, I don't think the Forward Drive was out in 2012, it`s only been out a couple years. I don't think there are many Forward drive owners on here, but there probably is a few. I`m sure someone will chime in. Do you have the service manual? Check there or do an internet search, you might find what you are looking for.
  8. What`s the weight difference? Never mind, I see that has been answered. 250 lbs is substantial, all other things being considered.
  9. We generally slip our boat but when we travel with it, say out of state, I will put on my road cover on. Short trips, <1 hour, from the lake to home, I generally go topless. I have never traveled with just the bow and cockpit covers in place. Fearful that air will get up under the windshield and rip the cockpit cover off.
  10. Nice work, way to think outside of the box for a solution. You are fortunate to have access to the machine shop that you do.
  11. I pull all batteries and store all winter in a heated garage with periodic charges, ie once a month.
  12. With the drive down the rams would have been retracted.Much less likely to bend this way, although not impossible.
  13. Classic Rock, 80`s rock. Some country especially Kenny Chesney live.
  14. I doubt that you will find any factory cushions out there. Best to have your own made or make them yourself.
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