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  1. tpesco

    Running light switch on dashboard

    OK thanks all
  2. 2005 240 signature. There is a three way switch for the running lights and the dashboard. I have left the switch in the bottom position (matching the off position of the other switches) and a small light on the switch stays on (even with the batteries turned off). Then I move it up one click to the middle position and the little light goes off on the switch, so it seems like everything is off, and I come back a week later to dead batteries. Then obviously, the third position leaves the running lights on, so that position isn't used. The question is which switch position is correct to leave it in?
  3. tpesco

    2005 Signature 240

    Thank for the info. My fuse panel is there also, I will check it. In the head I only have the vacu flush switch, and the fill level dispaly. The holding tank fill level is the only thing lit up in the head. Oddly enough it says 3/4 full, I had it pumped out again last week to make sure, and nobody has used it. Strange. There is a small rubber nub that sticks out under the vacu flush switch. It doesn't light up, not sure what its for. On the fridge, yes the light goes on. The dial is reading "4" at the 12 o clock position and won't move in eithier direction.
  4. tpesco

    2005 Signature 240

    Guys, One other thing. I turned the refirgerator plug on on the A/C panel with shore power hooked up and the fridge doesn't turn on. Also, I cannot turn the temperature setting knob at all. Any suggestions? Pull it out and make sure its plugged in I guess is the first step. More curious as to why the temp knob doesn't turn.
  5. tpesco

    2005 Signature 240

    Well, I found the sump under the bottom stair. Yes you were right, it was stuck by the carpet after I removed the left side screw. I went ahead and filled the water tank, pressurized it, and the faucets all ran great. I had shore power hooked up and with the vacu-flush switch turned on (I tried the switch in both positions to be sure) and the water pressured I stepped on the flush valve of the toilet. The bowl and drain tube quickly filled with water, and no VacuFlush! It never turned on, so now I have a toilet full of water. The book says it could be a fuse or the pump itself, but it also refers to a switch back by the batterey switch? I do not have any switch in the battery compartment. Think it may be time to call a service guy.
  6. tpesco

    2005 Signature 240

    I purchased the boat last year and have not turned on the shower or bathroom (vacu-flush system with masticator) yet. I am looking for help on the mid-bilge?? I am not sure if the boat even has one, but I see it mentioned in posts. I took the screws out of the second step and could not get the step to come off to look for another bilge or a drain through hole for water to get to the aft bilge. So, help there would be appreciated. I do not have air conditioning, so there is no unit in the way above the first step. Also, my aft bilge has not needed to pump any water out since I first bought the boat a year ago. That seems impossible, so I am concerned water is filling up somewhere else. The engine compartment is completely dry. The boat stays in the water in a well all summer in Michigan.
  7. All, following up in the "other" bilge I see references to. Looks like what people really mean is the shower sump? I undid one screw on the left side of the step. Do not see any other screws on the step, but it does not open up. The Chap. parts lists shows the step on a butterfly hinge. Is there another screw or hook somewhere? Hoping the head of a second screw isn't broken off, but might be a possibility.
  8. I found the parts list. It is the Macerator option. I didn't know about the middle bilge, not sure the marina I bought it from did either, hope it is working, but doubtful. Will take a look.
  9. I just bought the boat last week and near the where the rear table goes on the side wall there is a door. Inside is a place to put in a key and an orange handle next to it that can turn from open to close. It looks like an option based on what I am seeing on the internet, and I don't find anything in the manual. Something to do with the the vacuflush and holding tank maybe? I haven't traced it through the engine compartment yet. Also, anyone have a link to order a rear table? This one was missing. Lastly, I am seeing a discussion of a forward bilge, and a switch located on the stairs. Haven't checked it out yet. Is it standard on this model, and how do I access that bilge area? Thank all, just learning! Todd