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  1. I have an A of that style if you want it. Send me your address in a PM. I`ll get it out to you.
  2. What has happened to this site? Who are the Modulators? Is there no way they can be contacted to delete some of the daily crap that is ruining this site? All of the Spam is truly ruining what was once a fine and beneficial site to visit. Is there anybody to talk to?
  3. Your thru-hull exhaust tip should be above that imaginary line and on the side of the boat.
  4. There will be those on here that will say no, but I think you will be good. Having the B3 will help. I have a 264 with the 320 hp VP and dual props. I have had no trouble having fun with mine.
  5. I`m sure it`s possible. The enjoyment of it is going to depend alot on the engine power pushing the boat though. Got any idea what powerplant(s) it has?
  6. I`ve found ebay to be a regularly reliable source for used props. You will need to know the Volvo factory serial number for the aluminum, same pitch props to get specific results. There is a website to get those if you Google it.
  7. Why are people resurrecting these years old threads? Just start a new one if you have a question.
  8. Chap243

    Transom Seal

    I hate to mention it but you might also want to check the transom for rot. Your transom could be flexing under power allowing the leak.
  9. They are pre wired from the factory for the owner to add equipment and accessories as they wish.
  10. I`d take two if you still have them. I`m assuming they will fit my 264.
  11. I am on the new site as it shows my name, Chap 264 at the top, but it will not allow me to add anything. A box at the top says that I am awaiting confirmation. I click on send email, but I`ve never receive one. Bt Doctor can you attempt to resend. Thanks.
  12. This site is not what it used to be. Way too much spam getting past the Mods, very frustrating. Why cant someone clean it up daily! Bt Doctor, I am awaiting confirmation on your site.
  13. A sub is not an absolute necessity, but I would highly recommend one.
  14. Chap243

    Steering Knob

    I just ordered me one. I can see it being helpful backing into my slip at the end of the day. They are not real expensive, about 15 deer.
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