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  1. Not that I have seen. You may have to be the trend setter.
  2. WettedBliss

    Silver Glen Springs, FL

    Still a great place. Memorial Day Weekend can get crazy, but the craziness is mostly outside the Glen in the lake. It's more tame in the spring, but great fun and still a party. It's alcohol free, but if you use a proper cup and don't act like a jerk, the police leave you alone and you can bring your family.
  3. WettedBliss

    Silver Glen Springs, FL

    Sorry for the delayed response, been working my butt off and trying to boat at the Glen on the weekends. Hubby has been on the road every week. Your photos above, those are our purple chairs!! We're the blue Chaparral 270 Signature and we were three doors down from you! Hope to meet you guys the next time. Our boat is currently nameless (was Courvoisier last year) name in progress..... We had a blast Memorial Day weekend. Fired up the new stereo ... all 1200 watts of JL Audio amplifiers... and the new party lights, hung out with old friends and met some new one's - Namely Karen and Robbie that were next to you from Jax. You pictures are awesome and looks like you guys had a great time. Glad Lake George treated you well, it was a very windy weekend this year, but great weather. Looking forward to meeting you!
  4. WettedBliss

    Venice, FL - Key West; 27-April to 4-May

    Will be very interested to hear about your journey, we would very much like to make that trip sometime in the future. will be on a cruise ship during that time letting someone else do the driving. Maximizing storage: We have found that having extra provisions stored in large Tupperware totes with lids helpful. That way you can store them up on the bow of the boat and get them out of your way while down in the cabin at anchor. If it rains the lid keeps everything dry, and you can tuck them in the cabin or cockpit while underway. If you have folding bicycles you can bring with you, when you get into port/marina you will have more options to explore the area, and find grocery stores than on foot. Bungees or straps for attaching to the bow while at anchor will secure them. If you do set out for the Dry Tortugas from Key West, you pretty much have to carry everything you need onboard as there are no provisions on the Dry Tortugas. That means drinking water, food, and enough gasoline to make it round trip. We've been told to take extra fuel containers as it's 67 miles one way to the island. Recommended stops: Cayo Costa State Park Cabbage Key (You probably already have visited both of these living in Venice) If you can give some more advanced notice for your next planned trip I bet you will attract more of a caravan of boats with you. Be safe, have a blast, and be sure to post lots of photos. Enjoy!
  5. WettedBliss

    Let the 2013 season begin !

    Great video! Beautiful boat. Hope they'll have many happy times on her. Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for the link.
  6. WettedBliss

    Silver Glen Springs, FL

    LOL....... just had a moment of technical challenge. nod, wink Do you miss it or have you found some equally awesome spots in GA?
  7. WettedBliss

    Silver Glen Springs, FL

    Wrong video. Correct video is below. Sorry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oszHuw-V-xo
  8. WettedBliss

    Silver Glen Springs, FL

    Anyone out there fans of Silver Glen Springs, FL? For those who boat on the St. John's River, this is a great place. YouTube video of the spring run and a typical summertime crowd is below. Would love to hear from anyone who is a regular... besides us. ;-) Would love to meet you.
  9. WettedBliss

    Anyone Listen to Tunes While Underway?

    Haven't found anyone that makes a speaker cover. JL is designed and built in the Miami area, so they claim to have manufactured and tested their speakers with UV protectant built into the speaker covers. However we are looking into getting some Sunbrella fabric and fashioning something we can attach to the storage cover to flap down over the speakers so the sun doesn't beat on the two 6.5's on the stern. If you find covers, would love to hear about them. Regarding placement of speakers, the subwoofer needs space around it behind it to develop the best bass sound. Ideally about 27" in each direction around the rear of the subwoofer.... which is very difficult on a boat. Also direction the speakers are placed matters. If you want to hear them in the stern when you are in the water you either need towers you can direct rearward or place a couple in the stern facing aft. If you only wish to hear in the cockpit, then try to place the speakers in multiple directions for full coverage facing forward, side and rearward, as best you can. Recommend that if you go with more than one amplifier you have the ability to turn off the stern speakers when you don't care to be "that loud guy with the obnoxious stereo" wherever you are boating. This will give you a bit more flexibility.
  10. WettedBliss

    Stereo advice planning an upgrade

    Video of the RGB LEDs with music can be found here. Yes we are enjoying it.
  11. WettedBliss

    Stereo advice planning an upgrade

    Thanks for sharing.... as always it's most important that you are happy with your system. Doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks in the long run as long as the individual owner is happy that's all that counts. Enjoy spring!
  12. WettedBliss

    Stereo advice planning an upgrade

    Iggy, not sure who you are directing your question to, but will share our setup. Last year we upgraded our house bank to two Trojan SCS225 Deep Cycle Batteries 130 Amp/Hour (20-hr rate) for the house batteries, and since the stereo upgrade are considering adding a third one to the house bank. There are also two cranking batteries isolated for cranking purposes only.
  13. WettedBliss

    Paradise is gone!

    Perhaps in addition to the boat, the wife would like a little spruce up before summer! Just saying........ ya know one admiral to another.
  14. WettedBliss

    Stereo advice planning an upgrade

    The JL Marine equipment is steep there is no doubt but the quality of the sound is amazing. You need to look at what the amp is putting out and decide just how powerful your 6.5" speakers are and the replacements will be. If you are adding additional speakers to the stern you may wish to consider the 7.7" or the 8.8" speakers. It might be best if you thought about what your budget for the upgrade will be, and do it in stages. Maybe you add a new amplifier to the existing one and add a new sub and the stern speakers. Then you can decide if you want to upgrade the other existing setup. Or do you keep the amplifier and change out the existing 6.5" speakers? Questions to ask yourself. Is it most important for the sound to be great in the cockpit or outside the boat while you are in the water? Do you want to be able to do both? (If so having the additional amp with it's own speakers and sub out the stern gives you options to trade between focus on the cockpit and the water behind the boat.) Do you need tower speakers because you want the skiers/tubers to be able to rock to the sound? Once you know your goals you can customize the system for your needs. I can't speak for the other manufacturers, but JL Audio will help you build your system, and will hook you up with one of their techs to help you design it. You'll need the existing wattage and RMS values on your current setup. Eric was a great resource see his contact info below. One thing to watch out for are shady online dealers who will sell you JL audio equipment which JL will not warranty. Many have been known to file off the serial numbers, so be careful. Eric Cole JL Audio Technical support 954-443-1100 ( ext 2159 ) ecole@jlaudio.com
  15. WettedBliss

    Anyone Listen to Tunes While Underway?

    We listen underway now! Check out the thread under stereo upgrade for our configuration and photographs of the upgraded system. Ours came with the stock Clarion system....5 large herd later our new system and RGB lights rock. You definitely need amplifiers. We have two amps now and cut off switches. I can turn off the stern speakers and the subwoofer if I only want sound in the cockpit. Additionally, can turn off the cockpit speakers and just run sub and stern speakers when in the water behind the vessel. However the best sound is when all six (8 if you count the two in the cabin which are toned way down) speakers on and the subwoofer.