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  1. Do a complete gut job and go with all JL audio stuff, you will be blown away....
  2. Hey Guys, Thanks for the input, but I finally got the parts numbers from Chaparral and got the glass ordered from Taylor Made for 200. My frame is 2" bigger than the one from the 280, mine is 24" and the glass does have a slight curve. I also called great lakes canvas dept and the part around the radar arch that the bimini attaches is called a slide track or c channel, and they sell it in 20' sections. The slide track got broken while I had the boat at a shop to have my generator worked on ( lol go figure right)( biggest pyle) and the boat was parked next to his building and we ha
  3. Thanks Hatem, I have already been down both of those roads. The track for the radar arch is specially molded to fit the radar arch and has to come from Chaparral according to Taylor Made. It is not very easy to get in touch with Chaparral these days.
  4. Hello Everyone, Trying to get the little things fixed as boating season is right around the corner. The end of the year I had a small rock hit the center window of my 2006 Sig 290 and into a million pieces, Taylor Made does not have the part number any longer as this windshield was made in an old plant, also I need the track that the canvas slides in that attaches to the radar arch. Any ideas on part numbers or where I can get the track? Thank You Scott
  5. Marine Power must be a good product, Shelby from Ax Men on the history channel has been pretty rough on a marine power motor. I noticed this year that Marine Power had their name on the engine cover. "Here We Go"
  6. I have replaced mine with no problems. My mechanic also told me that the Volvo pumps are bad about leaking and the best thing to do is just replace it with a new one as rebuilding only last a few months before leaking starts again. I think Volvo designs parts to fail so that we have to buy replacements parts and keep Volvo in business.
  7. Hey All, I just want to throw my 2 cents in here. I have been reading this thread from the beginning and from what I understand the last time this boat was used that the handleing was as usual, not slow to plane off not sluggish to turn and drove fine. If I am correct in this understanding then you do not have 500lbs of water in your boat. The water that you are finding may be from the rain that you said happened just prior to taking the boat in and the boat sitting bow low on the trailer. I can tell a difference in my boat from a half a tank of fuel to a full tank (which is about 60gl) in t
  8. clean getaway

    XDP Drives

    Yes I did purchase an extended warranty with big letters at the top VOLVO PENTA but I was notified today from a Volvo tech that the extended warranty is not through Volvo but through a third party. He also notified me that 18400 deer is the best offer that they will extend for just the parts. I am about to just realize I will be without my boat for another summer and lawyer up and sue everyone that has had anything to do with the boat. I don't know of any other manufacture that could get away with making something that you would have to repair every year and still stay in business. I was told
  9. clean getaway

    XDP Drives

    Thanks for the link Big Fun but what Volvo is offering is slightly better than that site. As previously posted Volvo's first offer is basicly wholesale and they are still making money of off something they already have made money on and have knowingly made a bad drive. I just want a boat that I can feel safe and enjoy.
  10. clean getaway

    XDP Drives

    I am wondering if I should even restart this post but this is not the first time I have posted about these drives. My XDP drives are finally shot and I have repaired these for the last time. I have replaced bellows every year until the end of 2010 which was the last time I replaced the bellows but have replaced gimble bearings, transom shield, motors pulled 3 times and add fluid every time I used it from day 1. I have been away from the forum for a while and was unaware of the swap out program. At this time both bellows are leaking both gimble bearings are knocking and both drives have water
  11. Hey Guys go to Dollar General and get a toilet bowl cleaner (32oz) called The Works. It is better than star bright hull cleaner and On Off, and 1.5 deer you cant bet it. As with any of these products that get the brown scum line off you do need to wax after, these products open the pours in the gel coat and you need to reseal them with a good wax. Also be sure to wet down any concrete and aluminum trailers under the areas you are cleaning because these products are acid based and will etch aluminum, concrete and you.
  12. Hey Guys I know its been a while and everyone wants to know what has happened with my boat and Legendary Marine. It is back in Destin at LM to fix the list of things it came back with when I picked up in Nov. and have called for months for them to correct things from a light that was nothing but a lens with no bulb or housing to a leak in exhaust bellow, but while there now to fix these things they are now telling me that I need to replace the risers and manafolds because the boat is 3 years old for an additional 43 large heard of deer. They are useing a scare tactic of if I don't do this now
  13. You can run your gen out of the water by taking the top off of you gen sea strainer and pulling the strainer out and sticking a water hose down in the glass bowl and then crank the gen. Beleive me if the gen doesn't get enough water it will shut down but this is the way I flush my gen every time.
  14. She is suppose to be ready but My Daughter is a senior this year and she had her last football game and they recgonized all the cheerleaders and their parents we also had a block party and I just wasn't able to go get her this past weekend. We are going Sat and pick her up (if all is well) and make a 2 day trip out of it . Destin is alittle over 100 miles by water so we will spend the night on the way back.
  15. You know I have always wondered the same thing, how strong is the radar arch? Mine you can move it back and forth or should I say side to side a bit mine is aluminum or so what I was told but did have some spider cracks in the corner a couple of years ago and was fixed under warr. Does anybody elses radar arch move side to side?
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