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  1. I bought my boat 5 years ago and last season was the first time I had my props "tuned". When I bought the boat, top speed was about 43mph with just me in the boat with about 1/2 tank of gas. If I recall, WOT was about 4400-4600 rpm. After the tuning, turns about 4000-4200 rpm and tops out at about 41. Some changes to the boat since purchase was a swim platform extension which changed the performance characteristics, result was more porpoising, but no noticeable drop in preformance. As well, bottom paint which I think is a cause of the top speed drop off. Since I am the 3rd owner,
  2. This looks like some inlet port that is just above both trim tabs but I can't figure out for what? Basically, I want to remove them because they are a safe place for zebra mussels, but I don't know their function so I'm not comfortable doing so. Thanks for the help!
  3. Just an update. I found a small access port behind the mirror in the cabin that gave me access to nuts with a long home made breaker bar.
  4. Hi All, Has anyone figured out how to access the rope locker on a 2000 Signature 270? I'd like to match the anchor roller on the bow for the delta anchor I bought a couple of years ago but I can't seem to find a post on how to do it so I can get those pesky bolts off the old one and the bolts on the new one. There is the access port but that is a pretty tough reach and is blind access. I don't have access to the boat just yet to figure it out so any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, Chuck
  5. Here is what I had to do... I had to remove the water heater and the bilge blower so I could get far enough back so I could reach the screws to get the nuts threaded. Once that was done (about 4 hours of messing around), I could use my home made socket wrench extension that was a 5 foot copper pipe and a breaker bar (used electrical tape to make the breaker bar a little thicker so it would stay inside the pipe). Then it was easy to tighten them down and get the boat back together. Was not a fun project and I recommend not removing the brackets on these boats and find the original ladder and
  6. Wow, all great suggestions. I'm curious about the access panel one since I want to install a pedestal for my grill too back there. May be the way to go but I may try the gerry rig extension idea first. Thanks, Chuck
  7. Ugh. This is a double embarresing issue. I recently bought a 27' 2000 signature, on my second voyage, I got the boarding ladder caught in the port prop and it bent the ladder (prop had no damage). It will not calapse so I thought I would remove it and just get a replacement since bending back probably wouldn't work. Well, I removed it from the swim platform instead of just removing the screws that attach the ladder to the mount. What I didn't realize is that there is a cavaty in the swim platform where the nuts for the ladder mount are. I tried to reach back there to see if I could gra
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