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  1. Thanks. I am still waiting for the reply from Joe.
  2. Hi, my signature was build in 2012. I don´t think so that it was an option (extra) on my boat. I have another assumption why the sealing Looks like this. The cabin door lock is at the same Level where the sealing is broken. Now i have the Feeling when you Close or open the door every time the lock of the cabin door is going over the sealing and this is the reason why it Looks so bad. Can you Show me a Picture how does it look like at your boat? regards Heiko
  3. Hi i have dropped them a mail. Let us see whether they can help me. Please find 2 Pictures attached. Heiko
  4. Thanks for the hint. I will try. Heiko
  5. Hi, i have a signature 270 and have a question to the cabin door parts. Let me try to explain it to you. Please excuse me because i am not a native English Speaker. When you are standing in front of the cabin door, you have on the left side the lock where you can lock the door. On this side you also have the brush sealing (In German it is called Bürstendichtung). This part is broken at my boat, do you know where i can get a new one or does anybody of you had a similar problem? Many thanks for your help. cheers Heiko
  6. Hi, i am running my boat on the lake of Konstanz. I can recommend to you the oceanpersenning company which is located in Ermatingen but they are also coming to Biel. regards Heiko
  7. Hi all, i am running my Chaparral on the lake of Konstanz (Bodensee). Any one who is close to me and would like to join me in discussions about experiences? regards Heiko
  8. Heiko


    I am looking for lights when i am driving the boat.
  9. Heiko


    Hi, i am looking for a headlight for my Chaparral 270 for driving. So my idea is to have a headlight with a remote control and to have it sitting in the front of the boat. Can you recommend me some lights and give me some ideas to install? Maybe you have something in your minds where i don´t need a cable to the cockpit where I can plug-in into 12v plug. thanks for your help. regards Heiko
  10. I have checked my radio plug at the boat. I saw that the thiner yellow wire and the thicker yellow wire are going together into the plug. Not sure if this could be an issue. I also made a picture of the my plug. . .
  11. Not sure which wire do you mean? Are you talking about the boat? I did a measurement with the yellow wire together with the red wire from the boat. The voltmeter showed me 12 volt on the display.
  12. Hi, I have a brand new clarion cmd6 radio in my chaparral 270. Unfortunately I don´t have power at the radio and no sound. I have already tested that the boat plug which I have to connect to the radio has sufficient electric power (12V). The 2nd thing which I have done I was able to connect the same radio to another chaparral 270. There was no problem. I had power at the radio and the radio was also playing musik. Do you have any idea why the same radio is not working with my boat? regards Heiko
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