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  1. Hi Guys, So, I finally had a chance to track the problem down on the bilge pump. I unsnapped the pump from it's base and inspected it; it had a leaf or two in it but it wasn't clogged. The impellors seemed fine, the motor seemed to spin freely and without binding. Then I replaced the pump in the base and took the outlet hose off to see if she pumped any water - it pumped a gusher! The upshot - the outlet hose was clogged just a couple of inches in from the through-hull fitting! I don't know if something tried to make a nest in there or what, but it was clogged solid. I took some flexible fiber
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm at work tonight, but I will take the pump out and give it a good once-over tomorrow. My guess is that the pump is an original (I've just bought the boat 3 weeks ago -what a sweet boat btw!!), so as Whalersailor said, probably better just to pop for a new one... -Dave in NH
  3. Hello Gents, I have a little problem with my '99 1930 SS's bilge pump. It is running continously but not pumping any water. The float switch is fine. There is an inch or two of water in the bilge and lifting the float switch up thereby allowing the pump to run. The pump is simply not pumping any water. I'm wondering - can the pump lose it's prime? Have the seals dried out? Has the impellor broken? (I do hear a very slight grinding noise like particles of sand or the like is being circulated. Could I perhaps prime it by pouring water down into the hull outlet fitting if it has lost it's prime?
  4. Hello All, Just put my newly acquired 1999 Chaparral 1930 SS in the water. I found the boat on Craig's List a week or so ago. The guy I bought it from was the original owner, had all the original manuals and paperwork, plus he had it shrink-wrapped and serviced yearly by the local marina. They had only put on 230 hours since the boat was new - I guess they had a party barge that they used more often...... About the only thing she needed was a good clean-up (I love those snap out carpets!) and a new owner. I'm coming out of a 25 year old 17.5 foot bowrider with a 130hp Mercruiser. This one has
  5. Thanks guys, Went and saw the boat today- looked great. Going back tomorrow with cash in hand for a test drive and survey. I think I will be a Chaparral owner soon! - Dave
  6. Hello Chaparral Experts, I am in the market for a used bow rider. I live in southern NH on a fairly small lake (130 acres give or take). I've had a 17.5ft. bow rider on this lake for 12 years (130hp Mercruiser) that the family has outgrown. We love to ski, tube and wakeboard. I'm looking at a 1999 Chaparral 1930 Sport that has been well maintained with a Volvo 250hp 5 liter i/o with 230hrs on it. Question: is a V8 too much power for a smallish lake? I'd like the size and beam of a 19 footer, but should I go for a V6 instead? Thanks, Dave in NH
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