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  1. How many of us have downgraded their boat and not succumbed to 2 ft-itis?. I might be the only one. I sold my 290 cruiser because my needs for a boat has changed. I am presently looking for a 21 to 23 foot boat to fish back bay waters and make an occasional trip through a turbulent inlet and take an ocean route to certain destinations not far away. I used to fish along side of 18 foot jon boats in the bay and I was afraid I would run them all over and in just a few feet of water. I joined the forum almost 5 years ago and have met some really great fellow boaters and hopefully long lasti
  2. had connection issues earlier also.
  3. Don't worry about the speedometer if you have a GPS that displays MPH. Worry about it when the boat is dry and you can trouble shoot it as stated in the previous posts.
  4. Hy: Enjoy your new boat and thank you for all of your contribution to others with your vast boating knowledge. It has been a pleasure reading your posts. Best of luck and good health! BTW, are you a two boat owner or sold it to the marina on trade? Hank
  5. My error messages including a statement about "SQL servers" not working correctly. But the site has been error free for me for the past 48 hours.
  6. Thanks, Mike. Never had a dry bilge in the engine compartment since I owned the boat. Just that lovely brown colored Atlantic Ocean water. To the best of my knowledge it hasn't sunk yet
  7. Thanks for the responses. I cannot hear the sump run, especially with blowing air. What would happen if the sump failed to work or had no power as it relates to the a/c? Flooding from condensate?
  8. Is the sump wired hot like the forward bilge or does it get its power from the house battery? I am aware that the sump must be on while running the a/c but I wasn't sure how it was powered. My sump is controlled by an electrical panel switch. I was curious because I don't normally leave the house battery on while not on the boat and it is so hot now that I need the a/c to run for a few days at a time. So if the a/c is on, so must the sump. Battery charger is always on when the boat is in the slip. Thanks for your responses. Hank
  9. It's not the salt water envoirnment unless the starter was not manufactured to be around any moisture. I have original starters after 12 boat seasons around salt water. And the engines are not flushed.
  10. I don't have that issue with my '99.
  11. It took two of us about 3 hours to replace (re-wire) 8 gauges on one of the two instrument panels. I am still in progress with re-adding the original gauges. Don't lose the nuts and lockwashers. Fortunately, a lot of the wiring is in series and so the color scheme is mostly the same. I'll show you pictures in a few days. This project is from replacing the panels, not the gauges. Hank
  12. Glad to hear the engine is not really a vintage one. Some tach gauges have hour meters on them so that can be installed either DIY or by a pro. Good luck with the Chaparral and welcome to the forum. Don't be afraid to ask anything about your boat, that's how we all learn.
  13. Did the seller state how many hours they thought the engine had operated? That's a big selling point you don't take for granted especially without complete service records.
  14. Hank


    Needs to be a custom job. Find a local shop and have them trace the old panel or try one of the few Internet companies that do that kind of work.
  15. Hank


    That retired guy in Lake Norman has had no issues with his XDPs..... (Phil LKN)
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