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  1. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Volvo Penta part 22336543

    Hello, Give me a call. I can have your hose from Volvo in 14 days. 856-629-4606 x 5 Regards Joe Celano
  2. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Chaparral Hull Insignia Replacement

    Wow this is an easy one.. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/chaparral-bird-head-logo-chrome-9-5-x-3-14-00147-in-stock-ready-to-ship/
  3. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Bow truster battery

    330 is correct. Dedicated thruster battery and charger that’s it. Running the engines will not charge the thruster battery.
  4. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    NEW VP Drive Bellows

    Hello, This bellows kit ( 23075752 ) has been available for about 2 years now. When Volvo ( and most other manufacturers ) put several parts together I.E. bellows, hose clamp & instructions they will commonly make a new part for the kit. If for any reason they would change or as we call it superseded one of the 3 parts in the kit manufactures will change the kit part number as well. So part # 23075752 is still a good part number. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/60-07-u-joint-bellows-kit-genuine-volvo-23075752-in-stock-ready-to-ship/
  5. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    What size anchor for 243 sunesta

    Hello, This may help. This is the only anchor available that will fit into a Chaparral anchor compartment without any cutting or grinding. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/8-lb-sand-anchor/
  6. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Cool Fuel Module cooling hose fittings

  7. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Seat disassembly

    Hello, This may help. look at all of the thumbnails. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/2018-flip-up-helm-seat-bolster-black-stripe/
  8. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Signature 350 Carpet

    Unfortunately no. Chap. will only sell beach weave going back to 2016.
  9. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Cool Fuel Module cooling hose fittings

    You need to order a new hose kit. I would strongly advise not to try and alter the cool fuel module. They have a bad habit of leaking on their own.
  10. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Signature 350 Carpet

    Hello, Thank you for the referral but unfortunately Chaparral stopped making carpet last year. They are now using beach weave flooring only.
  11. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Boat Flag Help

    Hello, Chaparral has used this optional flag pole for a few years with no issues. 1" heavy walled stainless steel pole. No need to modify or reinforce your cockpit cover. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/1-stainless-steel-flag-pole-deck-fitting-513-307ssx/
  12. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Warranty - Cone Clutch

    So here’s the issue and I’m going to use a hypothetical situation. The upper unit is disassembled and you find out that the clutch is broken in half. That is a warrantable item because it is a flaw in the manufacturing of the clutch. If the upper unit is disassembled and it is determined that the clutch is worn then that is not a warrantable item. Service agreements do not cover an item that is worn. As in most things they were gray areas. A perfect example would be a trim sender. A intermittent or a erratic trim sender is not a warrantable component. A trim sender that has failed is a warrantable component. Many times it’s the verbiage that is used to describe an incident.
  13. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Boat purchase showing protocol question

    Hello, I have a question are you willing to pay ( a predetermined price prior to driving 5 hours) to re-winterize the engine(s)? Even if you choose not to make an offer.
  14. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Walkthrough Center Windshield Removal

    There is a retainer clip located on the hinge halfway down the windshield. Here is a link to the retainer clip so you know what it looks like. Remove the screw and a retainer so the center walk-through can be removed from the windshield frame. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/windshield-retainer-clip/
  15. NJ Chaparral Dealer

    Flip up bolster seat on a helm seat

    We have had several people ask about how to replace a flip-up bolster on a helm seat. This may help. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/2018-flip-up-helm-seat-bolster-black-stripe/