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  1. Chap243

    Stereo turns off and on randomly-Help

    Have you checked out the Clarion MW3. They appear rectangular and similar in size to what is in my boat now. They aren't as prevalent as some of the round units. Cecil marine has them, but at $250/each. A little more than I wanted to pay for a remote.
  2. Chap243

    Stereo turns off and on randomly-Help

    I have both a transom and helm remote. Does any know the remotes are removed? Do you pry the trim facia from the front and remove or does it go out the back side?
  3. Chap243

    Chap Website Update

    I hope your right, I just know with some things like cars, when they are discontinued the values go down. ie, Pontiac and Oldsmobile, Saturn…..
  4. Chap243

    Chap Website Update

    Discontinued my Sunesta line......sad. I hope it does not affect my resale value.
  5. Chap243

    Stereo turns off and on randomly-Help

    Mine used to do that before it started cutting in and out like it does now. It may be a remote issue. I am in the process of searching out new remotes. I would like to have something that fits my current cut outs(rectangular) but a lot of the new Clarion remotes are round. I really don't want to have to cut the dash to fit.
  6. Chap243

    Stereo turns off and on randomly-Help

    The head unit just goes dead, no sound or lights, then comes back on a few seconds later. It works for a minute or so, then drops again for a few seconds. Sometime it will go dead for 20-30 minutes at a time then out of the blue, come on again. It plays for a few minutes then repeats. Seems to cycle more frequently when cold, after warms up it shuts down less frequently, but still does it.
  7. Chap243

    Stereo turns off and on randomly-Help

    I found two "blade" style fuses behind the unit in the helm storage cabinet. Does anybody know of any others? Does anyone know where the pos and neg wires terminate? Buss bar somewhere?
  8. Chap243

    Stereo turns off and on randomly-Help

    Because the old remotes would not work with the new head unit, 6 pin vs 8 pin, I purchased an adapter and have implemented it. I will unplug the new head from the old remotes and see if that helps.
  9. Been having a problem with the stereo in my 264. The power randomly comes on and goes off, sometimes for a second or two and other times for minutes, 20 or so at a time. Generally it works more than it does not. I began having the problem with my factory Clarion CMD5 after installing a new amp, sub and new speakers. I began to think that I had an issue within the head unit so I replaced it with a new Clarion M608 but the problem still persists. I have checked wiring for obvious signs of damage or shorting and can find nothing. Any suggestions on what to check now.
  10. Chap243

    Is an engine hoist required for alignment?

    Always keep your bolt threads lubed up. If you neglect them and some day need to adjust the alignment, you will be sorry. I learned to coat mine with outdrive grease to make them easy to use when you need to.
  11. Chap243

    Sunesta 243 exhaust 3" spacer

    If you have not already purchased the 3" spacer, I would opt for buying the taller risers. One less set of gaskets and a joint to worry about.
  12. Chap243

    Always a little water in bilge

    I think I get a little water in the bilge because of leaky stern shower head.
  13. Chap243

    If buying a Sunesta, would you pay for a survey?

    I probably would not do it, but I feel that I know enough and what to look for. I also have the Rinda scan tool now. I did however pay for an inspection on my current boat as it was 12 hours away. every scenario is different I guess. But as long as he agree to pay for it, let him go for it.
  14. Chap243

    Mantus anchor 19 h20 sport

    The anchor dimensions are listed for all their anchors on the website. You may have to measure the cut out on your boat and see what will fit based on that.
  15. Chap243

    Need Help. Low Engine Oil Alarm

    Low engine oil pressure would have nothing to do with the drive going into gear or not. Probably a shift linkage adjustment. Obviously two separate issues and both sound critical. I`d pump the existing oil out and see how much you pull out, then refill with the proper amount. Volvo dipsticks can be difficult to read.