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  1. Wish I saw your post earlier. An Axle doctor could probably fixed that axle up quick and cheap.
  2. Every winter working mostly outdoors in North Illinois. From mid November - early March just I just shave the upper lip and neck everything else I don't touch till I shave it all once the weather warms. Truth be told it's getting time to shave it off I'm really tired of being called Abe Lincoln.
  3. DOCdixon just curious. Or maybe just a good guess if im right are you from dixon Illinois?
  4. Not completely positive but I believe this draining of water is more or less meant for live wells. Meaning a boater may fish one lake in the morning have fish in a live well. And switch lakes in the same day without draining said live wells and switching the water around from lake to lake. (Um not 100% but they should not live in a hot engine block if they get there they should basically get cooked)
  5. I will tell you this im from norther ill and do go to geneva a few times a year that boat is small for that lake. a very nice lake but i only go up on calm days during the week. if that is the only place you will go look for a bigger boat. unless you have ties to that lake look into delevin or chain-o lakes if you do go for that boat. ( you will die on geneva on the weekend)
  6. I have the same boat mines a 2000. if you are able to and have the tools to im sure you could get a short block cheaper than that. just makes me wonder why they didnt do the bellows 3 years ago with new outdrive. What is outdrive asuming its an alpha one? Overall if the boat is solid i would think a total cost of 3300 with a another 200 for bellow would be a good price. what part of illinios are you in?
  7. To 246 can you special order a dis. in a burbon i know ages ago you could. ive even seen a ford ecoline van dis. and 4x4 at that.
  8. At the same time look into towing laws in your state like in illinios is you own a 3/4 ton and dont have class d plates ant tow over a certain lbs. not sure of the # but its a big a$$ fine. But with class d plates you need annual saftey inpections and so on. not to up on the laws i dont have to worrie about them. so make sure to educate yourself and run the risk to reward through your mind
  9. I have a 180 with the 3.0 came with a 14.25x21 3 blade swithed to a 14x20 four blade. not a really noticable incress in performace but the fuel usage is much better. i belive my outdrive gear ratio.is at 1:2
  10. Hey richard w nice link. "The more you know."
  11. +1 ric battery tender. and dont store them on a concret floor.
  12. Talk to a good repair shop (best if they deal with mostly trailers) could be as easy as upgrading the axel.
  13. Not sure of the extent of damage but try to add a little trans fluid to each of the cylinders and let it sit for a few days.
  14. You could buy a battery box. they are fully inclosed. walmart even sells them for around ten deer.
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