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  1. Makes financial sense how? It's cheaper to buy land with a dock, a boat, and rent a slip in VA than it is to just drive?
  2. Check out an AirTug. Most of us don't need to move 25k pounds or more.
  3. All single prop i/o do this. Duoprops eliminates this. Nothing is wrong with your boat.
  4. Which lake did you like the best? The Yough has always been our favorite.
  5. If you're happy with your current dealership, I'd stick with the Mercury. Even if you like the Volvo better, having to go out of your way for service and warranty probably isn't worth it.
  6. I'd find out what max dry weight means. Is max dry weight including engine and fluids? Is Chaps number without engine and fluids or with?
  7. I think that's the key. If it's a H20 and the dealer has 20 of them in the lot, he probably won't care if you flake. If he mostly sells H20s and you're ordering a 307 SSX, he probably doesn't want that on the lot.
  8. crvtt771


    You seem to think the dealer or someone else will buy the boat from you. It's unlikely they will until this is figured out. Or if they do, the price will be minus the worst case scenario to repair. If you are the original owner you might still have hull warranty?
  9. I'd say hats off to your dealer. I bet that whole transaction is costing them money. Someone has to buy that boat after it gets repaired. Good chance they own your old boat now and not Chaparral.
  10. Just looked at some photos of tandem axles. You're right, the rear axles are closer together than standard.
  11. They also make triple spread axles. Spread axles cost around 500 in tandem. Could've just been cost related. I don't think any engineering genius was used. I see a lot of head scratching stuff done on trailers to keep the cost down.
  12. Do a Google search for spread axles. It's a popular option for enclosed race car haulers. I've never seen them do a spread axle in that manner with triples, but it seems the forward axle on that boat axle is a spread axle. Moving the axle forward like that helps reduce tongue weight. I own a trailer dealership (not boat trailers). I've ordered spread axles several times for customers hauling large enclosed trailers with half ton trucks. Really helps prevent excessive squat on the truck. Looks good too on a custom built tandem axle race trailer.
  13. If the dealer says that's the way it is and you disagree, probably not much choice other than to take it down in elevation and see what it does. Probably not a lot of data on them at that high of an elevation. A local lake is around 2500 ft elevation. The dealers mostly stick boats with the big engine options. A friend just bought a new 24' boat with the 350hp Mercury. He only gets 41 mph.
  14. I think more than anything those large rebates just represent over priced MSRPs. Make people think they're getting a great deal on a $60,000 truck by saving $10,000 on it. I'd wager to guess that if those trucks were priced at $49,995 with no haggle prices instead of at $60,000 with $10,000 rebates, they'd sell a lot less of them. Everyone I know that has bought a new truck recently has bragged about how much many they got off of sticker price. Most are driving 4 dour pickups, cloth interior, 4x4, that they paid mid $30s for. Hardly a bargain if you ask me.
  15. That's the way it goes when buying a 20 year old boat, or house, car etc. The drive has many components, just like an engine. If a dealer puts in a new head gasket, new head, then your lower end fails, it's not the dealer's fault. Sounds like you've had several different failures of the outdrive.
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