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  1. Chap243

    Does anyone own a Sunesta 274??

    While I`m no expert on the value of an `04 Sunesta 274 with 350 hours on the clock, but offhand, 30K sounds on the high end to me.
  2. Chap243

    Towing a 274 sunesta

    The 274 is a heavy boat, but you should be able to tow it with the 5.7. Your truck will probably not like going up hills though.
  3. Chap243

    Water in bilge

    Could it be water that has accumulated in a forward compartment from say a rain that flows to the rear when you get up on plane?
  4. Chap243

    Sunesta 274

    You’ll be ok, you may not like it going uphill, but you’ll get there.
  5. Chap243

    Water in bilge

    Does your bilge water only accumulate while on plane or will it accumulate with engines running at idle? Just trying to eliminate what water might be brought in by the cooling system vs what might be coming in from thru-hull or non cooling source while under way.
  6. Chap243

    Oil Change VP V8-300-C-A

    That pump should work, I have the same one. There are two methods with that pump, one is sliding a smaller diameter tube down the dipstick tube and the other is to use a garden hose barbed adapter and screw it on to the top of the dip stick tube. Either will work.
  7. Chap243

    Purchased 1st chaparral 226ssi

    Welcome to the club.
  8. But they will all have to be sailboats......
  9. Financially for me, it`s just hard to justify spending six figures on a luxury item, not a necessity, that at least here in the Midwest, you can only use six months out of the year. I might feel different if I lived where you could boat year `round.
  10. Buy used is what I do.
  11. Chap243

    mooring cover lining replacement

    My cover has the same inner lining. It`s kind of a felt like material. You should be able to fins something comparable at an upholstery shop or fabric shop. If not, maybe place an old towel under the cover as a protectant.
  12. Chap243

    23 suncoast

    Congrats and welcome to the Chap club.
  13. Chap243

    Bimini Poles

    My bimini has the same poles and almost the same set up. I run all the time on the water and have had no issues yet. Can you not purchase the tubing and make you own by cutting it to length and adding the end pieces.
  14. Chap243

    It never changes.

    One of the best SOTU speeches that I have witnessed.
  15. Chap243

    Where to post a chaparral for sale on here

    The Chaparral Facebook group allows for sale postings.