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    2 questions you already answered

    For hull cleaning, I use 3-4 ounces of pure oxalic acid per gallon of water. You can buy it on Amazon, eBay, etc. As close to spray on, spray off as you'll get.
  2. Breedy00

    Sunstream V-Lift Reviews?

    Would love this, but I think the rule of thumb is that your lift shouldn't cost more than your boat. Guess she'll just sit in the lake all summer. No problems yet. Some folks on the lake have their nautique G25s in the water all summer, so I'm probably fine too.
  3. Breedy00

    Sunstream V-Lift Reviews?

    I found an old (2013) thread about the Sunstream V-Lift boat lift, but nothing since then. Anyone here have one or have experience with it? If you can see the picture in my signature, I need a totally portable lift solution. My boat is docked from May to September in fresh water and our lake has floating docks that get pulled for the winter. Also no power at all to the dock. V-lift seems like a perfect solution as it's 100% self contained, can be towed and pulled, and is solar powered. New they are about ten grand, but I've seen a used one for six. I can't seem to find anything else that's an exact comparison. Thanks, Ryan http://www.sunstreamcorp.com/project/vlift-air-displacement-boat-lift/
  4. Breedy00

    Removing scum off outdrive.

    I have to deal with fresh water scum every year. I have tried everything and can tell you from experience there is one product that works better than anything else and it's probably the cheapest cleaning solution you'll buy for your boat. Go on the Google and type Oxalic Acid and buy a pound or two. Don't pay more than four deer a pound. Slimy grimy is oxalic acid marked up 500%. Star Brite Instant Hull Cleaner, oxalic acid. It's the main ingredient in Bar Keepers Friend and several other cleaners. Now this stuff is POTENT, so wear gloves and goggles when handling. Mix 2-3 ounces per quart of hot water and let it dissolve. If I'm doing a small area, I put it in a handheld bottle. If I'm doing the whole boat, I use my pump sprayer. Spray it on, let it sit for 2-3 minutes, hit it with a soft brush, rinse thoroughly and your stains are gone. I can do my whole 24' boat in 20 mins. I use it on my out drive and trailer too. Just make sure you rinse well and you're good to go.
  5. So, thanks again for the input and suggestions. I kept after it with Google searches and finally found the service bulletin that covers this issue. Hopefully this might help someone else with a vintage plastic power steering pump pulley. The bulletin is Mercruiser 98-1. They sold the metal pulley and longer belt in a kit, but most of those are now long gone. I will pick up the new belt and should be good after that. To answer a few other questions that came up: The boat was on Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland where it is docked most of the summer. Surface temp was 74 degrees on the day the pulley failed. My brother in law is mechanically inclined and he pulled the old pulley and installed the new one with a loaner pulley puller set from Advanced Auto Parts. Worked great. Like I said, operating temp for the past 3 years has been at 140 degrees give or take a couple. Now consistently running at about 153 so something happened to the cooling system when the PS pulley failed. Boat is due for a new impeller before next year. Maybe lost a few fins when the belt came off? Can imagine what else it could be.
  6. Hey guys. Thanks for the feedback. I'm having a little trouble identifying the belt on there now and I can't get to the boat right now to check it. I'm getting some conflicting info from different parts sites. My engine serial number is 0L028750. Looks like it might be 57-863876 7? Also noticed the Mercruiser part belts are a hundred? What? I assume I can use another brand?
  7. The thing is the pulley I have now is the one listed in the mercruiser parts catalog for my engine serial number power steering pump. The old pulley is not readily available. I guess I just need to get a belt that's about an inch bigger?
  8. Last time on the lake for the year last weekend. I have a 1998 2330 with 7.4L, B3. On Saturday pulling the tube, I lose steering. Notice the engine is running hot, 220 degrees. Look at engine and the power steering pump pulley has blown apart. It's a plastic pulley with a metal hub. Local marina has the replacement which is an updated part, all metal, no plastic. Problem is the new pulley is about an inch bigger in diameter. I had to take the tension pulley off, tuck it under the belt and reassemble to even get it on. The serpentine belt is now very tight. Here are my questions for you pros: 1) Should I get a new, longer belt or call it good? 2) I noticed my operating temp is now about 150-155 and it was 140 consistently before that. Could I have somehow damaged my impeller when the pulley failed? Any other damage that wouldn't be immediately apparent? Thanks much...
  9. Breedy00

    Glued Carpet Alternatives

    Thanks for the feedback so far. Factoring in cost and effort I guess I'm leaning toward going with new carpet. The area around my ski locker is a little soft so I'm interested in giving that a look see too. I need to put a swim platform in too, so savings going with new carpet could go toward that.
  10. Breedy00

    Glued Carpet Alternatives

    Looking for recommendations on any alternatives for replacing glued in carpet. I have a 1998 2330 with what I assume is the original carpet (I'm the second owner) that is in need of replacement. I have done some research looking at the vinyl products, nu teak, sea dek, etc. but it looks like you need a finished fiberglass surface to really use that stuff. I have also searched this forum, but haven't found much about glued carpet alternatives. I would love to use something that is easier to clean, maintain, etc. but will just replace with carpet if that's my only logical option. Thanks.
  11. Breedy00

    Tow Vehicle??

    We pull our 1998 2330 from the Chesapeake Bay to Deep Creek Lake, MD. Elevation change is sea level to about 2300 feet up and down several large hills. Tow vehicle is a 2006 Sierra 2500 with the Duramax Diesel. It does have a chip and tune. Boat and trailer weight is about 7,500 lbs. You honestly can't even tell the boat is there and the truck doesn't even downshift most the time. We have pulled the boat with a 1500 Avalanche as well and it struggled mightily. Diesel vs gas is night and day.
  12. Breedy00

    98 2330 Engine Hatch Hinge

    I agree that it's a great boat! We love it. Just want to add a swim platform and this wrap: This is exactly what my engine looks like. Engine Serial Number is 0L028750 Here is my engine SN sticker:
  13. Breedy00

    98 2330 Engine Hatch Hinge

    Billable hours:Thanks for your help. I saw in your signature you had a 2330 with the 7.4L with 385hp. I have the 7.4L also and have seen a rating of 300hp and 385hp. Based on my top end (52 mph) I'm thinking I have 300 vs. 385. Is there a way to tell? Thx again.
  14. Breedy00

    98 2330 Engine Hatch Hinge

    That is definitely the hinge. Thanks!
  15. Breedy00

    98 2330 Engine Hatch Hinge

    Sorry for the multi post. Fast reply on my phone got me.