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  1. Tarzan89

    What should I expect from Chaparral?

    The customer service manager called me today and was helpful in resolving my concerns. I was pleased with his candor. He also explained that when they use stainless screws with the aluminum, they now add a non-corrosive gel to each screw prior to installation. I have no further complaints at this time...issue resolved, thank you Chaparral!
  2. Tarzan89

    What should I expect from Chaparral?

    OK...I just sent another email to my dealer and they just informed me that Chaparral had replied to them and informed them that they were looking into the matter. I feel much better as I was getting concerned by the lack of follow up.
  3. Tarzan89

    What should I expect from Chaparral?

    No, I did not get any reply. I really don't know what to think.
  4. Tarzan89

    What should I expect from Chaparral?

    On the second matter: I sent an email to my dealer who forwarded it to Chaparral. After not hearing anything for two weeks, I called my dealer and they informed me that they forwarded my question to their rep who in turn forwarded it to engineering. The dealer told me during the call that he would follow up with Chaparral again since he had not heard anything yet. After a week went by, I decided to email and leave a voicemail with Robin Comfort who was sharp in answering my questions while I was researching Chaparral before our purchase. I waited five more days and now I am writing in the forum to see if my situation is uncharacterstic. This is my first Chaparral boat so I am trying to learn "the norms". It is helpful to know what Chap's opperating model is, but since my dealer was not getting any response, I decided to contact Chaparral directly. I don't think I was being impatient since I gave ample time for a response....like I said, I am in my fourth week and still have no reply.
  5. Tarzan89

    What should I expect from Chaparral?

    The second concern is most significant since we are awaiting a completion date and our question was an important issue that affects manufacturing. To not have any reply from Chaparral seems odd and does cause us some concern. I don't want this to be a sign of what is to come, should we encounter a problem after delivery. I have made three attempts to get an answer to include leaving a voicemail with Robin Comfort....To date (fourth week), I have not recieved any email nor a phone call. This was a big decision for us when you consider the cost of a large cruiser, new truck, and trailer...I was just expecting better service and commitment.
  6. This is the first time I have ordered a new boat from a dealer. My research led me to buy from Chaparral. I am puzzled because I have been surprised by several incidents: When I placed my order, I was told that it would take 6-8 weeks. After six weeks, I asked for an update and was told by Chaparral without any explanation that it would take another six weeks. I thought this was odd since I would think that an explanation would be the norm. I was disappointed about the delay but more concerned that Chaparral did not feel that the matter meritted any explanation. I brushed the matter aside until recently when I learned from the Chap Forum that a lot of owners with the aluminum arch were experiencing corrosion issues under their paint which was causing bubbling or cracking around the snaps due to the stainless screws having a chemical reaction with the aluminum. I sent an email to my dealer asking about the matter who forwarded my concern to Chaparral. I followed up two weeks later with my dealer who said that he had heard nothing back. After a third week, I emailed and left a voicemail with customer service. I am now heading into a fourth week but have not had a single reply from Chaparral...Is this normal? I have never ordered a new boat so I am learning what the "norms" are. While waiting for my boat to be built, I am growing concerned because I don't want to encounter the same lack of customer service if I should have a problem after I get the boat. As a business owner, I am trying to asses the matter as I would treat a customer, but I am also trying to keep an open mind since I am new to this arena. Should I be concerned about the above or is this uncharacteristic of Chaparral? Your input is most appreciated. - Respectfully - Tarzan89.