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  1. New boats and cars we just run them. New truck last fall, left dealer 20 miles to marina hauled 307SSX 90 miles for winter storage.
  2. Looks good. I'll go by Friday maybe Brad and I should take it out for a while. HA HA
  3. We had custom cover made. Goes over anchor swim platform down to water line.
  4. New boat you will need to work kinks out of it.
  5. Car care

    Boat wax

    What is the best wax for boat?
  6. Looks hard to trailer to me. Trim up props goes down.
  7. You will enjoy the new boat we love ours. Black boats are good looking. We went white and silver with black arch. See you at the lake.
  8. Mercury 20W40 full synthetic part # 92-858087K01. O'reilly's can get also I know marine max has it
  9. http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article1875778.html Read this
  10. Hatem I love my Chaparral. Would not buy another brand. We keep our boat at a searay dealers marina.
  11. Sorry to hear that. Now my year is not so bad. Hard boat to replace. That was a sweet boat.
  12. I also have 2 year plus 3 year with Brunswick corp. When I get offer for Mercury platinum I will do it. Not much on ext. warranty, but we have so many problems already. In two weeks our season is done and pulling out off water. Then off to dealer and get a tall list off repairs. 58 hours and alot of pain.
  13. Was hoping to get all the bugs worked out this year. I might not make it. In shop last week for engine codes in right engine and start it up at slip now codes in both engines. Sorry car guy I have right and left engines. Plus the normal other problems with new boats. You have to love it. They aways get it right in the end. As we all know set back and let it unfold. Hope everyone is having a good summer we sure have enjoyed ours. We all know winter is coming.
  14. Did anyone see vidio of crash. We were right where it happened. Bad crash. Did see 244mph outerlimits boat.
  15. Are on pull in lift or back in lift? If you have pull in lift with lift down your drive should not be able to get over lift. Is lift too deep in water?
  16. Go for the big block. Captains call exhaust.
  17. Owed 2013 257. Great boat. Was loaded up but, 350mag in it. Don't do it you will not be happy. Not enough power for that boat.
  18. Is your lift not set correct? Lift should not be in the way of drive.
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