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  1. In addition to mothballs and dryer sheets, I`ve heard of peppermint oil being used if you can find it.
  2. Chap243

    surge brakes

    Do we even know if we are talking about disc or drum brakes? I don't think the OP stated, maybe he can clarify.
  3. Chap243

    surge brakes

    When backing, if I forget to deactivate my brakes, my trailer tires will lock up making it almost impossible to reverse. I`m guessing that you did have a defective line as I cant see it blowing out just by backing. You should have a trailer plug wire that disables pressure from reaching the brake pads when you put the tow vehicle in reverse. You should not need the pin unless you reverse the trailer without an electrical connection to the tow vehicle.
  4. I had the water pump to T-stat housing hose rub on the block long enough to wear a hole in the hose causing water and I`ve had leaky exhaust manifold to Y pipe rubber sleeves be loose and caused water intrusion. Just a couple ways to bring in water.
  5. It could be engine cooling water or onboard water tank water. Check your cooling and exhaust water lines with the engine running and water tank, hoses and fittings for leaks. Ten gallons is a lot of water to be taking on, you definitely need to find the source.
  6. Chap243

    Switch Covers

    I could use an upgrade but my switches run horizonal. New Wire switches all seem to run vertical. Anybody know where I can find horizonal labeled switches?
  7. Can your current block not be rebuilt? I`d look into that route.
  8. Repaint or they will rust quickly. Granted it will only be surface rust but it will not look good and stain surrounding components eventually.
  9. Yes, it sounds like you have a partial obstruction in that line. Trace it back as far as you can and disconnect. Then try to use compressed air or a thin wire to push the obstruction out.
  10. Unscrew the shower head from the hose, then turn the pump on. You should have a steady strong stream of water coming out of the hose. if you do, you have a bad valve in the shower head and it may need cleaned or replaced. If water trickles out of hose, you have a clog in the line somewhere and it will need rooted out.
  11. I spray as much water as I can from a faucet, then pour a gallon or two of the pink stuff into the tank and then go to each of the four faucets and run until I see pink come out. It has worked for several years. Don't forget the bow shower and any sinks that you have aboard.
  12. Nice adaptation. Looks good to go.
  13. Chap243

    Gelcoat Repair

    From my experience with their white, they are all pretty close to the same. If your area is not real large, or in a noticeable area, you will probably never notice the difference.
  14. Check your drive oil level and make sure it is within recommendations.
  15. On most boats there is a "passage" a tube that runs down the keel on the inside hull that allows any water in forward compartments to make its way back to the bilge where it can be drained or pumped out. Usually it is about 3/4-1 in in diameter. Sometimes they become clogged with gunk and need cleaned out. Your ski locker should have one in the stern most stringer.
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