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  1. 216RENO

    Specs & Capacities

    PwrTek is correct. On our website go to forums then pick info center there you will find brochures , and check out the parts guide for your boat it shows the boat disabled in color pics. happy boating. JOHN
  2. 216RENO

    Tell me about jet ski's / PWC's

    Note on pollution. Lake Tahoe , in California and nevada now ban all 2 stroke water craft. Pyramid lake in Nevada allows PWC but charges double daily fees. $9 BOAT- $ 18 PWC Going in the right direction.
  3. Time to fix the little things without spending a fortune.--------------------------------------- hinge pin front ladder-- 2 SS shoulder bolts and screw-------------------------------------- 7.00 broke last- year this is a great fix drain for water tank --- sharkbite 1/2 T , 1/2-3/8 valve , 1/2 & 3/8 pex ------------- 20.00 Drains out through bilge update fire extinguisher and flares.--------------------------------------------------------------- 50.00 For CG sticker. add Bluetooth adapter to old JBL ----------------------------------------------------------------- 40.00 Now the wife & I fight to see whose cell gets to play the music wifi fishfinder ------------ VIXELER Sonar Phone ------------------------------------------- 150.00 PRO ____________ This unit uses your cell phone or wifi tablet for screen and controls. works well with my 10" tablet, functions like a touch screen fishfinder, 267.00 deer also water temp display CON stern mount transducer Now (happy boating)
  4. 216RENO

    Chrome Swim Platform Trim Tip for 2004 210 SSI

    Bought them 2 years ago for a 216 sunesta, same part # b-01348 only sold by the pair. Still have the left one I think. cost me 47 deer shiping included from my chapparel dealer. Happy hunting John
  5. 216RENO

    First boat - sunesta 233 - speed question

    Welcome to the group. We have a 05 216 sunesta with the 5.O about 300 lbs heavier than yours, with 2 people , full tank of water, 3/4 tank gas. We top out 48-49 mph . prop------- 14 1/4 x 17 SS elevation--- 4000 ft. RPM------- 4900-5000
  6. 216RENO

    My first boat - 1989 Chaparral 198XL Limited :)

    Might be going weekend of June 29th , will launch at cave rock as sand harbor is iffy.
  7. 216RENO

    My first boat - 1989 Chaparral 198XL Limited :)

    Looks like a nice find. We live in reno and boat at tahoe , which launch ramp will you use? Might just see you up there. Our boat 2005 216 sunesta.
  8. 216RENO

    thermostat replacement

    Thank you Shepherd Yes that's the one, lt doesn't seem to want to come out easily. Thanks for the quick response.
  9. 216RENO

    thermostat replacement

    Question on thermostat replacement. Eng 5.0 mpi, year 05 is there an easy way to remove the plastic sleeve that holds it in the housing or should the sleeve be replaced as well ?
  10. 216RENO

    Bow anchor for 246ssi

    Did the same as Brian. Cut the cross bar, if the shank is to long you can cut and drill a new hole and put a heavy ring in. If $ are not a problem, buy the chap anchor.
  11. 216RENO


    I did the same thing on my 5.0 mpi this winter,destroyed the filter. Stumped until I saw my super size channel locks hanging on my tool board. Clamped them at the base of the filter next to the mount. Came right off no more damage. Next year this is my first filter tool.
  12. 216RENO

    Battery Issues

    I have a 2005 216 sunesta the chapparel parts web site for my year shows a complete wiring harness . this may help. good luck.
  13. 216RENO

    does anyone know whats this for?

    Hard to tell from the pic.
  14. 216RENO

    spare tire ?

    Take a look at etrailer.com . They have all the sizes and lots of rim options. Good luck. .