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  1. 2013 Merc 8.1's. A number of beeps, same duration then stops on its own. Moments later the other one goes off.
  2. JDubs1


    Cecil Marine in New Jersey has all sorts of stuff
  3. Scratching my head. After about 20 mins the "starboard engine sensor" and "Port engine sensor" alarms start going off. Boat is running great, the mechanic hooked up his computer to it and nothing shows up. Thoughts?
  4. JDubs1

    dark colored hulls

    My 327 is black, I keep it on a lift in a covered slip. Only thing that has faded since 2013 is the bathroom vent thing on the port side. I have the Axius joystick which has been great in keeping my boat virtually scratch free since it was new in '13. If you can afford a 337 you can afford to pay to have it polished and waxed a couple of times per season
  5. Enjoy! I bought mine new in '13 and she has been fabulous.
  6. Each press of the switch is a different color/setting. One of them is where it cycles through the colors. Mine came with led's wrapped around the speakers on the top and sides of the arch. The dealer added them for the boat show.
  7. Just push the rocker switch a couple of times and wait just a second in between pressing the rocker switch. They'll start changing.
  8. JDubs1

    New 337 SSX

    I like the fact that Chaparral is overtaking Cobalt in market share and now our fleet boasts a 337 vs their 336 😁 I bet we see even larger crossover bowrider offerings in the future.
  9. JDubs1

    New 237 SSX

    Black boats are so #%^$&%$ sexy🙈
  10. My first Chap was a 226. Fantastic boat.
  11. JDubs1


    I want a train horn for my 327 but I don't want to add anything to the exterior of the boat.
  12. TaperK600, skip over the 28 footers and get that 327. You'll be glad you did. (Not that there's anything wrong with 284's and 287's)
  13. JDubs1

    New boat flag

    The faux teak came after I bought the boat. My Chap dealer installed after I sent him a pic of a boat that had been at their dealer meeting. I want to say it ran about 2100 deer.
  14. JDubs1

    New boat flag

    I marked the pole and dropped it off at a trailer hitch place that welds broken fry baskets for my restaurants.
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