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  1. Just found receipt for prop when replaced. I have an F4 size. Is this appropriate?
  2. Ok. So this winter then calls for a professional bottom clean and paint. Hope that does the trick.
  3. WOT is around 4700/4800 Hull is bottom painter and certainly has growth by this time of the season however I've never seen speeds in the 40s. Plugs, rotor and cap have all been recentl changed. Boat at runs great but obviously slower than expected. Maybe a soda blast is required this winter before the seasons new coat of bottom paint? Some great helpful ideas here. My regular mechanic is a merc guy. He has a great reputation and I've worked with him for years, therefore he continues to service me even on my Volvo. But he is not a performance guy nor does he have
  4. Hello... I'm the happy owner of a 265 SSI 2002 model. But I feel the boat is much slower than it should be. It's powered with a Volvo 5.7 GXI which I believe is putting out 280hp. At full throttle I'm maxing about 34 on my GPS. The props are in good shape. But I'm not sure of the pitch. It's has DPS. The prior owner put a hydrofoil on the outdrive. It gets right on plane. It's been serviced by a professional mechanic every year. Anyone else with the same boat that can chime in?
  5. Seems to be the most popular question amongst boaters... will the cabin be used? And, the answer seems to vary mostly upon the boat owner. I have friends with a 22ft boat who sleep on it every weekend. Then I have friends with a 37tt who never sleep on it. Factors: How far do you live from where the boat is docked? Do you intend on long trips, burning a ton of fuel, or do you just stay near dock and enjoy tie ups. Regardless, I find the cabin is helpful for dry storage, escape from foul weather, and offers some luxury's not available on a bowrider. The downside, you surely give up sea
  6. Hello Dave... I will post photos this weekend. I managed to find a work around and got the boat lighting up beautifully just in time for last night's fireworks. There are now 5 LED blue lights in the cockpit (one by helm steps, one each behind passenger and driver seats, and one each at aft bench cup holder/speaker inlays). The best addition was two additional blue LEDs on the swim platform thus lighting up the back of the boat. It looks great!!! And, since I just picked up the boat two months ago... sorry... a trade is out of the question.
  7. Hello... I have a 2004, 265 SSI. I recently replaced the stock white cockpit lights with Blue LED. In doing so, the first light by the steps to the bow was simple; plenty of slack on the wire. The second, behind the captains seat, was tough, as the stock wire was so short I barely could get my hands on it to splice in a wire for the new light, but completed and success. The third light on the port side behind the co-pilot's seat caused me a problem. I removed the old light. In doing so, I must have pulled too hard and disconnected or broke the power wire. I've tested the wires and I can
  8. Anyone on here who used a powder coated tower please help... Does the powder coating ever chip? Does a dark color get hot? I'm considering a black coated tower to match my black hull. Im just afraid that if passengers grab hold of the tower to help board/unboard from the dock or raft ups, the tower will be super hot to touch. (Or will the brushed metal be relatively the same temp)? Any advantage to forward facing vs. rear facing towers? Looking to ski and hang lights/speakers from the tower.
  9. I'm a new Chap owner and found this forum while seeking a part to my boat. A few people on this site suggested Cecil Marine in South Jersey. I was reluctant as I have other dealers closer to my home, but putting aside my regards, I looked at Cecil's site, and was amazing surprised! I thought I knew exactly what I was ordering, but to be sure, I called. When calling the parts manager at Cecil was outstanding. He confirmed that the part I found was right. He made suggestions on how to install it. And, he even offered other advice regarding another future project which I made mention of.
  10. That sounds like an incredible start to the summer! Good luck! Enjoy and post about your adventures!!!
  11. Joe at Cecil was awesome! Very quick, knowledgeable, and helpful! I'd recommend him to anyone, and he surely just made a customer for life!
  12. QM... very funny. I will contact Cecil per your comments. Thanks for the info. I'm sure you will be seeing plenty more of me on this site now that I'm a chap owner!
  13. I recently purchased a 2004 265ssi with the extended plane swim platform. The swim ladder was folded under a hinged cover. Well, the hinge was loose and after some rough seas, the cover went missing in the barnegate bay. Any ideas where I can purchase one?
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