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  1. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Broken A with bird

  2. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Gas Cap for 2008 190 SSI

    Hello, Sorry to say they are no longer available. W is correct you will have to replace the filler neck.
  3. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Tip: Volvo Duo-Prop Rubber Ring for Drain Plug

    Hello, This may help. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/volvo-duoprop-outdrive-oil-change-o-ring-kit/
  4. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    2017 227 SSX parts manual

  5. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Re-made the switch panels on my 1830

    Sounds like a business opportunity.
  6. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Re-made the switch panels on my 1830

    They look very nice. Here is a link that allows you to design panels online. http://www.frontpanelexpress.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoPTqp_7N2QIVjFcNCh2quQE2EAAYASAAEgLVKfD_BwE Any panel that is aluminum ( about 2004 & newer ) Google search Hydrographic printing. Hydrographic printing is the method of printing the wood grain or any other style of finish onto the aluminum panel and it is possible to have them refinished.
  7. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    287 SSX for Coastal Boating

    Just curious if anyone knows of a manufacture making boats under 30’ that a second bilge pump is standard equipment. If you seen one on a option list I would like to know that as well . Please let me know what make & model as if they are using that as a competitive advantage i’ll be happy to bring it to Chaparral’s attention.
  8. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Replacement Hatches...? 2000 196 SSI

    Just an FYI keep your engine hatch hinges lubricated as they are no longer available. This was a very unique hinge only used by Chaparral.
  9. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    287 SSX for Coastal Boating

    It’s funny you mentioned the engine lid because with the new hatch design and hatch seal Chaparral is using they almost are water tight.
  10. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Swim platform for 2000 196ssi

    Chaparral has stopped producing all extended platforms. So swimplatforms.com will now be your only option.
  11. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Baltimore Boat Show

    Wingnut, Yamaha now offers 250’s & 300’s in white. So no more third party horrendous paint over grease jobs. Its going to be hard to find them due to high demand so plan on seeing them in 2019.
  12. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    287 SSX for Coastal Boating

    A 267 & 287 both have a self bailing cockpit, no need for an extra bilge pump.
  13. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Chaparral Signature 350

    Congratulations on the new boat! This might be of interest to you. It's a link to Chaparral parts guides for your year boat. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/350-signature-2009-parts-guide/
  14. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Swivel Seat Repair

    Sorry, this is the one for the swivel.. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/cable-repair-kit-for-swivel-operation-2012-newer/
  15. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Swivel Seat Repair

    Hello, I think you will need to replace the cable. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/seat-cable-kit-new-style/