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  1. conundrum

    '09 236SSI where to put her on her?

    Although it's not on our boat yet, my wife and I are probably going to name her CONUNDRUM. It is the name of one of our favorite wines and if we were ever having a bit of a conundrum, it was when we were deciding on what kind of boat to buy. If you drink Conundrum, DON'T drink it really cold, let it get to near room temp (like a red wine temp), that's when the flavor really comes out!!!!
  2. conundrum

    New Owner...New Boat...what now????

    The boat hasI been awesome, thanks for the warms welcomes and solid advice. I do have a question about my bow cover. I have a "low" point on the forward port side of my canvas that seems to collect water. Is it a problem for the future? And can I do anything about it? I will be putting my numbers on the bow on Friday, hope I get it right. The guy who made them for me showed me how to put them on straight and gave me an extra just in case. I will be sure to get pics. Thanks again everyone!!!!
  3. conundrum

    Boat Insurance (Progressive)??

    I too have USAA, but I went with BoatUS with agreed hull value for less than 400 deer. Automatically gives you membership for towing too. Real easy to work with.
  4. Finally got my boat registration and am looking for a good place to get quality hull numbers done. Any locals do a good job? Also, I do need numbers for both sides correct? Thanks in advance
  5. conundrum

    New Owner...New Boat...what now????

    Yes, my first scratch will be painful, lololol. We plan to put in a lift and get a mooring cover. I have read hundreds of posts already and have a small list of boat care items that I have to buy. Marine STA-BIL Ivory Snow for the Sunbrella fabric That waterproofer for the canvas and a good GPS android app (Navionics probably). The first outing was delivery day, 25 mph winds which made docking really stressful.
  6. conundrum

    New Owner...New Boat...what now????

    Oh yeah, I also took a USCGA Boating safety course back in '98. I am going to take a Lake Norman specific course the next time it is offered, I heard it is good.
  7. conundrum

    New Owner...New Boat...what now????

    Thanks for the reply. My dad, a career naval officer, always had a copy of Chapman's. I, of course, never read it, maybe now would be a good time, lol. We also had various boats in our family. 21' sailboat, 20' center console, 23' cuddy, and a 17' and 21' Whaler. This is just my first boat that I have owned...and it's new. I think my head is goind to explode thinking about all the things that I should do/learn, lol.
  8. conundrum

    New Owner...New Boat...what now????

    Hello All, I am a new owner of a 2011 226ssi and wow I have a lot to learn. I want to thank all of you in advance for all your advice and information sharing (I will need it, lol). Pics to follow!!!!
  9. Wow, where do I start?