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  1. Haven't tried sking sence I was about 9. Drank more water than was in the lake! With the help of the SLC Chaparral and the big block I did it!!!
  2. Got new lettering for model # and boat name. Local guy has a vinyl shop. Turned out good! will post pics soon.
  3. Nice to hear! What speed you running with the new 19 prop? I get about 39 max at 4200 rpm. That is off the GPS because the spedo is about 2-3 slow.
  4. Well thanks for the help. Let me know what u find.
  5. Nice boat sir. Mine exhaust out the outdrive housing. Very quiet on the water. My grandparents used to live in Richardson TX, About 3 doors down from Roger Stalbach old Cowboys quarterback. Nice to see the older boats still going strong! Let you know if I find the letters for the boat.
  6. Looking to find the metal letters for Chaparral on my 93 2200 slc. Look lots of places and nothing?? Any thoughts??
  7. For schizzle homie! My tank is center back, 60gal. Makes a huge wake! 19 pitch shoots you out of the hole like a slingshot. The tower is a big air tower and fits well with that boat. The swim deck is an add on but is very nice.If you add one do some planning and measure like 27 times before drilling. Mine was on there when I bought it. Needed some tlc but she is golden now. Added about 500 worth of stereo comp. and wow hang on to your bloomers!! Going to take tom tom with us this weekend and check speed. Handles like a sports car! All my cupholders are there and all guages work. First boat and sure love it. Where do you live!
  8. You ever lost any letters off of your chaparral side chrome pieces? I lost the A & L off mine. Looked everywhere no luck! My spedo is not working correctly. I think it needs some good cleaning. It is running about 4100 at WOT. Mine does well for a big boat and big motor. Yours?
  9. I did go with the infinity 6.5 for the inside of the boat and am very pleased. I also added a new Boss marine stereo and 1000w amp with 2 Boss 6 x 9 tower speakers. Holy smokes what a sound system. If you shop around like e-bay, amazon, sonic electronics you can get some good buy's. I spent just at 500 for everything.
  10. I am running a stanless 3 blade 19 pitch right now. Great out of the hole and fair for top end. I also have a stanless 4 blade 21 pitch that I have not tried yet. The 19 works great and pops the ski's or wakeboarder right out. I am at about 4,000 feet elev. Hope this helps. Love to see a pic. What year is your boat?
  11. Another point that you need to know is that you have to remove the #1 spark plug to tell if you are at intake or exhaust stroke too. Put your thumb over the hole and have someone turn it over slow. When the pressure pushes your thumb off then you can drop the distributor in and set the timing. When you drop the dist. in the rotor may not look like it is lined up just right. This is ok because you can adjust it later when setting the timing. Good luck.
  12. Thanks Rande, Yep we are really enjoying the boat and the stereo is crazy loud which the kids love!! 16 , 15 and 13. So louder the better is what I am seeing. Yep she purrs all the way thru with tons of power.
  13. My wife loves the boat and so does my jet ski buddy!
  14. Oh and I got the motor tuned pretty good. The timing set at 8* and not sure where to set the idle screws at? Got them about 2 turns out. I get about 4,100 - 4,200 rpms out of her. She is solid all the way through.