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    I'm driving an '06 236 Sunesta on the Colorado river - if you don't want to run in shallow water you can stay home. You get used to it and better at spotting shallow spots plus learning your area although it will change over time. I accept it as a necessary evil and take reasonable precautions (like letting smaller boats go first to find the way when possible). Not that big of a deal in the end.
  2. I agree with the others - more is better. I have the 350 mag MPI in a 236 and it rides/pulls great, I've never been unhappy with it. If I have a very heavy load (full fuel/water, 8 adults, 2 dogs, etc) I notice it is a little slower to get on plane but it still performs fine. However, if I could have gotten it with a larger engine I would. You may be perfectly happy with the 350. I can almost guarantee that you will not regret having the bigger engine - I can't say that about the smaller one. Good luck whatever your choice.
  3. Congrats - great looking boat and the detailer did a super job with the name removal. That's a whole different kind of boating than before.
  4. brick is right. I've had too many friends with similar sized boats regret going with the 5.0 - some have ponied up the $ to upgrade later. Think about the number of years that you will live with this decision. Regardless of which way you go, I hope you are happy with the new boat.
  5. That is a very reasonable price. However, expect them to find more that needs to be fixed, Not a commentary on the folks doing the work just a fact of life.
  6. I realize you're asking about a VP but from my Mercruiser maint manual: "Every 300 hours or 3 years - Inspect the exhaust system components and verify that the flapper valves are not missing or worn ..." Cyclops is right - Coincidentally I took my boat to the shop a week ago for this inspection and other 3-year significant maint tasks even though it has been running flawlessly in every way - they let me know they will be replacing the flappers since one is sticking. Boating time is precious - I'd rather know it is right than risk losing what little time i get on the water.
  7. Named after my wife Miss Information
  8. +1 I have the 236 and occasionally boat with 4 adults + 5 children (experienced boaters) - it works fine but I wouldn't want any more. I have the 350 Mag and it is great - but if I had more boat I'd want more engine. Definitely no less than 350.
  9. This is what you need - one end for each nut size + torque wrench fitting.
  10. DougG

    First outing

    Congrats on your new toy - enjoy it!
  11. DougG

    Engine hatch

    No idea about the hatch but welcome to the forum and beautiful boat. Post more pics.
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