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    camping in our 28 ft Class C Itasca,cruising in the 26 ft Sunesta and my latest hobby...home brewing beer. Life is pretty good these days.

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  1. Beautifull Chap!!! Hope the DW is happy!
  2. I was under the impression woofers need to ne "boxed in" for ultimate performance......
  3. There are a lot of factors when considering top end speed and performance. A lot of folks here could chime in with good ideas..My take is this..your engine is on the smaller size, but good enough for your 21 footer. Things that hinder performance can be number of passengers, amount of fuel on board, prop setup and ALSO trim settings...The more trim down you have the slower your boat is gonna go. My rule of thumb. water conditions permitting is my RPM's should match my MPH. Flat water conditions make this easy. If its choppy you need to trim down and keep the nose lower to keep from porposing...or that dreaded bouncing up and down....Google your boats perameters will be a big help also. Good Luck!! John.
  4. Hey Bob thanks for the input...I thought this was a legitmate question and I got really disappointed there was such a poor response.....oh well. I am a big and tall type but I am gonna have to lay down and look up and see whats going on. I do not want to scratch or bend the gauge housing, as you know it is very flimsy...I have depth finder problems but most of all the Clarion remote is on the blink...both of them...one at the stern. I think I have this beat by buying the new wireless RF remote...but I will have to change out head unit...John.
  5. Ok Mike thanks for the info. Our dash boards are similar but gauges are in different order. Looking at your pics I wonder why the whole cluster doesn't spring out. I can't imagine the wire loom is that tight like a banjo string...Any other thoughts ??
  6. Hello Chap members. I need to change out/test a couple of gauges on the 07 Sunesta 252. I pulles out all the phillips head screws hoping the instrument cluster would pull right out. Wrong. It is a little loose but doesn't seem like she wants to play ball. I have some pics but dang it I'm an idiot when it comes to posting on this forom. Facebook is a snap. Anybody tell me what to do?? I'm thinking I might have to lay down and get some arm extenders to reach way up in this area to unbolt. Hope not.
  7. Hello fellow boaters on the west coast...We just came back from our yearly boating excursion on beautifull Lake Mohave just outside of Bullhead Az. The good news is the water is clean and temps are perfect!! Love that place! The crummy news is they are repaving.widening the entrance to Katherines Landing! Non Union company out of Texas and they are soo slow and way behind. I hears they started in Feb. and have a long way to go. After washing and waxing the colored gelcoat on my Chap I was extremely disappointed having to drive on wet dirt roadway with the usual amount of washboard to boot. About 3 miles of it. Had to wait a half hour for the escourt truck in one hundred 16 degree heat. My poor enging with AC running!. I can only imagine the hairy nightmare going on the Holiday weekend...Have fun if your going!!!!!! Excuse any typo errors.. Happy 4th!
  8. It is sad that we spend big bucks on luxury items ans still can't get the quality we deserve/expect. Most people are proud to purchase things MADE IN AMERICA but when you get defects or crummy customer service AFTER they have your money it is easier to understand why imports are so popular. Boats are RV's in a sense and even thou my 07 Chap is doing well I am going thru this experience with a 120 Large Herd Motorhome we just bought. Doesn't make sense to me. What happened to THE CUSTOMER COMES FIRST?????????????
  9. Check with Cecil Marine they will fix you up....
  10. chernefitter

    On the Ball

    Bigger Balls are Better!!!
  11. OP's boat AND trailer are beautifull. Also love the blue 07 Sunesta....very nice Guys!!!!
  12. Looks like a Blast!!! Lake front living...You did wel. I take it the repairs came out $^$& on your boat after the Havasu sitiation...Glad and happy for you bro!!
  13. Looks like a beauty Scott...Have a blast!!!
  14. Traded in the Class C for a Class A....Cruise the southwest...Arizonia,Death Valley.Anza Borrego Desert. The wife works from her computer and I sit outside in the sun with a brewski.
  15. Also magnesium slip rings on the counter glock gears.
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