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  1. My last boat was a 243, we loved it. Lots of storage and room.
  2. Chap243


    I think its to lock the head door and the ski lockers.
  3. Not exactly on topic but given that some boat disabilities are drive related, prop wrapped in rope or plastic, I carry a pair of diving fins and mask should I need to preform any repairs overboard in an emergency.
  4. Where is the back of the boat in relation to the bunks? Do you have overhang of either? If you have overhang of bunks, showing that the transom is supported, I would slide the wench post rearward to allow rubber guide to touch the stainless bow plate. Then I would move your forward underneath V support to touch the bottom of the hull.
  5. Be careful filling the bilge with water. You can easily damage the starter motor if it gets too high.
  6. I cant comment on the cooling system as I`m raw water cooled. But the sources of water in the bilge could be numerous. It could be water coming in the drive bellows, rainwater, thru-hull leaking, engine cooling water leaking or a leaking on-board water system leak, or just from water brought aboard by swimmers. Tell us how much water you are seeing.
  7. I was not aware that there was a sliding seat in the bow(front). Do you mean the stern(rear) seat?
  8. It’s odd that it would get black in that short of time.
  9. Take a pic of the back of the unit to remember where the wires attach. Take that old one to a shop and have it rebuilt. Reverse the removal procedure. A very easy procedure.
  10. Chap243


    Just buy the standard fluke style anchor and trim the cross rod to fit the holder dimensions.
  11. It`ll probably have to be custom blended to find an exact match. You might check out this website, Fiberglast. They have multiple color options and can send you a swatch book to aid in matching.
  12. If no other leaks I think I`d start with caulking the sh** out of the hole and bolt with 4200 and run a bead around the outer flange like you suggested. If that doesn't work, take the whole tip off and re-do everything.
  13. Aside from the usual sources, Boattrader, Craigslist, or dealerships, there is a Facebook page for Chaparral boats for sale by current owners.
  14. You need to purchase a set of drive muffs. You will connect your garden hose to those and slide the rubber pieces over your drive intake screens.
  15. I don't think you would get that back out of it when you sell. Unless money is no option for you, I think I`d just stay with the tubular one you have.
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