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  1. ok guys this makes more sense now. thanks a lot for all the help, will let you know how it goes.
  2. I am only changing the bearing carrier itself. part no: 865876A01 when I took the old one out, I didn't see any shims etc. I was thinking it would go right in since I got the OEM carrier.
  3. can you elaborate a little more, on this measure the backlash, pre-load, and crush clearance. or give me some advice on what to search for
  4. I am putting in a brand new bearing carrier in my Bravo III. I have read you are supposed to grease the threads when you put it in. Is this true Anything else I need to do, like grease anything (which I don't think I do since its in oil) Thanks in advance,
  5. Quick update, I got the bearing carrier off, and was able to pull the seal out. After much contemplation. I think I was corroded enough to just get a new one. I debated, and said I would rather just fix it right and be done with it since we use the boat every weekend.
  6. Wingnut, thanks for the info, kind of what I was thinking I need to get the props off and check it out first. I plan on doing in the next week or so. As always your advice and info is greatly appreciated.
  7. Wingnut, should I replace all the seals while I am there. So should I remove the inner retaining nut? and pull the whole shaft out?
  8. Thanks wingnut, so in my head I was thinking it just went bad cause its 15 years old. Could that be true also. Or are you saying they almost always go bad because something messes up the seal.
  9. Have a 2001 Bravo 3 in my Chap 235 ssi. Background I am leaking outdrive oil right where the prop meets the outdrive. So it is leaking out of the bearing shaft seal. (good news is I caught it before I did any damage). So I need to replace the seals in the lower unit. Myself and others are the marina fix our own stuff, wether its bellows and we recently put a new engine in a boat this winter. What I am struggling with is to replace the seals in the lower unit I need two tools 91-805382 and 91-805374 to remove the bearing carrier and retaining nut. Totals cost of those tools is 200 Questions Is there a workaround I can use instead of getting the tools? Should I just pay to have it done, cost to have done would be 500-600, cost for me 300 (tools and seal kit). What I like about doing it myself is I have the tools for the future for myself and others, but am wondering if anyone has done and if its one of those things to just have someone else do. If I do myself I can have done next week, where if I have someone do, they won't be able to do for a month. Give me your thoughts and recomendations
  10. What is the electrical sensor on the flame arrestor. its the one thing attached to the flame arrestor that has a electrical connection I have a 5.7 Merc EFI 2001
  11. I pulled 2 on the starboard and 1 on port, and they all 3 look the same. If I google dry fouled plug, thats EXACTLY what it looks like Now am trying to figure out if I maybe have a sensor bad. Any thoughts?
  12. Hey guys I went down and pulled a plug and it looks black, Dry Fouled. Think that would be the cause? remember I put a little to much oil in, maybe 1/2 quart to a quart. More along the lines of about a half quart.
  13. thanks guys, nothing on prop, I had pulled it out and checked.
  14. Shouldn't be bottom buildup, theres not that much algae etc, on the bottom of the boat.
  15. I didn't notice the RPM's under load. When in neutral it seems to have not restriction on RPM's I did the filter before winterizing, and I pulled the filter after the problem and the gas looked good, no water It Bogs down, As I have read more, I am wondering if its the fuel pump, but I haven't change the distributer, so that could be it also.
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