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  1. It's taken quite a while to find resolution to this. The lower unit was removed and put in line for inspection. That alone seemed to take over a month. I reached out to Mercury Tech Support and initiated a claim. After the unit was on the bench, it was disassembled. Photos were taken at each step along the disassembly. It appeared the the upper gears had totally "grenaded" as a phrase I commonly use. After lengthy back and forth conversations and ecm scanning, there hasn't been any defined reason as to why this happened. It was shown that no alarms had gone off and ignored, nor was the bo
  2. If I may ask, do you recall as to how many hours were on the unit prior to failure? Thanks...
  3. I spoke to Mercury Marine Customer Service department, have gotten the ball rolling. Passed on the information as to the dealership handling the disassembly. The rep hinted around that possible there may be some help from Mercury, hope to find out soon.
  4. Haven't heard back from the mechanic yet. Just a bit of background on the maintenance. Every late spring, I would pull the boat from the water and replace all fluid and filters. Wash and wax the hull, never had to winterize the boat due to my location. Always completely drained the entire lower unit oil, reservoir included. On numerous occasions, I would from different shops and or mechanics, inquire as to if the lower unit ever had to be removed for any reason. I was always told no, just change the gear oil. Just prior to the failure, we had taken a typical short ride up the river we a
  5. I have a 2014 Sunesta 264. 8.2 liter, Bravo III, 4.5 years old with 140 hours on the clock. Recently, the lower unit completely locked up, killing the engine. Had to be towed in to the marina. I've serviced the engine and lower unit every year with new fluid, boat is used mostly in fresh water and sits above the water on a hydrohoist. Seems to me that this failure is premature. Would have hope to get more time and hours out of it. Mechanic has removed the lower unit from the boat, waiting to find the bad news.
  6. BigRiver


    Question...Is the SeaDek material similar to the material installed on the newer Chaparral's? Though mine is less than 2 years old, the center main section has lost it's adhesion and has come off.
  7. I have a 2014 264 with the Merc 8.2 At this point, I'm very satisfied with the engine performance and economy. If you're spending near 100K deer on a boat, economy isn't a major concern, to me at least. One disadvantage the Merc has is the cost of changing the water impeller. I've been quoted a figure between 400 to 500 deer, while the VP is considerably less. Also, I might add it's likely in my wrenching abilities as I perform the standard fluid and filter changes. Another factor to look at is, your local dealer and mechanic. Are they Merc or VP oriented? Some places favor one or the other
  8. Mooredriven, it's my opinion that in understanding HydroHoist's official determination of weight classes, is that it's somewhat objective and relative to what really constitutes lifting any given boat out of the water. To possibly understanding HH's claim of lifting a boat, the level of lift my be 12 inches below the rubber air lines going to the tank. In my case, I'm only a few inches, which really don't bother me. In HH's determination, I would bet that they'd see my combination as being slightly less than favorable. I had this lift used on my previous boat, which was a lighter, 20' Wellcra
  9. I have the HydroHoist 6600 3 tank shallow water model, supporting a Sunesta 264. My stock dry weight is 5400 lbs. if I remember correctly, with the addition of the 8.2 big block, arch and wet bar. Not really sure the total weight, but with 10 gallons of fresh water, 80 gallons of fuel, along with my weight of 210 lbs., the lift picks the boat out of the water allowing the out drive to almost trim all the way down and still clear the water. The tanks are out of the water to the level of a few inches above the hose connections. I want to say the HydroHoist's estimates are fairly conservative in
  10. This is the company that I ordered from. Very good quality, very soft fleece and best of all...Made in America! http://www.mecoastmarine.com
  11. Weather was great yesterday in south Louisiana, took a ride out on the Tchefunta River.
  12. Goes to show than money doesn't buy common sense or boat handling skills, maybe buys that mega million yacht, but the skills are not for sale, you have to earn them.
  13. BigRiver

    Bow Cushion

    Just catching up with this. app…yes, my 264 has the bow filler cushion. It's a 2 piece unit that sits flush in height with the port and starboard forward seats. As others have mentioned, I store the 2 pieces on the port side aft of the passenger console seat. The 2 pieces are supported by means of 2 stainless poles that lay in cradles on each side. The poles sit perpendicular to the keel, meaning that are port to starboard. Also, up front, center on the keel, is a about 5 inch square stainless plate that flips out of it's resting area which happens to be the forward cooler box. This plate la
  14. Most things in life are relitive. What can you afford and what are you willing to give up or forgo in order to buy that used boat. Is it the color or engine that you wanted? Does it have the cockpit or other options that you've been looking for? How much if any of the warranty is left? Are the hours acceptable and can you trust who the previous owner was….if you even have that knowledge? Yes, some things in life are worth buying used. A boat with a favorable survey being offered by a motivated seller at the end of the season is definitely a good find. Have to say that this would fall under
  15. Update…. I'm happy to report that Magic Tilt has honored the warranty and sent me not only a new tire, but also, a tire mounted on a rim. The brand they sent me was Kenda, a brand that I'm not familiar with, but still a Chinese tire. Not sure what to do with these tires, my gut feeling is to remove them all and replace with Maxxis. That will happen, just not sure as to when. I have to say that I'm glad that Magic Tilt did the right thing and didn't tell me to go pound sand. The failed tire eventually burst, even though it was removed from the trailer and hanging on the spare mount. The repl
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