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  1. shell


    Iggy Do you know if that belt is a standard size gm belt found at automotive shops
  2. shell


    Can someone tell me if I can run a volvo penta v8 300 without the serpentine belt. I would run the gen for the batteries.
  3. shell


    Everything we do is dangerous, use common sense and caution. I would at the very least tow someone to shore or a safe area. This is the way I look at it, if the roles were reversed what would I what someone to do for me.
  4. shell

    I GIVE UP!!

    I mean a loaner not a rental.
  5. shell

    I GIVE UP!!

    It would be nice if like a high end car you could get a loaner. When plans are made and money spent on rentals a new boat should be available, I feel for ya.
  6. Good point, I leave my cheapy coolers without concern. A 400 dollar cooler would be a target, if someone wants to steal something it seems nothing can stop them.
  7. I keep looking at Yeti, just haven't pulled the trigger. The price is shocking, but they get great reviews.
  8. Vortex, cheap and nice.
  9. I needed a spare prop, so I replaced my 3 blade with a 4. Wow, what a difference. We just cruise at the lowest rpm possible, with this 4 blade staying on plane was much easier at low rpm.
  10. I think just like anything else, the newer the cheaper.
  11. Could you leave the lines on the pilings and use a pole with a hook to grab them.
  12. Admit it, the bernmeister is looking better every day.
  13. shell

    Alpha break in

    I am in the process of breaking in a new alpha lower. Thoughts on gear fluid change. I would like to remove the fill plug(bottom plug) clean of any metal shavings, only allowing minimal fluid out then top off reservoir. I want to do this many times during break in. Does anyone know of any issues with this method?
  14. I added a battery over the winter. I put a bead of silicon around the bottom of the tray then put it in place and screwed in.
  15. I carry a DC spotlight, nice if you need it
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