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  1. We diligently turn off all switches every single time. Some of the batteries were replaced just last week. It does start when we turn on the third 'emergency' switch. Fridge is off unless under shore power. Unhooked CO detector ( That is another thing..it started going off randomly...a friend who knows boats said it is an indicator of low battery-- has anyone else heard this) They are moving the bilge pump and radio lines to 'the other side' of the switch?
  2. Our 270 batteries keep getting week. We turn off all switches before putting it in a dry dock rack, but when we get back the next weekend, the blower may come on, but she won't start with out a jump. We are afraid to take it out on the Bay and turn it off for fear it won't restart. Any ideas?
  3. Ok Just got my brand new 270 and the AC was not installed correctly. The dealer today found some 'screwy wiring' and 'fixed it' Suddenly the red reverse polarity light on the switch panel in the galley is on all the time....is this right????? please advise
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    Ok so this isn't a 'pressing' topic but, We are waiting for our new 270 to arrive. ANY DAY NOW. where or how do we get sheets, mattress cover type thing or such for the beds? I didn't see it on the website....we got a blanket but think sleeping on leather will be pretty hot...
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