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  1. Yours in a 284, mine is a 264, there could be some differences but in many ways they are the same. I bet that the inverter was never hooked up and was simply put in the ski locker as a place to store it, freeing up the sink cabinet for more storage. Curious, let me know.
  2. On mine, those are the cables in that cabinet are the ones that screw into the bottom of the inverter.
  3. Water could come from several locations; the bellows, the cooling/exhaust system, onboard water tank and/or lines, bad garboard drain, leaky thru hulls or brought onboard by swimmers or rainwater that don't get properly flushed out via floor drains. Start a process of elimination, you`ll figure it out.
  4. On my boat, that is where the ski locker battery(s) cables terminate into the inverter, which the grill plugs into. There should be a switch on the cabinet sidewall there that activates the inverter and an exhaust/cooling fan for the grill.
  5. Chap243

    Lost Anchor

    Yep, a good tool bag with the basics you may need, including a sharp knife are a must.
  6. My trailer has a chain back up.
  7. My inverter is powered by two batteries wired in parallel that are stored on the port side shelf of the ski storage compartment under the passenger swivel seat.. I do not think one battery could adequately supply enough amps to power the grill. It`s an amp burner. I suggest considering the addition of a second battery. The grill consumes 1300 watts and I`ve found that your inverter needs to be at least 2000W to work efficiently. My boat also came equipped with a separate plug in battery charger for just the grill batteries.
  8. You probably need to pull your drive if you have not done that in a while and check the gimble, U-joints, bellows and alignment.
  9. Those battery cables attach to your inverter. Does your boat have an inverter?
  10. One factor between lake speeds and road speeds are the air dams and vortices caused by near passing semis and other large trucks.
  11. I`d check with Joe at Cecil marine.
  12. If your boat does not already have one installed, I suggest getting an onboard battery charger. It will allow you to charge each battery as need with just an extension cord. Much easier that taking your charger to the boat or pulling the batteries to charge them.
  13. The two batteries in the ski storage are for the grill. In the cabinet next to the cooler should be your inverter, that the battery cables and the grill plug into. I had to upgrade my inverter to a 2000W to handle the grill effectively, it draws a lot of amps. When it is working it is a very nice feature to have. I also suggest get two good batteries, preferably AGM , to power the grill. My grill batteries have their own plug in charger built in, the charger is also located in the ski locker.
  14. Chap243


    Yep, find a local canvas shop and have them make you a custom one.
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