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  1. hello all, thanx for the sum-up. i was aware of the different design, but more like: fishing boats - speed boats. i know that a fishing boat is better in the rough see, but i would use mine about 50-50 cruising and crossing. also i like the chaps in general (design, quality of manufacture), would hate to loose those. as you have probably read i am aiming for the sig 280ish type of cruiser, but my recent sea experiences raised questions if the chap will be able to handle my crossing needs.
  2. the biggest problem i had with the waves was i can get no speed. if i went on plane, it was a very bumpy ride no matter how i crossed them, if not, i was slow like a duck :S
  3. in the adriatic, there are a _lot_ of marinas, so docking is no problem. the main problem is caused by crossing sea between islands. its about a 10-20 mile trip. even with minor (6-8 knots) wind there are waves which is really bumpy with a bowrider. this week we had 18-20 knots and 3-4' waves -> bad. i am in the looking for a 280-290.
  4. thanx for all the answers. i do not plan to go out in rough conditions just wanted to know if the boat is capable of handling the waves in case. i am at adriatic and travelling between islands is the main purpose of the boat, but the sea is frequently windy.
  5. hello Al, ty for the answer. i just wanted to know the experiences. i was out yesterday with a small mariah boat and got caught in a windy area (15+ knots) the sea was choppy and it was really a pita to get through. (i am new to coastal boating) since i plan to go with a signature i was curious if such a sea will also defeat a larger craft.
  6. hello, what size of waves are safe with a signature series?
  7. hello All, is it possible to install a fridge in the wet bar? on the 260. how loud is the factory AC? can it be run during the night?
  8. hello All, sorry for the late answer, i was seriously busy with work. thanks for everybody's help. i am located in Europe, so i have to plan my boat shopping extensively. i am looking in the states because there is a very limited market for chaps in Europe (and i am committed to the brand). the area where i plan to boat is loose on the flag state, so no real additional costs are involved (except shipping). i also see that there are a lot more options to choose from when shopping in the states. i will have a full survey done on the boat before purchase/shipping. (its amazing how many companies
  9. hello Hatchman, thank you for the extensive answer. i have searched for "240" and read all the topics but not many regarding the size. i also prefer the 240 from inside, but really think that is a bit small. one more question: on the 240 the helm seat folds back, is it any usable? i have not seen them folded anywhere. on the 260 are the back seats foldable as well?
  10. hello all, i am totally new to boating. a while ago i have already chosen a chap as my first boat and it looks its time to go for it. my budget is about $30k. i am considering a 240 but i have looked at a couple of 260s and the price range is not far away. does the extra length worth it? (i have seen the 260 using the same engines as the 240 and some having power issues even with the 240) some buyers advice also needed: - how important is engine hours? what is the normal usage for a boat? i have seen a lot of ads with low (<200) engine hours, are those numbers realistic? - how important is
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