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  1. Looking to buy New or "like new" Chaparral SSX. 2017 - 2020. I/O, tower, arch 23-25 ft. prefer Mercury. Let me know if anyone has something they are wanting to sell. Email me pics or what you have....cmcdonald01@icloud.com. Thanks -
  2. I have a '07 Chap SSX Bowrider. Has anyone experienced any trouble with the remotes that control the stereo system. I was having problems with the remotes and the stereo and when they replaced the stereo, I later found out the replacement stereo was not compatible with the stereo remotes located at the helm and rear of the boat. Are there any wiring kits or adapters that I could use to make this all work, or do I just need to get a whole new remote system? I was quoted a price of $600 a remote plus installation. Doesn't that sound a little high?
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