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  1. I own 2007 330 signature, has anyone replaced front cabin speakers, how is speaker cover removed?  Thanks

  2. Good Morning,

    Two questions, where is the water tank filled from? when I bought the boat, a 2016 330 signature, I had the dealer do it but this summer I moved the boat north and am in a marina without service.  Second question, my generator runs but it doesn't produce power?  I can only turn it on in the engine compartment not on the circuit panel.  I have a pamphlet that came with the boat but I can't figure out if I'm missing a step? 


  3. I have a 2010 signature 370 with a Volvo 8.1 and IPS joystick. The steering unit went out on the port side. Has there been any bulletins from Volvo about this problem? I have seen three mentions of this problem on the forum pages.  It is an expensive repair and is not a common breakdown. I am hoping Volvo will cover part of this.



  4. How can I change my user name?

  5. Hello. I recently bought a 2015 H2O Ski & Fish and have a couple of questions. The storage bag for the trolling motor seems a little too short to store the motor, so I was wondering if there is a way to fit the motor in the bag. I also would like to know how to fill the Livewell. I don't see any reference in the owner's manual.


    Chuck Snyder

  6. Is a volvo 270 hp adequate for a sunesta 224? or is a 300 hp the way to go?

  7. Chaparral

    Dave and Rusty: Don't know

    From my office, I often get lost packets so the pages never fully load. We have traced this to be part of our service. It never happens from home or on the road. d
  8. Chaparral

    After reading KY276's posts,

    been watching his profile and as expected...he disapeared. Last Seen: 18th November 2008 - 03:10 PM
  9. Chaparral

    After reading KY276's posts,

    I have been watching his profile to see when he is on line. He was last seen the day he was called from here. It will be interesting to see if he returns to the dust still flying...or waits till he wants to complain again.
  10. Chaparral

    After reading KY276's posts,

    Rusty left this tid bit out.... The boat he bought was from Phoenix....remember, he is in Kentucky. so, I would expect the next problem he voices will be service related. THE DEALER WON'T SERVICE ME.... and it starts again.
  11. Chaparral

    After reading KY276's posts,

    I have read the thread a couple of times too. All I can tell you is exactly what you see. He just won't listen to what is being said. He won't accept NO. What I call convenient listening. He has talked to Robin in CS. We have returned his call. (CS has, not the pres). We told him not to pull TUBES from the arch - as is stickered on the arch. It is what we have to say. He can do it if he wants...I just can't tell him he can. Everyone asked the pertinent questions....he won't answer them. Just gets mad and closes out. What can I say??
  12. Chaparral

    I'd love to know what competition

    Here is some info on the article: 400 Premiere Awarded Boating Magazine’s BOAT OF THE YEAR December Article titled: Born Leader “Megastar in the making” The cover shot of BOATING Magazine’s December issue features a beautiful running shot of the Chaparral 400 Premiere, and the story is incredibly flattering. Writer Kevin Falvey begins his story explaining the hours of “infighting” to narrow the choices for Boat of the Year. But, as Kevin wrote, “…the phone rang. ‘Stop the presses, throw out what you’ve got, here’s the winner!’” Kevin then pondered the statement, and wrote, “After what we’ve gone through? Not likely. If we were going to change our minds at this point, it would have to be for a boat that exceeded our standards of breaking new ground or redefining a category. It had to be something special.” Kevin then writes, “And this boat is.” He then explains how, for the first time, a last-minute candidate won without having been tested in the magazine. And so, Kevin starts his boat test, and continues to explain why this boat beat out all the rest! Kevin’s high points included: “Bold hull form produces a roomier, more functional cruiser. Unique interior design is lavish and tasteful. Serviceability is excellent throughout. Minimal elevation changes in cockpit makes for a more sociable boat with fewer tripping areas.” But, the story doesn’t stop there. Kevin’s story is just loaded with things he loved and he starts with the Wide-Tech Bow:….”a new type of bow for cruisers that adds room forward without sacrificing the quality of the ride….the largest forward cabin of any available cruiser of similar length…this shape should also knock down spray and add reserve buoyancy if the bow should dig into a big roller. In all, a clever idea.” Kevin liked the ride, integral windshield, optional skylight, the Volvo Penta IPS, and the fit and finish was “equipped like the best cruisers out there.” Kevin’s story wraps up with “Sorry to repeat myself so much, but this is the nicest engine room in its class. Then again, so is almost everything else on this boat, which is why its our 2008 Boat of the Year.” BOATING magazine is on sale NOW. Be sure to pick one up! Webbie can uplaod a copy of the cover...
  13. Chaparral

    QUOTE (jeff @ Nov 13 2008,

    "Stop the Presses!!!! Kevin - get Ready" Shoot, I thoughth you had a copy of the latest Boating Magazine for a minute there. When you do get one....you will understand.
  14. Chaparral

    I will be attending the Miami Boat

    ok, Well, Joe's Stone Crab is a Miami staple. They specialize in STONE CRAB (obviously). Always a line to get in. Smith and Wolinsky's is a NYC steak house that opened shop on the government cut - a block from Joe's. There is a great Cuban sandwich shop on Meridian just south of 17th street. We walk from the convention center for better lunch. Again...a walk down South Beach will unveil a host of sidewalk cafes. Also a walk down Lincoln st will be the same.
  15. Chaparral

    I will be attending the Miami Boat

    Parking is nuts. Get there early and MAYBE you'll get in the parking garage on Washington. Otherwise, park at the Miami Beach High scholl across the street. Most of the industry is now staying at hotels in walking distance. They are VERY EXPENSIVE tho and require a reservation a full year in advance. Take in the Convention Center first. Then the Marina at the Marriott. There will be a buss shuttle system to get you around to the different locations so you only park once. Allow an hour for the shuttle transfer. There is another show happening at the same time. It is the "brokerage" show. It is all of the larger boats in the water north of the convention center. This is worth another day....Unless you want a mega yacht, save this for last. Plan on eating on Souuth Beach one night. All sidewalk cafes with plenty to SEE....lol I can suggest some of the better eateries if you wish a list.