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  1. I basically have this same boat in the bow rider version, but I cant help but to say that the lines on the 2500 sx closed bow make that boat look sharp, I truly believe it's one of my favorite boats. I grew up on the 2300sx sport that my father ordered from factory. He was able to sell that boat for over 3/4 of it's value due to the immaculant care he gave for that boat. Later I purchased an almost identical version of that same boat for my family. Although the closed bow you have mimmics the color scheme our family boat had more so then my current boat. All that to say this. Your boat is a pe
  2. I removed everything, supported the dash from above, i shut the windshield as a reference, its definetly not coming together any with windsheild closed and hung from above, you can do as above if your concerned, i personally ripped and and went on. I took pre measurements from top of gunnel in various points from front to back. I havent experience any inward movement of any sort.
  3. Yes, your boat and mine are basically identical. although mine's a 91. I believe I have read some of your post's before.
  4. I have documented all the work I have done, and it's funny you mention frisco jarret, the guy has become a stringer and transom internet sensation, I have yet to speak with anyone that is tackling this project or someone who has completed it already that has not referenced Frisco's work. I have to be honest, from what I can tell he did an excellent job. A bit extreme in some of the build but #$^% that's nothing more then adding your personal touch. I have pics, trying to figure out how to load them now. And to answer the question of thickness or grade of plywood, at least on a 2300 s
  5. My two cents on the subject of flooring material. The factory built the boat using some 3/4 for around the tank, etc. but the majority was installed using 1/2 ply, I am currently knee deep in the same project in a 2300 sx sport 1991, I originally was stubborn in thinking I was going with all 3/4 but I have since changed my thinking. Im replacing it as I find it. Also far as floor material. STAY AWAY FROM THE TREATED as an earlier post stated it has moisture in the material alredy, you try encap it and your sealing that moisture in and jump starting the next rot. Chaparral boats are nice, but I
  6. Everything is removed, engine, drive, transom assembly, interior, floor, stringers, I have basically removed all value from my boat until the replacement happens, it literally is depressing climbing up a ladder and jumping into the empty shell of your boat. I will post the pics as soon as I figure out how to get them off of my phone. I sure wish I was not the first person posting about this model of boat. I have some question's.
  7. Has anyone been here on this particular model. Have any information that may be usefull. I have already begun the dawnting task of removing what is I am sure is over 1,500 pounds of wet materials. Looking forward to next years season, lost the entire 2013 boating season due to repairs. Currently undergoing an alpha to bravo swap, floors transom stringers bulk heads. have had boat for over five years and absolutly love the boat. shes been good to me, so im returning the favor. thanks lookfing forward to hear from the sx board members.
  8. if you have not figured out yet on how to remove the rear bench seat of any chaparral sx sport boat, you have to reach up into the gunnels of the boat on either side and there you will find two thru bolts coming out of bench seat going thru the fiberglass. this is a attaching point for the rear upper seat to mount. one is easily accesible from engine compartment gunnel and other is reached from inside the boat. I am currently knee deep in an entire restoration of a sx sport 2350 floors, stringers bulk heads and transom. awesom lines on this old cruiser and well worth the money to me to breath
  9. Wow, I listed this over a year ago and did not get a single reply from anyone on this site, not one reply. Wow, that just blows me away. I really th ought this was a club of interest. All I can say is Wow
  10. Hello, I am new to the forum, but life long boater, I have what I consider a privelage to own one of Chaparral's 2300 sx sport boats, with an upgraded aftermarket 454 gen 6, carborated 750 eldebrock marine, with nice after market IMCO POWERFLO offshore manifolds, that comliment the engine's performance well. I am seeking a few replacement interior parts to bring my boat back around to as close to factory as possible. I suppose somewhere in the life of my chaparral someone removed one or both of the polycarb head doors, the ones that are tinted black to keep from viewing the interior of the hea
  11. Looking for some parts for my 1991 2300 sx sport anybody know where to find some used interior parts

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